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Peace Kimo Poems

These Peace Kimo poems are examples of Kimo poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Kimo Peace poems written by international poets.

Premium Member KIMO THERAPY

Although long nights dim for your missing child,
The woodland marks his  own path
Guiding tiny footsteps.

Courageous be, despite a troubled  heart
Hanging unto divine grace--

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Categories: care, encouraging,

Kimo Therapy
I send prayers to the heavens for you, love
comfort in this time of need
strength to breathe again.

I'll bring empathy and bottle of wine
arms to hold...

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Categories: friend, pain, peace,

God’s “the very present help in trouble”
Indeed our refuge and strength
Who knows our afflictions.

Such truth you’ve reminded me many times
With your prayers and presence
Lifting up...

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Categories: courage, encouraging, faith, god,

Premium Member INNER PEACE

Radiating warmth on cold winter nights
The sound of burning candles
Echo silence of bliss

submitted in March, 2018

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Categories: appreciation, inspirational love, introspection,

Premium Member WHEN HUMANITY

When Your love humanity shares my Lord

And peace reigns among people

Your Passion's light will shine!

© Demetrios Trifiatis

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Categories: god, humanity, love,

Love vibes
Love vibes

Up rush inner-strength, peace sublime, glee ,when
        dab of love by darling buds

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Categories: love, magic,

Premium Member Two Notes
When two notes style one harmonious tune
such lyrical buoyancy 
floats peace in joy’s balloon

October 11, 2016
Strand #264 / 8 line max

confirmed with

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Categories: joy, peace, people,

Premium Member Translucid Exterior
Shine that translucid your exterior
Peace the almighty concede
Living in the present...

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Categories: feelings,

Premium Member Melody To The Ears

Sweet melodies ring in the ears when think
How beautiful is the life
When the peace reigns in you

Nayda Ivette

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Categories: feelings,

Premium Member Unyielding
Tic toc the winds of time blow all awry
unyielding,   vines not entwined 
thirsting      for peace and love 


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Categories: mother, nature,

Serene Spirit

A woodland finds calmness through her presence,

gently brushing the red garlands

with flights of hundred moths.

In Praise Of a Kimo for nette onclaud
Carly Lalion---16 Feb 2015

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Categories: peace, rainforest,

A Positive Poem
Drift away, resting, golden wood canoe,
still black water, yellow flecked,
sweet pollen confections.

Idle hours, soft swaddled in sun's warm wrap,
friendly heat, tranquil musings,
lily pad cookies float.


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Categories: beauty, nature, water,

Peaceful Play
She squats beside the water's edge, playing,
tadpoles and crawdads fleeing
from fat probing fingers.

Sunlight sparkles on the river ripples,
caressing a sun burnt face
and freckled pixie nose.


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Categories: child, girl, happiness, nature,

Premium Member Uniting for Peace
joining hands, people unite for a cause
hoping harmony prevails
remove walls, restore peace

*Written May 20, 2014
*Inspired by the photo of people joining hands, standing against a...

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Categories: peace,

Eagle Messenger
On wings of an eagle messages soar
Lifts prayer to Creator
Bringing peace, love, and joy.

© 2014 CM Davidson...

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Categories: faith, prayer,

Premium Member Existence

it has been said that "man will destroy man"

we are our brothers keepers

let us keep on keeping......

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Categories: introspection, peace,

Premium Member Keeper of the Light
It’s been known that the Keeper of the Light
Holds an orange glow about Him
Peace carries all around

Russell Sivey

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Categories: faith, life,

Premium Member The Moment Of Truth: Burning Or Refining
As exemplary as a High Priest
and consecrated as a Temple's Inner Chamber.
Respected amongst his colleagues,
reverenced by His subordinates,
distinguished, honorable and set apart.

Then came the moment...

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Categories: adventure, art, business, confusion,

One Tree
the tree stands guard out on the lonely plain
a beacon for all to see
and the world is at peace

it's leaves are festooned with the look...

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Categories: angst, introspection, peace, tree,


twenty fingers speak of  two rings' young bliss
    bridal stars twinkling love bulbs...

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Categories: happiness, wedding