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Write List Poems

These Write List poems are examples of List poems about Write. These are the best examples of List Write poems written by international poets.

Three questions
Three little questions, I’m asking you now, please don’t ask why, please don’t ask how, just look to your heart, and answer with truth, I’ll...

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Categories: list, blessing, change, freedom, hurt,

Premium Member Poetry Contests Are Silly
Poetry contests.   How ridiculous. Silly even. It is like comparing:
dogs with underarms,
underarms with toothbrushes,
toothbrushes with giraffes,
giraffes with garden parties,
garden parties with throw pillows,

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Children Do Not Want To Memorize
A fit is thrown at the mere suggestion that they have to memorize something.
Memorization is boring.
They refuse.
What is the point?
We have the Internet.
We have...

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Categories: list, 4th grade, 5th grade,

Shopping List
My muse is getting tired of me. She has
unkempt young men in Parisian garrets
she wants to inspire. But finally she agrees
to meet me for a...

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Categories: leaving,

Premium Member Things I'll Do Today
Things to do this Sunday...
Create yet another grocery list
Devour the leftover pizza
In my refrigerator
Tidy up my somewhat messy bedroom
Finally watch the movie, "Get Out"
To see...

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Categories: 11th grade, day, me,

List of the first two lines from my poems
My ghetto rises from ashy streets
To clean malls and suit suites

My own rags to famous rear view status
Counting coins, chasing chaos, catching corners

Being a son...

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Categories: list, life,

Today's List
Never die from natural causes
Shoot bullets into water instead
Drink wine with breakfast
Learn to take your heart attacks 
Love them back with buttered bread 
Make sure...

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Categories: list, education, fun, identity, imagination,

Premium Member LIFE IS
Life is a game to be won - 
A challenge to be met-
A gamble you risk- 
A poem to be written-
A test to be studied...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Bucket List in Bed with Thunderstorms
A bucket list –In Bed with Summer Thunderstorms

A bucket under the leak in the roof has a solid hole

Next to the pail a trail of...

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Categories: list, summer,

Looking Down Gift List
Looking Down Gift List
Just woke up and this poem was on my mind.
I had to write it don before I forgot it. That is

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: list, allegory, analogy,

Premium Member Poetic Inspiration 101
Poetic Inspiration 101

What inspires me to write poetry?

an old man on a park bench mumbling
weightless hawks floating on updrafts
trash strewn city streets
school buses at 5AM

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Categories: poetry, writing,

This Stew Tastes Funny
The prompt was "Write a poem which is really a recipe".

This Stew Tastes Funny

I personally like to use the more established dramatic processes, but feel...

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© Dylan Wong  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous,

To-Do List
I make a list and check things off
As soon as they’re completed,
So everything’s accomplished
And there’s nothing that’s repeated.

There was a time when items
Would stay lodged...

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Categories: list, me,

Horn Scratch Trump Off My List Combined Haiku
Scratch Trump Off My List

Trump's home has become
A catacomb, while on his
Head wears an orange dome.

Trump thinks that he is
Such a sweet thing, and to...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: list, humorous,

My Xmas Wish List
I decided to write Santa this holiday;
sent it care of his workshop, in the Milky Way,
for there were many things I wished to get from...

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Categories: list, christmas,

A List of Love
I love so many things about him,
I can’t even choose. 
I’ll have to write them out for you,
In a list you can peruse:

2 bright blue...

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Categories: cute love, i love

Premium Member List Of Change
Take a notebook and a pen
Write the things that annoy you
When you finished with the list
Change will be ahead

Nayda Ivette

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Categories: list, feelings,

Roll me up smoke me am i a drug now 
because i see it differently in my eyes is that a flagrent foul
seeeing life pass...

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Categories: deep, how i feel,

The Many Stages of Liking a Guy
Unofficial Entry #2

(Side note: I'll just write here since no what will I pay for that premium membership lol As you can tell from the...

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© Katelyn Ma  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: crazy, cute love, desire,

Premium Member An Early Mother's Day
I had much to accomplish last Saturday,
But far too many  things got in my way:

As always when awaking, I  took a pee,
then went...

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Categories: day,