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Long Epyllion Poems

Long Epyllion Poems. Below are the most popular long Epyllion by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Epyllion poems by poem length and keyword.

Beer Sio Maziwa
Sijui ni wangapi wata'define my history,
Wakitumia hii story.
But kitu najua ni ati nkifa,
Walevi ndo watachangisha doh kwa matanga,
na maybe;
Wengi watasema Marto alikuwa tanker.
Na ukijaribu ksema marto alikuwa wa youth ya church,
apo ndo MC atalenga iyo...

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Categories: art, break up, drink, first love, for
Form: Epyllion

Premium Member Ragnarok: the Storm
With the end of days upon them
Nears the time of final battle
In the halls of high Valhalla
Asgard senses its death rattle

In the forest crows the rooster 
In the sky the sun does darken
In the cave...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: weather,
Form: Epyllion
A Pheonix In Her Heart
Once upon a fortunate time
I saw a princess that was so sublime.
She was *embellished with the beauty of a Seraph.
Therefore, in her heart, I sowed a seed that would etch a lovely *pyrograph.
That special *calescent...

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Categories: hope, love, passion, wifebird, bird,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Moonlit Xanadu
Last night, I dreamed a dream I'd never forget
When my tired eyes sealed shut at the tail-end of dawn 
Morpheus spirited me away to a moonlit Xanadu; a sanctuary
Of beauty and peace. What a dream!...

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Categories: beauty, dream, fantasy, imagery, myth, places,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Meet Me In Avalon
Can you envision us lost in a world
          of ours; paradise built by the Gods
      just for us two? Would you...

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Categories: beauty, imagination, mythology, paradise, places, poetry,
Form: Epyllion

My Lasting Treasure September 2006
Inside my heart there was an empty space,
it was waiting for you.
Something changed in my life, a sudden burst of happiness came over me,
a reality so true.

I always felt something was missing,
until the day I...

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Categories: devotion, happiness, hope, inspirational, loveme,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Cannon Lee
The ocean shatters on the banks of my despair
where I stand above the cliffs in mournful yearning there,
amid the thunder and the lightning
that cracks the black of night
I curse the rocks below that took his...

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Form: Epyllion
This Dream
She sits in the dark
Gazing out that window pane.
She's there every evening.
She sees the stars as anything but plain.

She looks so lonely there.
She appears as if one day
Someone special enchanted her,
Then had taken her heart...

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Categories: happiness, love, people, places,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Cannon Lee - Re-Posted For Reference
The ocean shatters on the banks of my despair
where I stand above the cliffs in mournful yearning there,
amid the thunder and the lightning
that cracks the black of night
I curse the rocks below that took his...

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Categories: imagination, lost love,
Form: Epyllion
A Warrior's Maiden
The night is cold
There is an owl perched on the gum tree
Its pitch dark outside
Its silent as a grave yard
She clings unto herself
Her mind wonders away
she reminisces her husband
pulling her into his chest
Fitting into his...

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Categories: allusion, devotion, endurance, hero, longing, mythology,
Form: Epyllion
An Expectation
Whenever I may reach for you, I’m going to give you the love’,
“the love, till death of mine”,
‘coz I’m to gift you my soul and the heart’,
beats for you on and on.
Whenever I may reach...

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Categories: love, passiondeath, death, love, may,
Form: Epyllion
Our skin, embracing the touch
While the penetration of deep breaths succumb
Soft lips breathing hot about my neck
My lips and hands tracing the outline of your body
Fingers intertwine and our legs climb about each other
The sheets,...

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Categories: love, passion
Form: Epyllion
Here I am, restless in my bed again.
Wondering if I ever cross your busy mind.
Wondering if the sight of your face will ever light up my eyes again.
I am afraid of losing you.
Afraid that I...

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Categories: dedication, depression, faith, fear, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, life,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Imagining Arcadia
Where is this peaceful utopia of infinite wonder
 I've heard much about? I've followed the call of echoes,
and I've searched far and long into the wilderness
I've looked through the haze of morning mist
and peeked through...

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Categories: beauty, longing, mythology, peace, places,
Form: Epyllion
Fly High
(Please note: this poem is a continuation after ‘last season’.)

Fly High

Left you behind to your own world
Where you said you will be happy - 
The only thing that I couldn’t ceded…
The love that I felt...

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Categories: depression, life, lost love, love, sadhappy, me,
Form: Epyllion
By the Sycamore Tree
Beneath the valley, a story amasses
A long song of days of old
Of a lad and his lady
And their love so un-tamely  and her eyes that sparkled of gold
She led him towards the sycamore tree...

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Categories: death, love,
Form: Epyllion
That Funny Emotion Called Love
I see some who have faith, and some who have doubts,
and why not? for so many have seen it go south.
It is hard to embrace an emotion so frail,
with one outcome glorious, the rest, doomed...

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Categories: family, life, love,
Form: Epyllion
My Husband Preston,My Valentine
My Valentine Preston,
The moment I met you,
I knew that there was something about you,
Something special about you,
I knew I could never live without you,

It's been soooo many years together,
But still,still everytime I look at you...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration,
Form: Epyllion
Dancing In the Sandpipers Ruins.
The walls have fallen and the grounds overgrown,
If you’d never been here you might never have known,

The stair that lead nowhere from the cracked ocean deck,
With the waves of the hurricane slowly it’s swept,

The light...

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Categories: happiness, inspirational, life, love, passion, uplifting,
Form: Epyllion
And Maybe, Just Maybe
I’m scared you’d make me happy
that you’d make me smile at the thought.
That when I’m around you, you’d make me laugh 
so hard that I’d forget all that’s wrong with the world.
That maybe, just maybe...

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Categories: deep, desire, fear, feelings, joy, love, magic,
Form: Epyllion
Late Night On Salisbury Ave.
The meadow's radiance gradually dimmed
and evening littered far and wide
it encouraged the unfamiliar 
and everything uncertain.

The night accelerated sounds of anticipation 
as a thousand strangers loomed
and I thought him to be a foreigner 

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© Angie Mae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith, hope, imagination, life, loss, mystery, sad,
Form: Epyllion
Forbidden Love
He stood upon the cliffs awaiting the sunrise
Watching as the last of the moon descended
Anticipating the light meeting the sea
Listening to the waves kissing the shore.

As the tips of light began to reflect
He saw her...

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© Lena Pate  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy, imagination, love, seaworld, light, sea, light,
Form: Epyllion
He Was

He was one of those Splendor In The Grass
  Forgetless- heart filled days of glory;
    His spirit  on  white puffy cloud-

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Categories: anniversary,
Form: Epyllion
A gentle breeze solaced by my langsyne
Enamored at your bonnie smile at first sight
I longed for time to see more of your shine
Flowed by your wavy smooth satiny coiffe an admired alight.

A beamish time reeled...

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Categories: dedication, hope, love, passionlove, time,
Form: Epyllion
Blinded By Love
I didn’t look for you. I wasn’t looking for a new friend and I definitely wasn’t looking for love. 
      Love hurt deep it also took every breath I had...

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Categories: happiness, love, marriage, romance, soulmate,
Form: Epyllion