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Necessary Evil Poems

Necessary Evil Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of necessary evil poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for necessary evil.

New Poems

Premium Member A Necessary Evil
War has been a subject many poets have used:
There are those who glorify it, such as Binyon -
"For The Fallen", trotted out each Anzac Day,
Speaks of songs, and youth, and hope.
By contrast, Owen's "Anthem For Doomed Youth"
Likens soldiers to cattle,
Slaughtered...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, april, death, heaven, hero, peace, war,
Form: Blank verse

Don't Give Up Your Guns, Part I
They say you don’t need one for self-defense,
that this no longer is the ‘Wild West,’
and we should leave such things to the police,
just sit and wait for them, that would be best.
But when seconds count, sitting and waiting
will leave a...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, america, freedom, how i feel, meaningful, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Me


I don’t fear death
I have never had self confidence
I have always felt average
I have always felt unimportant, not good enough
I thought of sex as a necessary evil growing up
I was used and hurt which coincided with alcohol use
I didn’t...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, feelings, truth,
Form: I do not know?
In her shoes
You're so rich all you have is money, you don't even realize how everyone looks at you funny, not like a friend but more like a necessary evil, like a indentured servant, looks at the boss people, I wonder has...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, abuse, betrayal, boyfriend, bullying, dark, depression, divorce,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Enola Gay
Enola Gay

There on the ‘North Field’ tarmac of Tinian Island, Marianas;
Taxis the sleek designed ‘Boeing B-29 Superfortress’ to ready for take-off.
Glistening, polished aluminum under the blaring floodlights filmed for posterity,
Maneuvers' the ‘Enola Gay’, chosen by the pilot and named after...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, education, history, usa, war, world, world war
Form: Verse

A Necessary Evil
I often moan about my job,
a certain colleague, and my boss -
I wish I didn't have to go
to work (I wouldn't mourn its loss).

Without a job I'd be quite skint;
it puts the money in the bank -
I think of that...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, work,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Computers and Binary Codes

Computers, computer science, and binary codes
Are a pain in the neck and other parts of the anatomy
They cause confusion and misery by the truckloads
In order to cope, one almost has to attend an academy

Computers have become a...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, anger, angst, confusion, depression, hate,
Form: Rhyme
The truth
The bonds of trust 
Are the brush's with the sharpest needles 
The necessary evil 
The Cathedral foundations on which the Church was built 
Stand the suited craftsman hammer
The Architectural vision deliver
On which each sinner can penance place 
All hail...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, bible,
Form: Free verse


When the East caught fire
Deafened by the noise of their own sun
They said healing was natural
Because Ojukwu was their son
Bitter leaves spread over Umuahia
In numbers that could set the world ablaze

If you found love in Kano
It must...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member family
pleasures zoom out
problems zoom in
maybe evil
but necessary—evil

— Ram, R. V.
...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, family,
Form: Lyric
She's Everything
She’s got an orange and a blue pair of shoes
That I love so much when she wears them
She looks great in her black coloured ear rings
It makes me want to ravish her
She looks great in anything
She’s I want a piece...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, girlfriend, love, romantic, soulmate, sweet,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Victories for Love
The problem of military reactions
to territorial control issues
is not merely that violence breeds further strategic development
of violence,
although this is no small,
nor amoral, 

This primal problem of militarism by historic default
is that it is an intrinsically violent chapter
in the Big RedBook...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, health, history, integrity, love, mental illness, military,
Form: Political Verse
Soul In The Body
Who else knows what the soul is doing?
she fools the body to its lasting ruin
without her, body not a whole
all of these we call a soul?

She never dies but keeps reincarnating
and keeps the body in deep contemplating
she killed the body,...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, betrayal,
Form: Lyric
The reason for this fighting
is that we do not like
The attitude that's ensued 
by the other side
Too big for their britches 
them and all their like
That's why we're here to make it clear
and cut them down to size

A necessary evil
this...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, war,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Lunatic Fringe

Most people are friendly, most people are nice
The lunatic fringe cause the crap to be precise
A necessary evil
These subhuman people
Been around forever these murderous lice

...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, crazy,
Form: Limerick
Women Are Necessary Evil
Evil combs from their waists morally
Like a song from dead throaty tune.
Machete of tempting guts, they spread
Nagging substances to the eyes of men,
This thistles taxed our brave minds.
Our blood a gulp of water to their veins,
Scars for the flesh of...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, betrayal,
Form: Ballad
They unnoticed live
They nod, rarely shout
Silence is preferred,
Noise produced only when necessary.
Blind by choice,
Deaf by accident.
Intelligent on special occasions,
Usually mundane and somewhat obtuse.
Their characteristics shine in dark.

They alone stand,
Gathering is necessary evil.
Goodness is their way.
Intoxicated in passion
Few live arid.

They sing when communicating
and...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, deep, fantasy, magic, metaphor, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Regressive humanity
We all want to live a descent life
Wealth is a necessary evil
Wealth has got company
Vices follow the trail...and savage qualities
Humanity takes the regressive way

02.08.2016...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, evil, humanity, introspection,
Form: Grook
After the creation of things
They where all created
But in the world of imagination
Many live as creators
Existing in weird

The created creator,
The poet, I've never imagine 
As a child
I've ever thought of treasure
Never discover the new world

The poetic...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, age, art, best friend, universe,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Under Moldy Soil, Red Moon Overhead
Under Moldy Soil, Red Moon Overhead

Under moldy soil, red moon overhead
lay millions of corpses, wars wasted dead
No bands playing, no sweet angels singing
only ghostly echoes, slowly ringing.

Cools winds blowing across such resting grounds
on dark nights, ghost-whispers its only sounds
Low moans,...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, art, conflict, dark, death, history, imagery, war,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Lunatic Fringe

Most people are friendly, most people are nice
The lunatic fringe cause all the crap to be precise
A necessary evil
These subhuman people
Been around forever these murderous lice

...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, evil,
Form: Limerick
Have you never tasted hunger
Tread the alleys with the stealthy
Cried the tears of someone younger
While you dined among the wealthy
Shuffled through the papers
Through the pages of despair
Embittered by the capers
Neglect, hanging in the air
Step with me through the sadness
Let me...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, corruption, evil, feelings, poverty, society,
Form: Rhyme
The day you conceived me in your womb
I greeted my creator with a thousand thanks
In your womb i laid happily and grateful
I merely died of laughter in there because
You harboured me in your womb like a god
You have a dancing...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, abuse,
Form: Narrative
I'm the rat in the maze
in his last dirty days,
choking on the hand that bleeds
I'm the lonely little child
with the creepy smile
who's seen what should never be seen
I'm the one who's blamed,
torn and stained
by the ugly stench of greed
I'm the...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, beauty, conflict, death, life, poetry,
Form: Lyric
Hurricane Sandy Chaos
Nothing looked the same.
We returned home to witness 
the damage. 
Streets once familiar as 
felt like we were watching tv in 
slow motion 
out the window of the car.  
An eerie quiet sits atop the 
dreams piled high along each 
graveyards of...Read More
Categories: necessary evil, depression
Form: Free verse