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Father Narrative Poems

These Father Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Father. These are the best examples of Narrative Father poems written by international poets.


Why am I called a violent savage, uncivilized, unteachable, three-fifths of a person?
Yet, it was I who was obnoxiously chased by strange men who invaded...

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Categories: adventure, africa, black african

Lost coin... that was I before...
yet precious and costly am I now in God's sight
Formerly a lost sheep...
but priceless and valuable I have become today

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god,

She struggled frantically as she was yanked from the bed
Hauled into the street straight to the temple, no match for her rabble size
With bare foot...

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Categories: angel, character, faith, fate,

Mundanity Doth Not Spell Ennui
Nor do I feel free
akin to noble savage 
(gratis to Jean Jacques Rousseau)  
completely unfettered, and able lee
to fend off unseen banshee,
comically swatting for...

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Categories: boy, childhood, confusion, destiny,

Unicorns and Amazons
chasing in a derby race;
what a noble thing for us to see!

Saint Peter tapping-out the rhythm
whilst old Gabriel leads a tune,
and Saint Francis...

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Categories: faith, family, god, inspirational,

No Judgement Jamie
No Judgement Jamie always was told
that judging others was vile and cold,
all her teachers did proudly attest
that living life without judging was best.

And the media...

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Categories: confusion, culture, death, education,

One Leg boy
Standing on one leg
With spit running down my face
My fist balled up with anger and shame
They did not care to much for my emotions.
Although, a...

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Categories: africa, anxiety, break up,

The Girl with Eyes as Black as Crows
On that night the moon seemed hidden from her starry brothers
The kind of night not suited for the fighters nor the lovers
I ventured out only...

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Categories: dark, death, fantasy, murder,

A Silent Movie
	I watch people move around me on a silver screen. They kept their eyes averted, making slight faces as they walk by.
	The other children spoke...

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Categories: 9th grade, abuse, appreciation,

Hello Mother
Hello Mother
It’s me the son you don’t remember
The son you were ashamed of and ready to give up on
I bet you have forgotten about me...

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Categories: absence, anger, character, growing

Premium Member The Lost Little Boy
There was a little boy that had a father who worked at a lawyer’s office.
He is always at work on time every day. However, one...

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Categories: absence, birth, boy, care,

Premium Member There's Still Time
He'd had a rough day
   Worked so hard
   For so little pay

Came home quite late
   Said "Ugh" to his...

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Categories: cheer up, father son,

Settling Old Grudges, Part III
...They sent a copy of an old tin-type,
a picture of Milton and his bride,
one look at it and I knew the whole truth,
Small Doe in...

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Categories: community, conflict, family, father

Settling Old Grudges, Part II
...“The bloodshed grew, the army was called in,
and sided with settlers as they often did,
Blue Hawk’s people were crushed, all rounded up,
put on the rez...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, family, father

Settling Old Grudges, Part I
This house belonged to grandfather Rudolph,
though its history goes much further back,
all the way to the eighteen seventies,
when to this vast land Herbert Blake did...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, family, father

Me, God and Hot Tamales
You ever had a day off from work where God placed it upon your heart to go walking with Him? Well, I did just that...

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Categories: blessing, god, peace, silence,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part I
It was back in nineteen-nineteen
when Timlin Rivers checked his traps,
by one he found just a weasel skin,
did not know what to make of that.

Why would...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

Premium Member Life Goes On
Life Goes On
  by Edmund Siejka

It was a wedding
Middle of December
Before Christmas
The hall was decorated in bright lights 
And gay wreathes
It was a time...

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Categories: life,

The Son of Tyrants, Part II
Reporters swarmed, the rabid jackals,
around my house they made a big crowd,
even harassed my poor old mother
to the point she could barely go out.

I growled...

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Categories: america, change, dark, family,

Father, For This Year - We Thank You
Father, for all the things this year has brought
For the things we have learned and the things we have taught
For the times we have laughed...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, father, god,