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Fear Imagism Poems

These Fear Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Imagism Fear poems written by international poets.

Premium Member over my shoulder
over my shoulder
lies fear
keeps moving
forward, forward...
over my shoulder
the unknown walks
my hair on end
pulse pounding...
over my shoulder...

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Categories: emotions, fear,

The universe seems curled
Like earth crust displacement,
More of blind spot to cosmos people;
Never let lady or homage.

All rights reserved in isolation,
Chasing souls in vivid,
And Playing...

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Categories: fear, health, history, murder,

Premium Member steady


starboard east wind roars chill fear 


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Categories: anxiety, metaphor, sea,

When death dances dispocalypsis
From the abyss of liberty, a seal was retrieved 
A forgery of the fourth, a disorientated equus
A new order thus hatched
From the east of west,...

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Categories: confusion, creation, humanity, society,

Premium Member Don't flinch
You dare not move
  or flinch

The predator
  moves steadily

You are still
   not a

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Categories: adventure, animal, fear,

Happy future
Tidy earth
Humanity around the world
Upcoming child is there
The eyes of our delusion
Hopeless frail
But Anu;
On the skeletal idol of cholera
A constant stream of thoughts
How to...

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Categories: deep, fear, future, humanity,

Corona Virus
A pandemic that plagues our minds
The weakest among us, it seeks and finds
Nonchalant at the start, we did not care
Far away from us, that is...

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© Amar Qamar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: care, death, earth, fear,

i was there
i was there 

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Categories: absence, analogy,

Premium Member Bloodcurdling
Royally draped over a soft cushion
hugging a soft, fluffy white carpet
her gaze wanders 
to the flickering images
on the TV screen
before her...
abruptly transfixed
rocking on her haunches...

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Categories: cat, fear, scary,

Premium Member THE SEED OF LIFE
the seed in its warm, moist womb of soil.
wiggly worms in the nutritious nest.

root and stem wriggle free from their straight jacket act.
the sprout frenetically...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member A plea in its eye
The dog slinks past me
   a plea in its eye
bowed head upraised

Turning toward me 
   piteously --


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Categories: dog, fear, sad,

Dishing out fair
You can't dish out fairness like you do lollies,
As what is fair for one is not fair for all.

Sooner or later you will be dishing...

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Categories: age, analogy, business, community,

After Death
Some say we will go to the Heaven after Death,
Some say to the Hell.
Hard to decide!
No one had gone to it's beside.

Some say we will...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Glad to be Alive Today
Whispers of pink, glide into view, on airwaves of a magical sunset
Glimpses of orange, which uplifts my spirit, gives me an angel peek
Of a glorious...

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Categories: god, sky,

What sort of clothing would resilience wear?
Would it be plain black or grey,
I don't think so, do you?

It would more likely be something bold and...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, angel, appreciation,