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Uplifting Narrative Poems

These Uplifting Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Uplifting. These are the best examples of Narrative Uplifting poems written by international poets.

Skin Tag fiasco
So I found a small skin tag on my inner thigh a few weeks ago and me being the YouTube king ‘Do it yourself-er’ started...

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Categories: crazy, funny, giggle, hilarious,

Mental mentstral man
So I'm sure everybody's used the text to speech thingamajig on their phones by now. It comes in so handy for me because I'm always...

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Categories: humor, humorous, innocence, silly,

I want to share with you what each letter in the word STAND means to me.

S.T.A.N.D -

The S is for Seek
Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding....

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Categories: encouraging, god, spoken word,

Don't Let the Bread Get Stale
Don’t let the bread get stale came about when I had this huge crush on my lil sweetheart at work. I began putting snacks in...

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Categories: care, encouraging, god, trust,

Psalms of the Saints XIII
My people dishonors me, they have tested me,
And yet, I restrain my anger 
And spared them of my indignation.
Even in their disobedience, I have broken...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, bible, jesus,

I Have a Pecan Tree
I found a pecan on the ground
I picked it up when no one was around
Sitting in the hall outside of class crying because her classmates...

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Categories: cheer up, encouraging, heartbreak,

Flower of my heart
I vaguely remember how it began:
	I was strolling through the garden
	of my freshly ripped open soul  -
	a universe encompassed
	by a barrage of memories
	and melodious...

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Categories: beautiful, encouraging, freedom, inspirational,

Just Silence and Son Shine
Today in my life I experience quiet, calm and serenity, the silence of peace. I am free, surrounded by NO rings, no telephone ring, no...

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Categories: god, jesus, light, silence,

For a Moment in Time - NFL
NFL - National Football League

Football allows the world and fans to witness historical moments in time.
I am from New Orleans, home of the New Orleans...

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Categories: football, memory, sports, thank

Weight Free
I Lost Weight -
What is weight? - The amount or quantity of heaviness or mass, amount a thing weighs
Verb - To add weight to;...

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Categories: endurance, freedom, health, how

This One Is Mine, Part II
..Nobody in that neighborhood
knew what happened to those three,
but they all scoffed in disgust
when Neal staggered high down the street.
He had been in and out...

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Categories: corruption, encouraging, forgiveness, religious,

This One Is Mine, Part I
Luisa ran from where she’d stood
at the approach of the crowd,
they wanted no whores on their street,
and had told her so fairly loud.
Some threw metal...

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Categories: corruption, encouraging, forgiveness, religious,

The sixth trumpet oops false alarm
My God I thought Christ had just returned...I was in a dead sleep when one of the cats jumped up on this 300 button multi...

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Categories: animal, cat, cheer up,

Premium Member TRY
An angel sat alongside a steep cliff unable to fly,
She sobbed because her wing was broken,
But, she had not bothered to try.

The angel sat there...

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Categories: 12th grade, angel, inspiration,

Premium Member Choose Wisely
I need a daddy like that one.
I want that mommy, she will show me how to organize.
That sister would be terrific!
Sorry, they only have room...

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Categories: death, encouraging, spiritual, surreal,

You don't make people safer

by supplying more guns,

you only make it safer through disarmament.

You don't make a world safer

by stockpiling bombs

you only make it safer...

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Categories: family, inspirational, light, uplifting,

A right to live
A right to free movement

A right to live

Where we want

Should be our perogative

We should not feel that we can not roam

Or decide to set down...

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Categories: dream, race, rights, uplifting,


At first it seemed as if the night had sang
Our pine tree lit mostly with an array of decor:
Until I watched two boys roaming out...

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Categories: childhood, christmas, uplifting,

The Ocean's Seranade

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Categories: allusion, beach, beauty, feelings,

Premium Member Divine healing
Sirens wailing, red lights flashing, muffled voices

I was numb and confused as though I was in a trance. 
My vision was limited to only blurred...

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Categories: death, spiritual, uplifting, ,