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Write Imagism Poems

These Write Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Write. These are the best examples of Imagism Write poems written by international poets.

Ah! The birds delicate voice sings
Dawn broke! Precious chirping ringing in my ears
The exaggerated sun rays lift the beauteous hues
But for some reason the experience...

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© stacey law  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blue, imagery, rose,

Santas Secrets
There are many secrets tucked
Carefully away at the North Pole;
Santa hides them on purpose, so 
You’ll never find them.

Things like the special camera 
He uses...

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Categories: celebration, childhood, christmas, december,

Spirit Wolf
Infuse me with your appetite
for effortless freedom.
Yearning for your wisdom.
Encourage me:
Intuitively to
embrace you as my partner -
to love and to hold,
till death us do part.


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Categories: myth, native american, spiritual,

Premium Member Her Wish Eternal
I slowly open the old, rusty cemetery gate that groans,
      it squeaks and creaks in the still night,

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, poems,

Ground Edges
Ground edges the rim of her lipstick stained coffee mug.
Sharp eclipsed moons shine upon endless day's everlasting nights'.
Butterfly eye bandages uphold bloodshot remembers that these...

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Categories: adventure, crazy, creation, fantasy,

I write
 I write
I write to conceal pain and heal my bruised heart
As the tears roll down on my face and the last tears shed on...

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Categories: heartbroken, imagery, psychological, sad,


A word play you said!  The mimic copycat this day
For hundreds of people to sigh and feel the now 
Will take ages to write...

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Categories: space,

Premium Member Alpine Wind
It's too hot and humid for September!
Even dust specks descending in the room's sunlight
are beads of sweat running down my sides.
I bring pencil, crossword and...

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Categories: humor, longing, weather,

Printed Plastic
Life isn't a white sheet,
It comes as printed plastic,
You can't write one damn thing,
You can only tear it in pieces,
Stretch it, deform it, burn it,

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© Pin Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, life, philosophy, sad,

Premium Member TO WRITE POETRY

As midnight bursts  like stardust on a cobblestone
My raw  vision carries me beyond earth’s  floor,
Where marbles  with painted dots turn into...

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Categories: adventure, mystery, writing,

Letter to Future
Letter to the Future

Dear Future Humanity

May I First say hello such a honor to write this
I can only imagine the reality your existence may be

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, humanity,

Premium Member ''Poetry Eternal''
I slowly open the old, rusty cemetery gate that groans,
      it squeaks and creaks in the still night,

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: betrayal, death, poetry,

This is the time I'll talk about Cage,
Posting it on the media and not standing on a Stage,
Without wasting much time, let me open this...

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Categories: africa, age, analogy, animal,

A letter from my Soul
Last evening I received a letter from my Soul
many things he told me;
“We were send on earth to serve
to serve with loving service we should

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Categories: destiny, humanity, imagination,


The lampposts cut through  faded tones,
With moonglow  blazing starlit gold,
And liquid my ink is interlaid
 For even in the dark , I grasp...

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Categories: image, life, writing,

Premium Member Off To The Connect
When i moped back in 
's kinda relieved to get a reprieve 
from the racin' shiny chariots 
n' puffed up like bullfrogs
all of 'em in...

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Categories: culture, humor, memory, vanity,

Me Against The World
In a world full of people still feeling lonely...
It's only me and my shadow when it's sunny...
They all love me when they want something from...

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© JP King  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: courage, dedication, inspirational,

Premium Member Red, Gold and Green
Red, Gold and Green

I can write of Autumn with integrity,
For I have lived red, gold and green long years;
Bruise colored wall clouds marching
Toward Summer’s last...

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Categories: color, prayer, integrity,

Call me in the morning

Preferably 3am

When the world is quiet, your mind cloudy

Your soul is a double agent

He hijacks your body

He tells me all of...

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Categories: character, feelings, hello, i

Writing Poetry-My Process
Empty pages glare at me
Bright white sheets stare back mockingly 
Snuggled away in my den
Thinking constantly about what to pen
Hoping a good idea would pop...

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© Amar Qamar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, encouraging, inspiration, journey,