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Monchielle Stanza

The Monchielle Stanza is a form of poetry whose lines are usually six syllables, iambic trimeter, and having a rhyme scheme of A-B-C-D-C. Additionally, this form usually consists of four stanzas. It was invented by Jim T Henriksen of Norway.

 The Monchielle Stanza is composed of the following elements:

  • Stanzaic, written in any number of cinquains. (The original poem suggests 4 cinquains but the stanza frame will work equally as well with 2 or more stanzas.)
  • Syllabic, 6 syllable lines or if you prefer iambic trimeter
  • Rhymed, rhyme scheme From Axbxb Axcxc Axdxd Axexe etc. x being unrhymed or Abcbc Adede Afgfg etc.
  • Written with a rentrament L1 is repeated as L1 in each subsequent stanza.


To Write A Monchielle (Monchielle)

To write a Monchielle
you start each verse alike,
third line and fifth must rhyme.
Line two and four is free
for messages sublime.

To write a Monchielle
you must abide by rules
to be the perfect bard.
Each line six syllables,
it is not very hard.

To write a Monchielle
four stanzas you must write
to get your message through.
I know it may be tough,
but something you must do.

To write a Monchielle
is fun and challenging,
it spreads like raging fire.
Although it is my style,
use it as you desire.

© Jim T. Henriksen
November 7th, 2005

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