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Success Imagism Poems

These Success Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Success. These are the best examples of Imagism Success poems written by international poets.

Success and Failure
Failure makes success is a vague idea 
Opportunities are much importance here
All are stepping for the height of life
Competition starts from the time of formation

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Categories: life,

Mr Krabs secret formula
Chilling with my computer
Skyping to myself,
Pretending that the computer
Talks lets imagine:
I'm Plankton and i want the secret formula!
The gradients of success,
Too bad: guess that...

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Categories: allegory, identity, image, life,

A right Carry on
A lot can change in 10 years,
Especially in the reliability of your plumbing,
When it comes to flushing out your system,
In preparation for a Colonoscopy.

My first...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, autumn, blessing,

Dear Woman
Young and old, kindly recall
All humans are equal,
Only differentiated by gender
Let's all on this ponder.

Dream with all courage,
Think beyond the horizon of marriage.
No man rules...

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Categories: 11th grade,

Fate in Desolation
Rough night, sleepless night 
Waiting anxiously for my change to come 
Though without any redemption at sight 
Yet I still wait until my change comes...

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Categories: dark, emotions, encouraging, fantasy,

The Mystery of Life
                "The Mystery  of Life"

Living in this world is...

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Categories: 2nd grade, confusion, emotions,


Echo of the ringing bells
Flying across the valley
Through the forest canopy
And rush in the misty sky 
To kiss the blue mountain range 
Entreaty move towards...

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Categories: desire, nature,

The Great Dragon
Blue tales and red flows
You don't wanna see this dragon!
Eyes glow, flaming words and Burning papers 
I wonder whose going to save the princess?
Devouring concepts...

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Categories: art, fantasy, image, imagery,

dear parents
 To forgive is like taking a plunge into a nightmare. Its worse to hold a grunge but I  may find a temporary solution...

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Categories: change, dream, humanity, i

Getting the best,
Out of your daily life,
Excelling in everything you plan,
To the extent of beyond limits,
Where the harvest is more than you expected,
Simply becoming a...

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Categories: blessing, change, destiny, success,

I stand at the abyss alone. My fear drips into the eternal darkness. Every step on my life's path brought me here. I shoved all...

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Categories: art,

Lover with long Noses
A man and woman met 
in a moving passenger train
Fell in love they did
but both had long noses
two weeks they tried to kiss
but no way...

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Categories: irony, metaphor, relationship,

The good side of bad
I tried to hate.
I tried to scorn.
I tried to change fate .
But i was wrong.
I always taste the good side.
Even after a bad bite.
Went behind...

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Categories: anti bullying,

Roy Mokoena

I lived,I have seen,but still can't imagine life
I got the direction, but never took an action!
I made decisions, but still stuck in...

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Categories: beautiful, books, celebration, character,

Love is nectar.
Love is heaven.
Heaven like home, we always need
where soul  ever smiles,
never feels tension.
In love,
you are my music,
I am your musician.


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Categories: emotions, love,

God On Trial
I feel I simply must profess, your efforts to capture me of great success,
Is all for naught, I volunteered,
You imagined a cloud I sit, like...

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Categories: bible, hate, religion, spiritual,

Premium Member DEPTHS
No one said that life was nothing but a joy to live.
No one said that joy was never in it.
A hill must be superseded.
If you...

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Categories: encouraging, inspiration, inspirational, success,

Life and Rain
The weather makes me smile ,
The rain brings me back to life .
The breezy air fills me with desire ,
To be the raindrops and wash...

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Categories: rain, rainbow,

Road to Success
The road to success is a long and winding one
One where its roads can lead you to some dark and testing times
One road north 

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Categories: dedication, inspirational, leadership, life,

The silent water gives a lot of message
The flowing water exert  the pressure of courage 
when the drop of water is caught in stones...

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Categories: blessing, devotion, imagination, inspiration,