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Poverty of Health
Poverty: Unusually limited access to health, nutritional poetry, liturgical dance, and positive-restorative energy resources-- The four WealthFaces of liberal love. Poverty of Health derives from and heads toward: Win/Lose survival pressures, crisis, abscessed longing for peace revolutions, NowTimed therapeutic resolutions, HereSpaced restorations of democratic access to healthy non-institutions. Health/Pathology Resources derive from and head toward: An incarcerating, retributive short-term fix against Fear OR/AND Sanctuary restoration through long-term WinWin multilateral therapies balancing ego- and eco-justice desires for peace Peace derives from and heads toward: Economic, political AND ecological AND theological AND bicamerally ethological AND... not not polynomial ZeroZone 4D RealTime future-space/past-time paradise image integrity Integrity derives from and heads toward: HealthyWealth reversing trends in Figure 7.1 Racism and Mass Incarceration Breed Fear, in David Stroh's Systems Thinking for Social Change. Social Change derives from and heads toward: Win/Win economic/ecological cooperative game theory not limited to simple bilaterally reiterative loops-- multicultural dilemmas of continuing poverty rather than ecstasy feel free to liberally love apply For success of each multiculturing party, without loss to any party. Win/Win Game theory derives from and heads toward: At worst, a financial OR ecologically empowering/disempowering flat-line of current poverty trajectory predicting a slowdown of insufficient nutritional quantities and nurturing qualities of love-life. Love lives derive from and head toward: Both Win-x enumerated subjects and Win-y denominator health objectives may refer back to multiple specific language re-creation events (x) and real world 4D sensory-neural collateral experiences (y), Language events and internal experiences derive from and head toward: Where x could be polycultural narrative choice and y might invite ZeroZone bilateral/bicameral balanced consciousness maps enchanting/disenchanting systems sanctuaries for dipolar/bipolar DominantLeft/RecessiveRight sojourners. Sojourners derive from and head toward DNA's prescriptions for HealthyWealth, 4D WinterNorth allied with SummerSouth, NewBorn CoOperative East with PostAdolescent Colonizing West breathing in as restoring out, marching in poverty of anthrocentric doubt, desire, supreme divinity. Poverty derives from Yang hubris and flows toward Yin's restoring WinWin polypathic love's outrageous HereNow courage.
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