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Schooled in hard knock sufferance
Schooled in hard knock sufferance... -
soulful scribe matt er fact - seeks solemn sanctuary

Despite always pledging
allegiance to the flag
academic performance traced, narrated,
graphed... unfavorable zigzag

vertical lined spikes across
x-axis and y-axis displayed
dramatically sharper increased crag
when promoted one grade to the next

how comprehension...Read More
Categories: narrated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Personification


His two years old son
Needed treatment for stomach pain
But he had no money
His wife needed to pursue
Her BA course
He couldn't afford to
I can't help he would say
I must be happy with what I have
He would say to himself
Somewhat stoically

But his...Read More
Categories: narrated, life,
Form: Free verse
Before I Lose

Scattered by the wind,
The variously textured fragments of my tale
I have just narrated
Fly about like many dry crushed blades of grass.
Who is to mend them?
Does anyone care?
The one who remembers their chaff and side. 
A difficult task it...Read More
Categories: narrated, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Time Traveler - A Visual Art Poem
POTD 6th Sept 2019

When the dawn kisses the dew on all thing that grow
and that first melancholy thought, ponderous and low
questions any relevant notions to how Time flows
shattering dreams and purpose as onward it goes

~ Explain the unexplained ~

Scientific theories...Read More
Categories: narrated, romantic, science fiction,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Dance to Love - Part 2- The Grand Finale - A Visual Art Poem Tribute
POTD 6th August 2019

The clock ticks down the passing day
Tedious seconds count down my existence
Time for my pills ~ Time to call the nurse
Time ~ taunting my resistance

Soft haunting strains of a violin float
sweetly liquid, melodiously unchained
freeing my mind from...Read More
Categories: narrated, romantic, tribute,
Form: Narrative

I thought it was a bed of roses,
I knew it was a gallery of smiles,
I saw marriage a sweetest thing,
Full of love,trust and well being,
I never imagined otherwise.

All in me changed  completely,
When a couple parted ways,
The wife narrated the...Read More
Categories: narrated, marriage,
Form: ABC
Borrowed time and space

An old man who narrated happily 
the story of his life he once owned
to the disowned children of an orphanage,
told me he enjoyed sharing his borrowed time,
but didn’t know he borrowed from whom,
for he hadn’t seen the time keeper.

An old...Read More
Categories: narrated, age, inspirational, life, space, time,
Form: Free verse
Never Too Late To Say I Love You Until
Never Too Late To Say "I Love You" Until...

Futile lamentations reverberate along
corridors of times long gone, this papa
tearfully apologetic revisiting his base,
fitfully lachrymose torturing unrelenting
voluminous wrongs against thee dearest
precious daughter aware poetic/ prosaic

ministrations cannot substitute bonafide
nor ameliorate cumulative forsaken joys
requisite...Read More
Categories: narrated, class, dedication, devotion, father daughter, graduate, i
Form: Epic
The Normal
You told me about her and how much she meant to you, I mean your wife because just like I am a
woman enough with only the difference we have between us being children.
Her hips cracked for your black dump ass,...Read More
Categories: narrated, anger, anti bullying, betrayal, boyfriend,
Form: Bio
              MY GRANDMA DEEMMA

    My Grandma, whom I called Deemma
    bathed me in showers of limitless love and blessings.
  ...Read More
Categories: narrated, 10th grade, appreciation, granddaughter, grandmother,
Form: Free verse
History of folklore in T & T
Influence by West African and Creole Spirituality
Narrated and told around kerosene lamps, our folklore
Characters, deities in ancient tribes before

Legend and stories fused with intricate mythology 
Still inhabit conscious vulnerability
PAPA BOIS, the protector of forest,...Read More
Categories: narrated, 1st grade, evil, fantasy, fear, horror, imagination,
Form: Ballad
My second chance
My second chance

        I well know this is my
           Second chance with ephemeral life
        It's so...Read More
Categories: narrated, conflict, mother, mother daughter, strength,
Form: Free verse
Mondays are not meant for miseries
I walked into new rooms and realised my love for gardens , hiding under verdant bushes and seeking my mates hiding from me and how I always ended up seeking for the right people and hiding in the right space...Read More
Categories: narrated, celebration,
Form: Prose Poetry
Mariah of Magdala

“Rabii! Rabii! Rabii!
What suppose you of this woman?
Caught in the act of sin
Our society out cast such
She must be thrashed to the non-living
So demands the laws of the land
Rabii! Rabii! Rabii!
Grant us your vindication
Of a woman lethal comparable...Read More
Categories: narrated, blessing, character, conflict, endurance, forgiveness, satire, true
Form: Narrative
the thief1
The  thief  1
He looked at her face
The old woman still called
She called with high voice
She looked at the princess face
She saw her tears
She asked "why are these tears"
She said "you want him to stay"
And not be arrested and...Read More
Categories: narrated, 10th grade, 2nd grade, 6th grade, adventure,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Million Ghosts
One full scarlet moon ago,
in a region of a million stones
lying there
are spirits of historical past
with many stories to be told
using a portable sun
some wake up
greeting with spooky noises
and gather the others
Opening their books, ears listen carefully
100 year old words...Read More
Categories: narrated, death, old, people, spiritual, spoken word,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member a walker, I
a walker, I.

A walker fancying himself
a hiker, on a walk, self-narrated as
an expedition.

The incline is gentle, consistent,
insistent and yet i insist,
as i am inclined to do,
to think it steeper.
In fact, to think deeper,
about most things.

a walker, I.

Ponderosa and Pinyon Pines,
with...Read More
Categories: narrated, art, journey, tree,
Form: Free verse
I have no nail my sale of pails in a board.Otherwise my employer will wail and say that my fail would sail his business off course. Dear friend,will I ever make a good sale if I am narrated in every...Read More
Categories: narrated, fun, passion, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Who Is Killing Nigeria
Has your grandma told you how 
she queued to collect a cup of rice
at the campaign ground?
Has your father narrated to you how he was paid to steal the ballot papers? 
Has you been told how your mother shot a...Read More
Categories: narrated, abuse, africa, art,
Form: Blank verse
Imagine Us There, Lily
Imagine us there... in the yonder snowy forests,
I sent you the picture.
Had stopped my scooter today morning
Travelling to work
On the foggy forlorn road.
Imagine us
In the deep snow, hunting
A dare, a fox ,or a fowl.

You don't know, my great-grandpa had been...Read More
Categories: narrated, adventure, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Philosophical Predicament
Philosophers, down the ages,  
Have strenuously tried
To figure out language:
Their numerous narratives polarize 
Into two Grand narratives, a binary:
Language is referential / differential.
This binary has yielded numerous derivatives.

On the referential side, for instance, 
There’s the view that language is...Read More
Categories: narrated, language, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
An island boy
The refusal to serve the Monarch at/on the battle filed caused this family to be sentenced to life imprisonment, but within the mercy of the King he decided to send to an Island to serve the remaining years. On that...Read More
Categories: narrated, adventure, anger, betrayal,
Form: Prose Poetry
In a far mountain area of Leyte
Located in the Pearl of Orient Sea
A South East Asian country

Lies a mysterious tale of Damdam
A wine bottled-size creature
Enormous critter, surpassing all others 

This minuscule noshes greedily
It embezzles the mortals' ranch produce
Tote such back...Read More
Categories: narrated, adventure, creation, imagination, urban,
Form: Free verse
Africa My Homeland
Africa My Homeland

I am the face 
fixed on a map
A space
with boundary, leaving no gap
I am a homeland
desecrated when I was abducted from my rightful nation
A brand
with a name which precedes my reputation
I am a continent
incapacitated not to live up...Read More
Categories: narrated, africa, anger, betrayal, change, conflict, cry, riddle,
Form: I do not know?

She approached from behind
Argus-eyed on both ends
Stalking her early morning prey.
The Queen of arid lands
Amphisbaena by thy name
Amphisbaena by thy nature.

Her victim was an Ariel 
Do-eyed and fragile.
With an anguilliform  leap
She maneuvered her prey in her grip.

Socrates narrated...Read More
Categories: narrated, africa, allusion, appreciation, metaphor, mythology, woman, world,
Form: Rhyme