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Freedom Narrative Poems

These Freedom Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Freedom. These are the best examples of Narrative Freedom poems written by international poets.


Why am I called a violent savage, uncivilized, unteachable, three-fifths of a person?
Yet, it was I who was obnoxiously chased by strange men who invaded...

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Categories: adventure, africa, black african

She struggled frantically as she was yanked from the bed
Hauled into the street straight to the temple, no match for her rabble size
With bare foot...

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Categories: angel, character, faith, fate,


This journey has not been a fanciful adventure, 
we're all settlers in  these dynasty of neo-colonialism 
united only by what...

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Categories: political,

The New Puritans, Part II
...It was only two days later
when the local catholic high school
was told their team name, the ‘Crusaders,’
was insensitive and uncool.
Protestors showed up to bellow slurs,

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Categories: culture, how i feel,

A void in my Reflection
A Void in my Reflection. When i look at myself i see a Woman i cant except. My skin is like melted milk chocolate poured...

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, depression, freedom,

Other People's Freedom, Part II
...But while talking at a diner on day
Autumn happened to make a remark
that being a woman meant giving life,
that pregnancy could bring joy to the...

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Categories: betrayal, dark, evil, freedom,

Other People's Freedom, Part I
Autumn though of herself as a kind soul,
and she took great pride in her compassion,
she believed things could be made perfect,
and her voting reflected this...

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Categories: betrayal, dark, evil, freedom,

I don’t always know how to express what is in me
It’s like the hidden notes of a symphony…
And this music in me no one has...

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Categories: boy, care, encouraging, heart,


We depend on it
Wait on it
Even let it slip
You remind us to get a grip
To appreciate time
At times puts us in strife
Like a prisoner paying...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Better Off A Cowboy, Part I
My son’s name is Dylan, was country raised
in the hills of Wyoming where cattle graze,
helped on the ranch, but never felt fulfilled,
hated his hometown as...

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Categories: narrative, change, growing up, growth,

Right Hand Man

Coulda been
the Hand of the Lying King,
if I didn’t tell the truth so much

Coulda been
Caesar’s right hand man,
if I was kill willing 
to have a...

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Categories: allusion, history, power, truth,

Dem New Publicans

Light da Roman candles
for da coming Chariots of Pharaoh holiday
Dem New Publicans
be back in pyramid power
Give a Caesar Palace casino hip, hip-hooray

Happy daze are here...

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Categories: parody, perspective, political, truth,

Premium Member A Most Courageous American President for the Ages
A Most Courageous American President for the Ages

I thought it would be most appropriate for me to take a moment to
share some of my reflections...

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Categories: america, celebration, character, inspiration,

Premium Member Trembling in the Shadows
There she sat, eyes pinpoints of light, trembling in the shadows
   As her friends frolicked carefree, over hill, dale and meadow
My wife and...

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Categories: food, freedom, sleep,

As I stand
I look at the flag
Hand on my heart
With such pride
Waving in the wind
For all that died –
As I stand
I look at the flag

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Categories: america, courage, flying, military,

Carmena the American, Part II
...By now Carmena’s anger had built up,
and she glared searing flames at her ‘friend,’
said,”You shut you damn mouth and listen close,
everything you just said does...

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Categories: america, culture, discrimination, freedom,

Carmena the American, Part I
Carmena was born in Bolivia
but left that place at seventeen,
after three years of waiting for the chance
to live out an American dream.

When her folks finally...

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Categories: america, culture, discrimination, freedom,

What's Going On - What Is It
Is it the West Wing is not the Best Wing?
Is it the White House is not the Right House?
Is it the President needs a New...

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Categories: america, change, leadership, people,

Premium Member Veterans Day US - Remembrance Day in CDN - Eleven, Eleven - Part Two
I wrestled with my conscience for some time as I watched more and more able man from our town enlist in the navy. I spent...

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Categories: remembrance day,

Flower of my heart
I vaguely remember how it began:
	I was strolling through the garden
	of my freshly ripped open soul  -
	a universe encompassed
	by a barrage of memories
	and melodious...

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Categories: beautiful, encouraging, freedom, inspirational,