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Myself And I Me Poems

These Myself And I Me poems are examples of poetry about Myself And I Me. These are the best examples of Me Myself And I poems written by international poets.

Me Myself and I
My self-awareness is clear.
It's ugly and painful. To call it enlightening, is putting it lightly.
Honestly though, it's relieving, intriguing, and totally necessary. 
Character building,...

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Categories: me, addiction, anger, depression,

Premium Member Me Myself and I
Me and I have not been myself

Myself and I cannot find me

I looked all over for myself and me

Me is hiding from myself and I


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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, confusion,

Premium Member The Innocence of Love of Self

Dwelling in the court
of the inner-sanctum
of contemplation,

sage mind of jurisprudence
charged my heart
with abject neglect;

not of cherished others,
but of myself:
collectively, me and I.

It is written that

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Categories: me, 8th grade, appreciation, faith,

I am going on a journey in my mind, and I didn’t save a seat for negativity
I choose to take along a dear friend I...

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Categories: me, emotions, freedom, imagery, imagination,

Do Not Follow Me

Me, myself and I
Get the likes you try
Addicted to self and my
Inflate yourself a lie.

Do not follow me
I don’t pretend to be

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Categories: me, anxiety, baptism, bible, christian,

Premium Member Me
Here I am walking together with myself and I 
Walking under this beautiful sky
For so long I lost myself 
I was so hard to find

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Categories: me, encouraging, graduation,

Premium Member WILL YOU GO WITH ME
Lord, be at my side when I knock on the door;
For I've sullied myself and I know the score.
If not for You, He'd not let...

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© Judy Ball  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, faith, prayer,

Whoever said it would be easy
Whoever said the colour of the skin distinguish who you are
Whoever said that it was unreachable
Was a liar

It comes naturally,flows...

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Categories: me, africa, confidence, how i

Premium Member Me Myself and I and My Avatar
My avatar is when I was about seven or eight
Those were not my greatest years for me
So I display this picture to remind me
You see...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, life,

Premium Member I Me and My

I, me
Me,  I
We, thee,
Me, myself, and I.
How many sentences can I start with each?
I am horrified at the number of times
I start
And stop
And look

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Categories: me, introspection, self,

Me, Myself and I
I forged my dreams in the mire of regret
The past had not passed me for long
The angel of Death awaits my plea of ignorance
While the...

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Categories: me, allegory, anxiety, drink, drug,

Me, Myself, and I
Just Me, Myself, and I
By LoLa

I got a head start on your wandering eyes
I got a hangover paranoia bleeding out the lies
I want the kinda...

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© Laura Dee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, anxiety, lost love, love,

I pity those who perceive me...   
As one of a kind...   
Who seems to possess no dirty version...   

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Categories: me, addiction, dedication, lust,

I pity those who perceive me...   
As one of a kind...   
Who seems to possess no dirty version...   

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Categories: me, life, lust, self,

Me,Myself and I
When me and myself
Are feeling sadness
I sit down to chat
With the both of them
Finding the reasons
For their troubled minds

We have time to chat
I would speak...

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Categories: me, image, people,

I know am not me,
My life is one of a kind,
That i probably think..
Doesn't deserve..
The lifestyle...
I am currently..
In possession of....
Fake personality,
Is what i own..
Yet am...

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Categories: me, anger, change, confusion, life,

I am everywhere I go
All I wanted was to go far away
To experience life in my own unique way 
Not bothered by the pain of of what other's say

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Categories: me, truth,

It wasn't me
Kill me now,
Hate me later,
Tell me why your such a hater,
Slap me silly,
Kick my ass,
I know in time this too shall pass,
Let me forgive,
Let me...

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Categories: me, how i feel, love

Through out my life,
I've come to realize that
Life is enjoyed to it's fullest
By those who try to figure out
Every part of life by their own

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Categories: me, betrayal, confusion, devotion, freedom,

Me Myself And I
Me myself and I
were talking to myselve's
when we asked us a question
and they were not themselves.

They themselves and them
now questioning themselves
said we were not like...

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Categories: me, analogy, appreciation, character, destiny,