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Nature Pastoral Poems

These Nature Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Pastoral Nature poems written by international poets.

A Moonlight Triplet
The way the moon faithfully spans across the sky-- does prove He
designed the lunar path to be elliptical -- how groovy --
and blessed --we are--...

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Categories: beauty, creation, good night,

Premium Member Picturesque Earthen Holy Lands Vision-
Picturesque holy visions nature’s lands
Horizontal those the views
Elongated greens, mid color trees hands green
Bodies’ trunks grey, black and brown vibrant m
Upper tier skies written painted...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, beautiful, paradise,

Premium Member Spring's First Touch With Joanna Daniel
When Spring’s first touch is gently set
with Winter now scarcely a threat,
implore the ocean breezes spray
all cares and troubles far away.

With sweet caress of warmer...

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Categories: pastoral, environment, nature, ocean, seasons,

Premium Member Canoeing On the Current River
Our riverbank launch at dawn
where dense forest chills the breeze,
where cottonwood leaves flutter like wings,
and weeping willow penumbras tease.

Glistening, rippling turquoise water churns.
Crystal swirling pools...

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Categories: allegory, dream, extended metaphor,

Premium Member Pastoral
By the shore, with effortless strokes, he paddled.
On the bank, a pasture with holstein cattle -
Sitting there, up high on the wooden seat, he

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: pastoral, animal, nature,

Premium Member The Field
Summer resplendent sun glowing
in the photosynthesis of viridescent grass.
Waving blades like long fingers flowing,
the sudden sighing gusts come and pass.

The field lives palpable in the...

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Categories: beautiful, flower, nature, peace,

The Cooling Cloudburst
As lightning brights the meadow
And thunder dulls the air;
I feel it still,
A stormy chill,
An aura everywhere.

I wander o'er the pathway
And paddle through the rain;
My bootheels...

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Categories: environment, nature, rain, rainbow,

Visit To Jade Garden Korea
Visit to Jade Garden
Visiting Jade Garden
Nar Chungcheong, South Korea
On a beautiful spring day,

The cherry trees were in full flower
Pink and white petals
The scent of cherry...

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© Jake Aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature,

There's Nothing In the Night Like the Sound of the Wind
When all the land is in repose
There is a noise, as nightfall shows,
A noise to stir the sinews of your mind.
And those who hear it...

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Categories: pastoral, environment, imagery, nature, night,

Premium Member A Pastoral Place
A wandering canal, mirroring serenity, the face of an emerging season,
Lush, sprawling, verdant, frolicking hills;
A pastoral sight, wandering through an idyllic region.

Journeying on paths of...

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Categories: pastoral, beauty, imagery, nature,

Winter Roses
Winter roses
Red, black, and yellow
In a field of late snow 
Early March
End of winter 
Beneath the early blooming 
cherry trees
their petals joining the snow
along the...

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© Jake Aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature,

Taking In the Warm
Set in winter white, ice, snow, and cold
   sunrises with brilliant light
 in pale gray-blue skies,
a cloudless stretch of shaded pales

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© Dm Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, sunshine, winter,

yes he is happy
of course he is happy
because trees have fruit
that needed heat
the wind is strong but it's hot
he walks happily on the peat
there's a...

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Categories: pastoral, nature, nostalgia, tree,

Sunsets of Love
My favorite time of day
Is sunset 
As the sun begins to set,

I pour a glass of wine for my wife 
Or sometimes rum or whiskey

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Categories: love, magic, nature,

Walking Along the Korean Winter Beach
Walking along the winter
 Korean beach,
With the love of my life
By my side,

She looks at me
With red hot love 
Flames shooting 
From her black eyes,


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Categories: appreciation, nature,