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Kids Lyric Poems

These Kids Lyric poems are examples of Lyric poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Lyric Kids poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Heretic
Giordano Bruno looked up at night 
Suggested stars were suns, not just points of light
Planets might circle those many suns
They might even have life, we...

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Categories: freedom, history, humanity,

Premium Member What have we done to Generation Z?
What have we done to Generation Z?
Left them huge debts, who could break free?
Inflated the currency, raised every price
If you like your kids, how was...

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Categories: america, betrayal, childhood, children,

Premium Member Weekend Warrior on a bicycle
I cycled to Hawthorne before the dawn,
Saw a deer on Taxter Road leading a fawn.
I reached a field of the kids little League.
Waited for the...

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Categories: adventure, nature,

Premium Member The Road That Led to The Breezy Beach
After work, I look for a place to mediate;
and that place is a walking distance:
there we met, and started dreaming,
we were naive kids full of...

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Categories: growing up, guitar, happiness,

Premium Member They didn't march
You say you care about people black and brown,
And victims of war in every Gazan town.
But I doubt your heart, here’s why I think it...

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Categories: horror, racism, war,

serenE timeS
Remember the quietude inside? Is it lukewarm from the bitter outside?
Now, the chaos takes over
Understand that you’re not alone and there’s nowhere to truly hide

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Categories: angst, emotions, endurance,

We're Gonna Feel Just Fine
My friends said C’mon let’s go, let’s head on down to Mexico.’
We’ll drink up all their tequila and we’ll snort up all their blow.
My friends...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Every Sunset Is Splendor To Believer's Eyes
Nothing that God created is dull...
harmony is found in clouds, in immense space,
in earthly landscapes, in sunrises that blaze;
if nothing stupefies us, these will!

Every sunset...

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Categories: beauty, creation, emotions, innocence,

Premium Member Be Santa For One Night, Hart
Verse I:
He always sits under
a flowery Willow Tree
and dreams of flying a reindeer
over quite Boulder City;
the torrid Nevada heat doesn't make him sweat,
he drinks beer,...

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Categories: adventure, america, beauty, christmas,

Rough Draft part2

   Soak in the palmolive snake oil tonic.
The cool stalk of my ebonics on hydroponics.
Get stuck in the matrix of my convicts, of...

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Categories: art,

Rough Draft

 Gangster Hip hop is a perversion of poetry
a chant of rebellion, in notary,
serve me upon high times  noteworthy high ego 
malign a strategy...

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Categories: art,

Premium Member Summertime Rocks
Sing to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock:

Summertime, summertime, summer time rocks.
Summertime comes and kids yell hurrah.
Bikin’ and swimmin’ at some park’s big pool;
in the...

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Categories: summer,

Santa's On The Way
Sung to the tune of Surfin' USA

Well, all the reindeer are hustlin’ 

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Categories: christmas, fun, kid, music,

Summer; the season of the sun, 
Spring; the season of new life 
Winter; the season of struggle, 
Autumn; the season of no strife 

Step outside,...

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Categories: autumn, friendship, halloween, happiness,

Playing Guitar In the Rain
I’m too old to live out these songs I sing.
There has been too much pumped into these veins.
But if you remember how I was back...

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Categories: poetry,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things