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Dark Kyrielle Poems

These Dark Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Dark poems written by international poets.

Flight songs have forsaken the lark,
where flood and fire forage the dark.
From coast to coast our prayer on wings.
O Lord have mercy the choir sings.


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Categories: christian, fire, hero,

Wake Me Up

I see dreams aplenty with the eyes open
In the bustle of life these aren’t broken
I’m not an actor of deception as many are

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Categories: dream, heartbroken, inspirational,

Life In Long Night
The light through me travels fast
Darkness like lust in me prolongs
My shadow on you don’t ever last
For my days are short, nights long.

I am visible...

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Categories: dark, lost, night,

Winter Twilight
After a long walk reaching broken ground
I stand awhile to look pensively around
See the dense dusk descend on the dust
In the twilight hours of winter...

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Categories: hope, life, winter,

Premium Member RECLUSE
Why has happinest abandoned me?
I know not how it feels to behold glee.
My soul yearns to be free,
Oh Lord take away this misery.

I dread a...

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© Alexis Y.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, loneliness, pain, sad,

Premium Member Displaced: The Trail of Tears

As rain falls hard and soaks the ground
and thunder roars its mighty sound,
so tears of the displaced may fall,
their cries bespeaking dearth and pall.

The Deep...

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Categories: loss, native american,

Walking on sin
Feet soiled by the ashes of burnt name 
Black as the base of bottomless shame
Carrying on the shoulder murky disdain
You walked your life on the...

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Categories: introspection, sin,

My Naked Soul

My Naked Soul

The singing reaches my naked soul
And the drums begin to roll
I have loved your thorns that tore me apart
Rhyming, piercing through my pale...

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Categories: moon, music, passion,

Premium Member The Sojourn of Winter
Winter has come without an end,
Pushing away what does suspend:
Springtime does not cease to linger,
Untouched by my reaching fingers.

Return to us the warmth of day,

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Categories: day, nature, night, seasons,

Premium Member Abandoned


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Categories: child abuse,

Premium Member There is Where Most Likely You Will Find Me
On a winter or fall’s eve, dark and deep,
snuggled in my bed, I’ll be fast asleep,
but online (if Sandman acts unkindly);
there is where most likely...

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Categories: life,

Credit Card Hoodoo
Your new bank card is on the way,
praise god for all his/her ways
if you can't beat 'em join 'em (I say)
Oh lord have mercy on...

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Categories: abuse, cry, culture, dark,

Take flight into the night with me,
Grab my hand, though I know you're blind.
You can't see, but you're in my poetry,
And it leaves us forever...

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Categories: dark, desire, dream, feelings,

Premium Member With Blood Dripping
In childhood-  I wrote poetry,
This girl, a poet born clearly;
And I pen words full of weeping,
I write poems with blood dripping.

It is deep...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: writing,

Freedom Implores Fresh Start
Again, I was freed from a mad hurricane
Call it by any name, it's still the same
Two eldest siblings, lost their lives in the dark
Freedom implores...

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Categories: blessing, change, dedication, forgiveness,

Premium Member Jealousy
I am the death of all that's good
the dark of darkest night
I come from what's not understood
devouring all that's right.


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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, jealousy,

In a place so dark, so deep.
Where only the minds of the irrational sleep 
There is only one certainty,
That love wasn’t meant for me.

Tears of...

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© Lelay Ma  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, heartbroken, loneliness, love

Premium Member Helpless - kyrielle

She lies there as though asleep
In her own world, dark and deep
Why can't I reach that terrible place
Why do I feel helpless, losing face

She hit...

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Categories: hope,

Premium Member Winter Solstice
Have you ever wondered where it all began
The rituals marked among the Celtic clans?
Look into the past and they are found
This day is when the...

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Categories: seasons, winter, day, winter,

Premium Member Where Is The Light
It is so dark it is so dark,
Where is the light Father.
Where is the light.

My candle is getting shorter,
I'm having problems shouldering these boulders.
Where is...

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Categories: depression, faith, father, life,