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Sensory Language Poems

These Sensory Language poems are examples of Language poems about Sensory. These are the best examples of Language Sensory poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Starting With Not Sure
I'm not sure about this
divorced from engagement

consider the following
a hypothesis,
a Thought Experiment
in the Indigenous MotherLand
and SacredWaters
of ecowomanist political theory,

Part of my own experience
betrays a rightwing...

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Premium Member Deep Listening Communions
"The deepening perception
of the body's illusory nature
is one of the most profound
and inspiring realizations
we can have
to help us let go [of dying bodies and minds].


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Categories: language, culture, earth, environment, god,

Premium Member My Esteemed Teacher
My esteemed Rinpoche
repeatedly impresses upon me
Our humane democratic vocation
to become an enlightened individual.

Which sounds like a polyculturing lot,
for absorbent 
co-acclimating residents and guests
of Earth's cooperative...

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Categories: language, art, culture, health, integrity,

Premium Member Classroom Intentions
She intended to teach history
of philosophy,
but no history-buffed 
economic or political listening philosophers signed on.

So, s/he decided to try
an empowerment class on ecological
and historical interrelationships

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Categories: language, culture, earth, education, health,

Rebounding with energy after midnight
Methinks resurgence of wakefulness
after bewitching hour i.e. midnight
quickly dissipating before dawn
quasi baptism regarding
preternatural soulful immersion
amidst spiritus mundi

foretaste awaiting expiration
regarding corporeal being
yours truly approaching mortality,
despite atheistic...

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Categories: language, allusion, atheist, baptism, crazy,

Premium Member Deep Learning Organisms
Quantities of words and numbers
are thought appropriate for educational systems
consuming Win/Lose market productions
by competitive factories
playing winner takes all capital-invested industries.

Qualities of feelings and intuitive health...

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Categories: language, art, creation, deep, education,

Premium Member Poverty of Health
Unusually limited access
to health,
nutritional poetry,
liturgical dance,
and positive-restorative energy resources--

The four WealthFaces of liberal love.

Poverty of Health derives from
and heads toward:
Win/Lose survival pressures,
abscessed longing for...

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Categories: earth, health, integrity, language,

Premium Member Scales of Omnipotence
We might discern diverse scales 
for describing omnipotence 
of CreatorGod
in the Bible,
as elsewhere.

Genesis begins with Earth's wind and water,
and is about CreatorGod of Earth as...

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Categories: language, bible, cancer, christian, earth,

Premium Member Language Development
We populate our LeftBrain language with nouns.
We populate our RightBrain relational verbs with objects,
with objectives,
cooperatively positive
and competitively mistrusted
as notnot double-binding negative.

We populate this bicameral life...

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Categories: language, birth, color, creation, health,

Premium Member Cloud of Knowing
I believe it was Buckminster Fuller
who first posited
a prime appositional,
like Yang and Yin,
but his was:
Energy is to physical nature
as Information is to metaphysically languaged systems.


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Categories: health, humor, language, leadership,

Premium Member Bilateral Creative Thinking Sequel
Last half of Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking Summary, pp. 298-300, with bicameral ecological supplements [informed by Gregory Bateson] in brackets:

In ordinary traditional thinking we...

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Categories: language, culture, earth, education, happiness,

Premium Member Bicameral Minds and Spaces
I forget who first said to me,
Language evolved consciousness,
not so much the other way around;
although it was probably Julian Jaynes.

Kant has this soft cause-effect juxtaposition...

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Categories: language, culture, earth, environment, health,

Premium Member Why
"Universe to each must be
All that is, including me.
Environment in turn must be
All that is, excepting me."
       Buckminster Fuller


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