Lithuanian Poems and Poetry from Lithuania Republic

Lithuanian poems and poetry from Lithuania Republic. Read examples of Lithuanian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

A leafless stalk LithuanianLithuania RepublicRay, E.07/10/2016
Birds,,, they do not know our Puzzles RU EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/24/2016
Who will check out Reality itself RU EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/16/2016
Another round LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis04/05/2016
2, What and when will i receive, Sky will decide LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/03/2016
1, There were other mythologies in the air LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/03/2016
I learn from you to fly through intercurrent days LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/03/2016
A shark bite,,, or song of the lark,,, what will you be LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/02/2016
Daily walk LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/30/2016
For T Part 1 LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/29/2016
internal bleeding LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/29/2016
Inside the bubble LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/17/2016
Little hope LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/15/2016
stream LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/14/2016
Fight Out LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
It's All About The Rage LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Mad Tears LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Neck Kisses LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Black Gold LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Gin And Juice LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Ophelia LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Emerald Cat LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/12/2016
I'm Bad Like The First Time LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/12/2016
Rainbows for black space, edited LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/11/2016
Daily melody LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/09/2016
A Vixen LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Misty Me, Misty You LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Sad Party LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Young Man LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Flora LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
American Atlantic Blue Yacht LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Lilac Mermaids LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Havana Girls LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
two,,, overprinted love LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/05/2016
one,,, probably insane LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/04/2016
the chosen path LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/03/2016
0,,, vanishing embrace LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/03/2016
Intoxication with past life LithuanianLithuania RepublicRay, E.02/29/2016
Elks are thirsty in my dream LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/27/2016
1 smile, 1 glance, 2 soups LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/27/2016
Dogcatcher's death and song LT EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/25/2016
Nostalgia: overcoming universal boredom LT EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/23/2016
Theater chess, parts 2-5 LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
Theater chess, part 1 LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
Long ago seems like tomorrow, edited LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
In the center of one Circle, edited EN LT LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
Beings, not known to outsiders,,, Average life LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
no name LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis01/22/2016
Sewers of the soul LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis01/19/2016
after a while LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis01/18/2016