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Forgiveness Kyrielle Poems

These Forgiveness Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Forgiveness. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Forgiveness poems written by international poets.

Around Your love’s secured embrace
I snuggle warmly against unbelief’s stress
Finding refuge in You amidst life’s race…
Lord, enable* my spirit to praise You…even I’m in distress.


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Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god,

Premium Member Have Mercy
Have Mercy
By Valerie D. Staton

Done things for which I am ashamed
Partaker of iniquity - 
My soul laments; my heart proclaims
Oh God, please have mercy on...

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Categories: christian, faith, forgiveness, prayer,

Your Word assures me Your salvation
…Affirming Your power of regeneration
…Asserting Your work of redemption
…Awakening with Your miracle of new creation.
My God, fire me up through...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith, god,

For Your work, my God, that calls for my best sacrifice
I present myself by Your mercy every time I arise
Overcoming idleness of futile exercise.
In fulfilling...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, faith, forgiveness,

Premium Member a SHORT delay
Wait for the rain to die
Wait,for the tears to dry

Wait for the mist to go
Wait,for trust to flow

Wait for anger to cool
Wait,for love to rule


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Categories: life,

Premium Member It's So Crystal Clear -The Kyrielle Style
~It's So Crystal Clear~

Don't know where I'd be without Him
He spreads forgiveness, leaves never
Send us blessings that's clear to see
He gives Love this day, forever


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Categories: kyrielle, faith, hope, inspirational, love,

Freedom Implores Fresh Start
Again, I was freed from a mad hurricane
Call it by any name, it's still the same
Two eldest siblings, lost their lives in the dark
Freedom implores...

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Categories: blessing, change, dedication, forgiveness,

Oh Lord, Be Merciful
 Upon the wings of mortal life we fly.
Roaming from cradle through soil, sky and sea,
We grope through sin like Adam; then we die.
Oh Lord,...

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Categories: faith, forgiveness, religion,

Premium Member Lord, Lord Bring Healing- Prayer for Poetry Soup
I come before your throne of grace
I seek just a glimpse of your face
Lord, Lord I come to interceded
For the hurting ones to plead

Lord, Lord,...

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Categories: prayer,

Father in Heaven
Father in Heaven…I know that when it came to your will
I was not trying to hear it
Please save my soul from this chill;
Baptize me with...

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Categories: faith, children, forgiveness, introspection,

Melting Pot : America Freedom
Flames and fire are Devil’s friend,
melting, melting till the end,
conglomerate conformity
Oh God have you abandoned thee?

My freedom hand hits iron wall,
I’m simmered in a hamster...

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Categories: forgiveness, introspectiongod, god,

Raven's End
I know that taking my life is a sin,
But you don’t know how much pain I am in;
Death is better than this hell I’ve been...

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Categories: angst, childhood, confusion, daughter,

Premium Member The attribute of the strong, not for the weak-w
To err is human, to persist is the devil’s way
God forgives us, so some act in a godlike way 
Though seems difficult, but a good...

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Categories: cancer, introspection,

Premium Member Cast Not The First Stone
When we err, it is of human design.
Words spoken unhindered, without forethought,
deeds are done, not meaning to undermine.
Are we that perfect that we err not?


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Categories: forgiveness

Premium Member Forgiveness Virtue
Lest my human part be of mind deceived
   To err is human, to forgive divine
Of many stresses of mind, soul relieved

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Categories: forgivenessgod, nature, god, love,

Sinner or Saint
11 December 2010

Sinner or Saint

We all sin and we are sinners
We are saints upon God’s Grace, the Giver
The way of the cross, God and man...

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Categories: faith, forgiveness,

Grace of One Creature
Of free will, graced one creature,
All for us learn from our teacher.
Jesus; walked, that was the sign
To err is human, to forgive divine.

Born as a...

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Categories: devotion, faith, forgiveness, inspirational,

The silent footfalls of the long lost son
Came up the dim pathway on a run
Longing and shame in every vein
To err is human to forgive...

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Categories: forgiveness

In a dark, uncaring world such as ours,
there must me a steady light at all times:
bring your candles and your Christmas's carol books without being...

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Categories: death, faith, father, forgiveness,

24 Hours To Live
24 hours to live…I need to hurry and come up with a plan
	It’s only right to “worry” because I haven’t been half the man
23 hours...

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Categories: imagination, lifegod, forgiveness, god,