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Long Cinquain Poems

Long Cinquain Poems. Below are the most popular long Cinquain by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Cinquain poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member I Just Thank You - The Cinquain Style

~ I Just  Thank  You    ~
( Cinquain )


By  You 
All things are made 
Brand-new my sweet Father 
In Heaven. You bring each day, Love 
Light, Hope. 

As  I...

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Categories: cinquain, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse


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Categories: depression, suicide,
Form: Cinquain
Recruit Division
Recruit Division

I never applied to join the Army, a nice man phoned me,
He said I was the type they liked, with a steel certainty,
Plus he happened to mention the nurses on the way,
And the simple...

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Categories: graduation, grandfather, men, military, remembrance day, veterans
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member It's Your Turn

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Categories: destiny, passion,
Form: Cinquain
Why do I write poetry?
I am sure some people here wonder just why I do! 
For my poems were once described as ‘simple’
And to others they are a pile of old pooh

I have learned so...

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Categories: cinquain, how i feel, poetry, writing,
Form: Free verse

There is times in my life, that things seem Like nothing matters, when you wake up to darkness your eye's seem like nothing matters. Lightness is the strength of our mercy. We think everything around...

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Categories: anxiety,
Form: Cinquain
A kiss of winter
 Tis cold   		                             ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, childhood, children, first love, winter,
Form: Cinquain
prayer for future of the planet
A shaman priestess
Is deep in thought 
Engaged in Meditation 
on the fate 
Of the earth 

She is deep in the cosmic woods
In the world between worlds
Where she is communing
With the spirits of the universe
Who listen...

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: evil, muse, poetess,
Form: Cinquain
in shapely form,
displaying syllables
or stresses in a versatile
Created. by both Adelaide Crapsey & William Soutar

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT-a quintile(LINKED cinquains)
We had
met and conversed,
a rapport on first sight-
a chance meeting to a life's time
evening silken,

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Categories: people, poetry,
Form: Cinquain
Remember those LOVE tunes I sang to you?
Wait, I know we need to talk
Don't leave stay in my heart.
You know we both said things last time we wish 
We could take back

We don't need to...

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Categories: anxiety, care, cry, jealousy, love hurts, lust,
Form: Cinquain
VIGNETTE FORM an example

In the base motor pool
See an off-limits card school-
A scheming Bilko takes the pot
Hoodwinking top brass was his game,
Fast talking his claim to fame.

Vignette=a 5 line light verse that tells a short...

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Categories: cinquain, poetry,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member In The Soup
A month ago I fell into a kettle of soup that was hot.
Many chefs to stir the broth, and I've met quite a lot.
I grew curious about what made the soup so unique
So I thought...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cinquain, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Thoughts of Purity

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Categories: depression,
Form: Cinquain
Your Heaven Part 5 of Sweet Honey
Wednesday morning
October 28, 2015
9:19 a.m.
Kansas City, Mo
Stephen Becker pen name Brian Stoaks


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Categories: sexy,
Form: Cinquain
Cinquain Again 7
M. T. 
is a grand name 
for a cute young lady 
but it will be a shock to all 
us men.

Trust me 
There are few things 
In this world more fearful 
Than to run smooth...

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Categories: life, me, , cute,
Form: Cinquain
Tom's Satirical Forms of Poetry
all you serious, and formally  trained poets, please excuse my satire, but a guy 
born in Brooklyn NY, (me)- really gets a kick out of this somewhat pretentious 
classification system for something, to me,...

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cinquain, allegory, art, education, funny, on writing and
Form: Burlesque
Pillow of Memories

                             “Pillow of Memories”

So long ago my...

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Categories: lost love, love, poetry,
Form: Cinquain
Race to the Pillow

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Categories: love,
Form: Cinquain
No You

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Categories: love,
Form: Cinquain
Basically, the Same Thing

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Categories: patriotic, peace, school, soldier, truth, voice, war,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Boreas God of the North Wind
Boreas, God of the North Wind

Wind god
Of Winter and North Wind
Swept down from cold northern mountains
of Thrake

He blew
 Cold icy gusts
Of breath from bloated cheeks
Hair and beard spiked with ice, wide mouth

Seen as horse-shaped

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Categories: god, wind,
Form: Cinquain
Warmth of the Fire
Saturday evening
6:37 p.m.
October 22, 2016
Kansas City, Mo
Stephen Becker pen name Brian Stoaks

                 “Warmth of the Fire”

The wonder of happiness...

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Categories: happy,
Form: Cinquain
solid faith


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Categories: blessing, character, life,
Form: Cinquain
The Mister
from A, it goes to S,
the alphabet between are far, it cannot attached,
it is hard to compared,
but in time I do learn,
that my gentleman,
that my very nice man,
that my man,
are far too hold,
but in time,

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© Mich Elle  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, hope,
Form: Cinquain
It's Just Daddy
December 12, 2015
11:43 p.m.
Kansas City, MO
Stephen Becker pen name Brian Stoaks


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Categories: miss you,
Form: Cinquain