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To the Dandelion in the Concrete
You probably don't think much of me save for the season of spring when your lawn litters itself with giant over-buttered popcorn (birds that think they can sing, supersonic sneezes? those kinds of things) And yet here I am, standing out like a stamp on a letter (a marble in a field? even better) I don't wish to be a bother, only a friend (merely an acquaintance would suit me fine) But alas ... I see your eager fingers reaching for the spray (you DO know that I'll just come back ... like ... the following day?) I'm not like those other plants, all stuck up regardless of circumstance (certainly not like those stoic cedars; when the breeze hits me right I like to dance) But don't get it twisted that my musicality means I'm soft as goo, for - like my herbaceous brethren - I have my weapons, too The grass they have blades, but I... I am a shining emerald lance, a golden head is my insignia Address: two-ten Sidewalkville, in the Botanical State of Suburbia That line by your feet? well, that's my line in the sand This patch of summer lawn is my country folk's native land And I dare you to cross it (nay, make it double) Take your ten timid toes an inch to the right and there'll be no trouble For you see ... I am invincible: I cannot be erased Matters not how many lawnmower blades you replace To that tunnel-light I will not inspect To that goodly night I will not go gentle Merely attempting to slay me, to your child's health 'twould be detrimental (and who had the audacity to call me dandy?) Just because my colorful coat reminds one of candy doesn't presume sweetness of taste, fragility of frame... (weak in the knees? please) I headbutted my way into existence right through the concrete all the while you slept all swaddled in your sheets (tender to the touch, softness of the head? you presume volumes too much) I thrive in the August heat: triple degrees, my dose of caffeine Any other species would have wilted away, destined to be crunched under so many city feet (I'm looking at you, autumn leaves) But me? When it's my time to go, to the azure heavens is where I'll be (when the moon sets low and those bright dots begin to show) That's when you'll know I am eternal Resilient as a rock, but like an eagle I am free (no date upon the calendar could possibly confine me) NOTE: I originally attempted to make an entry for that Pantoum Personification contest, but I quickly realized pantoum was out of the question ... lol. Don't like to share posts in a row that have such similar titles (like my other one, The Dandelions Beg to Differ) ... however, I think it's okay since this one is ACTUALLY about dandelions. Lol.
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