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Lemony pines spring from my Summer mind,
dangling their scent, like Christmas ornaments.
I close my eyes and follow the sapphic breeze.

My bronze feet bounce through the mossy sea.
Feeling giddy in this faerie paradise.
I dosado amidst lichen and bark of ancient trees.

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Categories: line, flower, imagery, mystery, nature,
Form: Verse

Ancestral Vacation Home
Dirt road lined with walls of stone,
run right up to the small home,
rust red siding coming in view,
in my head it’s still cedar, blue.

Sugar maples line a big field,
in march syrup we will steal,
vast open space on a hill,
where once...Read More
Categories: line, children, family, grandfather, imagery, places, time, vacation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member An Ending, aka Hindsight Twenty-Twenty
I regret not spending more time 
with you. I thought...
you were winning the battle
Having To Fight
In This Thing Called Life
Is Insane
And So It Begins
The Long Goodbye
Funeral Arrangements
A Gentle Soul, soon to depart
Any Day Now
Gone to...
A Good Day To Cry
a Raging...Read More
Categories: line, creation, death, farewell,
Form: Verse
And must is always must
Ripping words from discarded text
Grasping at letters as leaves
riddled with inherent fails fall from my hands
sick of me me memes
only as good as the words you use
sorry if i confuse
vicious in the deeds never done
lines are never under the bridge
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Categories: line, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Airplane Funnies

“Surely, you can't be serious!” “I am serious and don't call me Shirley”
That's a classic line from Airport starring Leslie Nielsen, a Canucky
It was loaded with these
Funny quotes without sleaze
For those expecting an Oscar-winning performance, not a bloody chance surely

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Categories: line, hilarious,
Form: Limerick
Seventeen is the Lucky Number

Lamenting over failure-caused anguish
Feeling doomed by pride’s weakness, I languish…
Lord, my gloomy aura, You extinguish
Shelter* me with love I can distinguish.

Beneath the shade of grief’s weeping willow
Midst hurts, ten times worst, wherein I wallow
Your pill of comfort I...Read More
Categories: line, appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Twenty Titles from Twenty Friends
  Advice for the Honeymoon/ Advice for Life

What matters most – advice for the bride and groom:
Indulging in sweet wine; a picnic for two;
a plethora of stars; myriads of blooms!
Listen; believe; do something new.

Alone – entwined – evening delight!
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Categories: line, happy, marriage,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Symphonic Swim
When I allow myself
to become an understoried note,
I hear our symphony co-relationally composed of
tunes harmonic,
subconcious sub-objective underlying creation stories
recreationally sung together
better than just loudly marching apart,

This bilateral muse awareness
releases me from fundamentalistic win/lose salvation stories
and allows this ego-moment to...Read More
Categories: line, culture, health, integrity, muse, music, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The City Zoo
A cute gentile pig in New York
plays hopscotch over turtle hurdles
which eased her bunny
until a smack talking turkey announced,
'Did you hear how the skunks in bombay
lost a spelling bee - to an
artistic aardvark named clark?'

Around her, muttering mosquitoes
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Categories: line, animal, friendship, fun, silly,
Form: Free verse
dreaming I can fly
arms outstretched I’m flying high
my spirit and I 

dreaming I can fly
luna love she sends to me 
moonbeams pass me by

dreaming I can fly
spaceships zooming I espy
blinking of an eye

dreaming I can fly
zillion stars lighten my way
turning...Read More
Categories: line, dream, flying, space, universe,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member What If
What would it be like, through the eyes of a child 
What if,  starring into the abyss...
on a passing cloud floats a dream

~god's infinite paint brush~ 

A shadow emerges 
A symphony of angels sing, music of the night 

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Categories: line, inspirational,
Form: Verse
Natures Child Collaboration
    Mortality is all too brief,
    Though yet within, there's sweet relief.
    Where fascination craves to be,
    As kindred spirits running free.
    This zest for...Read More
Categories: line, emotions, freedom, humanity, nature, senses,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member 20 Awesome Borrowed Titles From 20 Awesome Poets - Jaded By Love
What I remember most on a romantic evening,
We had a picnic for two, it was a magical midnight!
I was blown away, and felt the earth move,
While I was drowning in his lust.
It felt like a fairy tale, until the incident,
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Categories: line, break up, divorce,
Form: Free verse
"How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?"
—Carson McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Which moron invented the term joy-riding
tell me... where is the pleasure?

An innocent cyclist
mown down...Read More
Categories: line, child, death, heartbroken, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member forbidden fruits
oh my big cousin
a dusk gaze beamy lashes
a little temper

how foggy you are
forbidden fruits of knowledge
through bathroom keyhole

once she spanked the boy
but punishment was more like
a hidden caress

luckily she died
before I grew up enough
to do stupid things

I still try to...Read More
Categories: line, cousin,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member And she loved a tree - COLLABORATION

She opened her eyes. "Where am I?”
A pair of gentle eyes were observing her
“You are in the hospital,” a voice said politely
Little did she recall the crash, that changed her life
And she learned to wait patiently. For days and nights!

She...Read More
Categories: line, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Good Day To Cry

President Trump,
a master at the art of lying,
says he wants to build the wall
along the Colorado River, for you.
But it’s a cruel end game
and a hard lesson for immigrants
that seek asylum, 
after walking a path of sorrow, 
alone and confused.
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Categories: line, 10th grade, 11th grade, america, angst, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Three to Nine Hundred Bossy Teachers
I think it is too early for school supplies my husband said.
They had a teachers' back to school special last week I replied.
The first three hundred teachers got a goodie bag.
You should have gone, he told me.

Have you ever been...Read More
Categories: line, teacher,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member IT RAINED THAT DAY - 20 Titles
IT RAINED THAT DAY — Twenty Titles

Many, many long years ago ~
   In moon glow, a tall ship.
      Marianne in shades of blue.

An infamous legend, her Captain’s call.
   She was caught,...Read More
Categories: line, lust, sea,
Form: Free verse
Life Is Not Easy Without You
A Time Like This ~ 
In My Beautiful Dream ~ 
The Journey Starts ~ Making Waves ~ 
If Only For A Moment ~

In This Thing Called Life ~ 
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might ~ Amidst The Ocean...Read More
Categories: line, love,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member A Sailor's Moon
I see you, says the moon,
drowning in self 
by the water’s edge.

But what if.....?

by the shoreline.
I will lay an ocean banquet
of magical moonlight 
to tempt your dusty heart,
opal spells
to break your fear.

I will send good morning kisses 
in the twilight,
and...Read More
Categories: line, adventure, courage, moon, sea,
Form: Free verse
Evolution Of The Species
We stand in line for this?
A two dimensional string
A world with no up or down
Moving back and forth only

Favored by nature moving
Forward and backward evolve
From that blank genetic pool
Favored by natural selection

The double helix comes forth
DNA could not be happier
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Categories: line, appreciation, endurance, humanity, insect,
Form: Free verse
Trust you
I can see the light beyond the clouds
I can see rain beyond these drought
I can see blessings of all sorts
Still i want to cling to the pain beneath them
I want to overlook all your deeds and all your faults
And again...Read More
Categories: line, 12th grade, anger, anxiety, beautiful, conflict, courage,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Reborn
shooting stars twinkle

sprinkling sparklers on the loose -

fading light expires

vows everlasting

impermanence tightly squeezed - 

woes’ storms intertwined

sunshine’s radiance

reflects warm silent repose -

disquieting loss

winter breeze swishes

seasoned kindness transgresses -

permafrost daggers

future corroded

skies disunited in pain-

new love on the rise

listen to my words

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Categories: line, love,
Form: Haiku
Dark sad clouds and shadows

Life-less structures of destructions,
suffering, remaining, living, surviving,
within evil controlled constructions,
as satanic slaves in zombie enclaves.

Earthly surrounds, just history grounds,
memories of mankind piled in mounds,
signs, words evil, live, 
a riddled reverse of an...Read More
Categories: line, conflict, dark, deep, destiny, earth, evil, horror,
Form: I do not know?