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Appreciation Music Poems

These Appreciation Music poems are examples of Music poems about Appreciation. These are the best examples of Music Appreciation poems written by international poets.

Premium Member M is for MUSIC an appreciation
   massage my soul
moving,brings a tear
every  sense
  stripped of its veneer
to console
 uplift my heart
distress fades 
  and then departs

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Premium Member neglected
to press on strings, these digits, sore
thru pain, let chord and cadence pour
oh how could I so long ignore
that sound that stirred my spirit
and what...

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Categories: music, age, analogy, appreciation, guitar,

venus kisses jupiter over st petersburg
venus kisses jupiter in the sky
the same dance of hot red lipstick and all laughing buddhas 
in the world rises in my star chart 
''put it...

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Categories: music, angst, anxiety, appreciation, emotions,

Mother My Muse
Sometimes I feel
I am alone,
None is there
But when I look at
The blooming lotus,
I feel I am among thousand
Happiness and
I am sparkled with
This lotus is my...

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Categories: music, appreciation, memory, mom, mother,

Steak Dinners
         In The Throes of Love

Amjilttai Gerlelt: at least she spoke kind!
We talked of many people using...

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Categories: music, myth,

Premium Member Master's Echo
An ancient voice upon the air
echoes "Clair De Lune" in whispered flats.
Debussy's spirit enchants the vines;
masters echo is never silent.

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Categories: appreciation, music, poems, poetry,

Our Beautiful Melody
Our beautiful melody
Something so near but so out of reach
Cannot play on its own
Without you and me

We’ll never know what we could be
Unless we’re brave...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, love, music,

Are You not Entertained II
Have these people thought that someone from this country is dying today and the dying and the killing will continue tomorrow and the day after...

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Categories: allusion, memory, music, passion,

Are You not Entertained I
Who's gonna fight for the weak
Who's gonna make 'em believe
I've got a hero (I've got a hero)
Livin' in me

(Hero, Skillet)

Rare neutron stars fuse gold before...

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Categories: appreciation, music, social, urban,

Premium Member The Magic Of Music
There's magic in music,
And the singing of song.
You can feel it's power,
When the melody's strong.

Notes tickle the ear,
With one simple goal.
To pass through your heart,

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Categories: music, appreciation, beauty, heart, inspiration,

Premium Member The Fiddler and the Frog

In the stillness of the night when it rains
Haven’t you listened to a funny chorus?
Cra…. Cra… Cra…. it goes on rough n’ raucous,
A ‘music’ coming...

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Categories: appreciation, happiness, music,

At The ThreeTuns
Just a single footlight
Just a single chair
A solitary figure
Sitting comfortably there,
Right ankle resting
On his left thigh
Guitar resting 
Comfortably high
Mouth harp held
In its neck stand
Strings being...

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Categories: appreciation, music, tribute,

Talking about music


     In "Asuncion"
   the saddest guarania song
    is "paraguayan"


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Categories: music, allegory, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

Premium Member Winter's Silence

Silence, in brilliant hues of winter’s flurries
Reassuring the moon that there is a wonder
Vibrating - beautiful, healing all the worries
Bringing light, stilling the night’s loudest...

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Categories: music, appreciation, silence, snow, winter,

Premium Member Architect of Romance and Passion
  The violin, betimes so sweet and soothing
    Architect of romance and passion

  Able to conjure shores of waves crashing...

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Categories: appreciation, inspiration, music,