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Freedom Personification Poems

These Freedom Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Freedom. These are the best examples of Personification Freedom poems written by international poets.

My Name Is Barabbas
Bravery was required and being willing to stand for freedom and justice was demanded. Apathy, cowardice, and indifference only provided ammunition for the ever-imposing Roman...

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Categories: easter,

Premium Member Reflection

Look at me, you will see yourself
Maybe a little shaky, with my ripples…
But, clear nonetheless
Do you feel the peace I offer you?
Is it showing on...

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Categories: freedom, peace, water,

Never Say Die
Death is a weird thing.
So is giving up. 
Both are two things I refuse to accept as a person. 
Both are things I’ve been close...

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Categories: personification, angst, anxiety, confidence, courage,


" Come all you awaiting for incarnation souls
this is your destiny speaking.

Come and pick a vessel of your choice to embark on
the unique experience...

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Categories: destiny, god, life,

As feathered fowls* mentioned by the Scriptures
We are God’s wondrous creatures
Of marvelously unique features
Blessed to triumph along freedom-ventures.

Yearning that the Creator would uphold our plight

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Categories: appreciation, bird, blessing, environment,

The room is filled with an aroma
They are love letters
Their sweetness tastes like honey
Their anger is like a lion roaring

They are game changers
They are trend...

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Categories: africa, black love, courage,

Premium Member Nature
She’s apple pie, cheesecake, she’s homemade whipped cream, 
With a dash of a fine cabernet,
She’s the start and the finish and all in between, 

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Categories: beauty, flower, freedom, nature,

When knowledge is Power
Do you not find it strange,
Even slightly ironic, 
That in a time when knowledge is king, 
A living beast that that we seek to tame,...

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Categories: appreciation, books, community, education,

Premium Member Shoelace freedom
They’d never been tied, forever were loose, 
Whenever she walked around,
Always flapping all over the place, 
Flip flopping all over the ground,

Without a care for...

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Categories: freedom, funny, hope, humor,

Premium Member Figurative blindfold painting
Under the paint, beneath the layers, 
Before the brush had arrived,
She was drawn all in grey, sort of straight lines, 
And she was bound to...

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Categories: art, freedom, pain,

Premium Member I date Freedom
Tonight’s the night I go on a date, 
At the restaurant we’ll meet face to face,
Where we’ll wine and dine and talk about love, 

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Categories: feelings, freedom, introspection, love,

Premium Member My girlfriend's metaphor
Her life is a whirligig, 
A whirling, twirling spinning top,
Veering here, veering there, 
Never going to stop,

And sometimes she pirouettes, 
Floating on the floor,
Elegant and...

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Categories: beautiful, freedom, love, metaphor,

Premium Member Great opinions change
I had a talk with my opinion, 
The idea inside my head,
My head had lots to share with me, 
And this is what it said,


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Categories: change, confidence, forgiveness, freedom,

The Three Islands Sleep
The Three Islands Sleep!

Sleep, sleep, the islands asleep!
Sleep while the winds blow on her face,
On her trees, and on her mountains and hills,
Sleep when the...

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Categories: change, community, corruption, environment,

"Where from this?",
Laughter mingled with pity,
She was dressed with pretty,
Lipstick applied fervently to a mouth;
Red mouth matching a wild attire,
Her walking shook the whole land,...

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Categories: 3rd grade,

Premium Member Rodeo cowboy
Just one step and you whipped me, 
You flung me in the air,
You flung me like I was nothing, 
You didn’t feel, you didn’t care,


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Categories: courage, emotions, endurance, feelings,

Birth Of The Grudge Between The Baskets and the Liquids
Once ago,all natural elements were friends:
Sharing together time and lovely trends:
Plastics,pails,rivers,oceans and fruit.
Yams,pumpkins,were all bound by truth.

But one day...

Their sprouted an impromptu meeting,
Whose urgency hit...

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Categories: allusion,

O' Mother Ghana
       O' Mother Ghana 
O' mother Ghana, how proud am i to be your grand son
My skin so black...

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Categories: africa,

My Country
 My Country 
The day when i took a step over it , 
The day when i was unknown about it ,
It holds me like...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, best friend,

Her Independence-NIGERIA
Her freedom She fought for, overcoming
 Hurdles' and struggles
Against all odds and cost
Alas! She did gain Her freedom
After Her history of pain
It was worth the...

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Categories: africa, birth, birthday,