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Mystery Pastoral Poems

These Mystery Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Pastoral Mystery poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Perhaps I Was in Heaven
The trees were as cathedrals,
Twas a temple of a kind—
A place one seeks redemption,
And others peace-of-mind.

And I was surely born again
Within that sacred wood—
Where sentinels,...

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Categories: allusion, devotion, inspiration, mystery,

The Second Chance
Opportunity twist and twirl in a dance,
Blank shadows mimicking each movement,
Giving the moment an elusive chance
To embrace the renaissance for fulfillment.

Time turning the sentiments of...

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Categories: allusion, conflict, fear, hope,

Urim Ubiquity

Perchance to take nocturnal flight,
where would wayfaring dreams land?
With the toss of a godly lot,
one’s fate is always seraphim certain
The place of destiny divine
remains a...

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Categories: allusion, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,


Where land meets sea will always be a special place for me,
Born by the coast, my early memories often seem to be,
Of happy hours beach-combing,...

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Categories: beauty, earth, nature, places,

The Truth
Who may reveal mystery of the stars, moon and light
from the curtain he controls, philosophers say
men bow to worship the cow, cross and clay
and in...

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Categories: bible, fate, islamic, kiss,

Beautiful Human
Our own beautiful perfection

Covered in a mist, by day and night.

Hiding from sight, the beautiful human,

Exist in partly dark, and partly light.

The personalities that character...

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Categories: allegory, beauty, emotions, growth,

The Lure of the Moor
Cloaking misty hills and many a deep valley floor: 
The empty Moor presents an outlook, stoical and dour.
Seemingly barren, this mute guardian of history,
Emits an...

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Categories: imagery,

Pre down borealis that had flashed through
the dark blue night sky had disappeared . 

A light at the ridge a few stray sunrays...

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Categories: dream, freedom,

It was Agape Love
For a moment I heard a voice, no a Word I felt
This was the light, Truth and the only Way to Home and Eternity
Like a...

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Categories: jesus, love,

Premium Member Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Yesterday I was a baby on the farm
Precious being held in Mommy’s arms
Yesterday I said I was Daddy’s “kecaw”
And, smiling, I was my mother’s “doll”


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Categories: life, dog, dog, girl,

With gratitude to God
It’s still dark and chilly,
As dawn begins,
To show its morning glory
with hope that God be with me.

It’s a busy day,
loads of work await for me.

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Categories: faith, life, people, god,

Moments in time
It’s not a ‘cloud of issues’ to deal with
but a crowd of witnesses that surrounds us;
with different personalities and gifts to offer
remind us that we’re...

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Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, life,

A note of thanks
As winter creeps upon us
darkness caves in on us easily;
Why in haste like Mary in the gospel?
to break the news about the promise foretold.

A source...

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Categories: thank you,


****************Trival Question?**********

Question: In what good way
               Can evil be bad.....

Answer: When...

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Categories: funeral, introspection, life, mystery,

Pre Curser

If you haven't took
A second look,
Remember that He
Believes' in those who
Believes in the " Book "
So many dope dealer's

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Categories: childhood, death, family, friendship,

Death To Sin


God accepts' us all
Even the little baby child
He cast thee of robber's
And scourges'

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Categories: imagination, introspection, mystery, parody,

Life Ever End-ing


Death is not the end
To life it-self
If God wasn't here
Where dose' all of these
Great Miracle's

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Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, mystery,

Wit and wisdom
winged creatures flying in the night
why did God make them? (for torture)...

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Categories: mystery this world
"Do not love this world"
was a mystery to me
a world full of history and beautiful things
why not love what God has created
the system, the seasons

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Categories: lifebeautiful, beautiful, love, drug,

A Walk in the Woods
Dear Lord, I contemplate your greatness
I am in awe of your majesty
The exquisite detail in all things
To live in your powerful harmony

As I walk in...

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Categories: faith, nature, uplifting