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War Kyrielle Poems

These War Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about War. These are the best examples of Kyrielle War poems written by international poets.

You hold the universe in your hands, you hold my heart in your infinite embrace. 
Yet, my soul still doesn’t know it’s place. 
This planet...

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Categories: earth, god, perspective, planet,

Premium Member The Sojourn of Winter
Winter has come without an end,
Pushing away what does suspend:
Springtime does not cease to linger,
Untouched by my reaching fingers.

Return to us the warmth of day,

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Categories: day, nature, night, seasons,

Premium Member The Age Of Innocent Play
Oh, the age of innocent play,
And to the park we went each day;
The park at the end of our street,
We would play like we were...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: brother, childhood, war,

Iraq's Holocaust
Fathers are beaten, crucified,
in vicious murder, multiplied;
we dare not be ambivalent.
Have mercy, Lord, omnipotent.

Mothers tortured, gang raped and killed
by cruel butchers, hate distilled;
the mute images,...

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Categories: children, evil, hate, holocaust,

Premium Member The Red Tide
On every continent children are gleaned
for horrific deeds for few intervene;
terrified by brutality, often shunned,
the rabid rape of youth can't be undone.

Girls and boys stolen...

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Categories: childhood, violence, war, wisdom,

Premium Member Helpless
Doctors make their routine rounds each day
Well-meaning zealots come in the room to pray
I sit here sharing tears with you
I wish there was more that...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, sad,

Premium Member Tetrad
As the light from the Sun is blocked by our planet earth
The light refracts differently, hits the moon with mirth
Like a hot kiss of a...

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Categories: moon, red, planet,

The Ghost of My Lonely
Abandoned in the fifties after the war
A freight elevator stuck between floors
Obsolete machinery, splintered old chairs
In a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey somewhere

Dead air presses...

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Categories: dream, me, mystery,

Not in God's Name
Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jew – 

I understand your point of view.

If you can’t mine – well, that’s a shame.

No “holy” war is in God’s name.


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Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, life,

900 miles
Bird around the bay of white and swoops aloft the air
Descends upon the deck and lays a top a chair
Dear bird me thinks I leave...

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© Ian Foley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mothermother, work, mother, work,

Love me tender and my teenage dream  
where is he now what has he seen
That insects a buzzing at my window grill
He saw me...

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© Ian Foley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: romanceme, may, me,

Melting out of Slavery
In the beginning, there was little hope
working the slaves, and they had to cope
without rights.
That was their plight.

Freedom for them was not real
Until after the...

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Categories: peace

Soon Baby 'A Soldiers Poem'
Soon baby...This war will be no more,
   And I'm anticipating the day I walk through that door!

Soon baby...We will finally be united,

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love,

Premium Member Absolution's Font: Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo, Egypt
Await the zenith of the sun,
cross clay courtyard a beckoning
barefoot walked, heartstring undone,
Oh Lord, there’s love, no reckoning.

Soundless clarion of tears fall
toward absolution’s bright blessing,

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Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, devotion,

Let Justice Ring
Sound our sorrow that all might hear
The children wailing as they cry
Save tomorrow from abject fear
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky

Air our grievance,...

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Categories: social

Re-sound the aura of Holy you
In war or peace your tryst is true.
Through misplaced desire and loud falsehoods cry;
Ring out wild bells to the wild...

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Categories: faithold, fire, fire, old,

Premium Member Let Freedom Ring
Let freedom toll around the world
Ring out wild bells to the wild sky
A new beginning has unfurled
Leaving destruction in awry 

Let the hungry be in...

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Im Pace Sonorum
Ominously, in the east, do the cursed war clouds gather.
Young men, in ignorance claim, "we are unafraid to die."
Send dispatch riders forth on steeds set...

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Categories: warwar, war,

I don't know all I need to know
I don’t know all I need to know
To mount the mighty mountains
To sail safely on the stormy sea
And walk wisely in the wilderness
Dear lord, you’re...

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Categories: devotion,

Premium Member T'WAS EVER THUS
The tragedy of war-
                   in human hearts...

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Categories: history, political, war