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Science Narrative Poems

These Science Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Science. These are the best examples of Narrative Science poems written by international poets.

Ghosts of the High Rockies, Part II
* * *

The trapper looked for the oddly-dressed man,
but could no longer see him, or his tent.
He glanced around, so supremely confused,
now where the devil...

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Categories: america, confusion, history, imagery,

Ghosts of the High Rockies, Part I
Eamon heard the rocks skitter away,
scree tumbling down with his every step,
descending from towering Mount Gilborne,
to a lake below where he could rest.

He knew a...

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Categories: america, confusion, history, imagery,

Premium Member Keyhole
"Environmental suits all checked and rechecked.  The chamber is sealed."


"We're losing barometric pressure!"


          "Energy output...

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Categories: anxiety, environment, fear, fire,

Premium Member A Day In School, Thru Autistic Eyes
alarm goes off*

I sit straight up startled and scared

Just my alarm, I hit the button

Get up and go to the bathroom

I brush my teeth with...

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Categories: child, childhood, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member On searching for a vocation in the Universe
Nothing is devised or divined in the Universe to forever be.
Nothing is held always in truth; nor ever wholly wrong.
So look to those who find...

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Categories: conflict, men, music, power,

Premium Member The Bug Jar Part 1
This was written by my brother, Bob Contino. This is a longer more detailed version of my last poem posted, Chicken Coop Chronicle.

When I was...

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Categories: family, love, memory, poverty,

Dealing With Kaiju
My name is Nolan Greenstier,
and I fly a B-52,
on my daily ocean patrol
keeping lookout for the Kaiju.

I know this sounds ridiculous,
like some B-movie from back...

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Categories: fun, humorous, jobs, military,

Premium Member SETI

SETI is non-sense. Intelligences we have experienced visiting us in Unexplained Aerial Phenomena evolved so very, very long ago that any electro-magnetic radiation
They may have...

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Categories: science, technology,

Odyssey from Africa - Stargazing 1
King Ptolemy the Second (cont.)

Sleek of line for speedy sailing 
It was rugged in construction 
Several layers of well cured timber
Lined the hull and bridge...

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Categories: adventure, africa, history, mythology,

I wonder why
Why do I cry at daytime, Laugh at night,
Why do I write so much but talk so little,
Why I'm I so cool than the other...

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Categories: i am, image, life,

Old Benson, Part II
...Utterly stunned, Harvey then poured through
the town’s online photographic archives,
the twenties, fifties, eighties and today
revealed to Harvey the very same sight.

Then for some reason that...

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Categories: history, perspective, philosophy, science,

Old Benson, Part I
Harvey grew up in a small Maine town,
due north of Portland, and out of the way,
like most kids he’d go to the school bus
at the...

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Categories: history, perspective, philosophy, science,

Ex-Gay, Part II
...How did this happen? I can’t say,
I’ve no science that can explain,
maybe it was a genetic quirk,
a switch thrown in the brain.

Maybe I’m just a...

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Categories: angst, confusion, fear, feelings,

when jack was as good as his master
For a brief period in our history Jack and his master
  worked and played on a level playing field, 
It was a time when...

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Categories: absence, age, birth, change,

Odyssey from Africa 14g 15a
Odyssey from Africa 14g

“This research by young Alinda
Tells us something most important 
For we find upon our beaches
Plants that are entirely different 

“From the flora...

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Categories: adventure, africa, history, mythology,

Premium Member Time Will Tell

A modest planet and quietly progressing
Troubling no other and fealty confessing
 Surviving well enough and paying its dues;
 Quiet corner of the galaxy....

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Categories: science fiction,

Odyssey from Africa 14f
Odyssey from Africa 14f

This colossal ratite was the
Largest bird on all the planet
It would live on Madagascar 
Till the time of William Shakespeare

“Let me tell...

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Categories: adventure, africa, history, myth,

Big Fish Calling Me To The Sea Part 2
Big boats traffic people from pillar to post only heaven knows where it goes
Something fishy is transpiring in the sea, there is a unique smell...

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Categories: abuse, adventure, courage, encouraging,

Black Holes
How long do we lay sleeping before we die?
Awakening to the cryptic blinding light
Of a dwarf star cooling and dying
A peaceful death, 
Hoping there is...

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Categories: science, star, surreal, time,

Hawkings Paradox
“Another game?”
“Yes, I think so but let’s change
the rules. What if we create some
holes in the game, three or four
perhaps with parallel endings?”
“Yes, I think...

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Categories: science, star, time, visionary,