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Relationship Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Relationship Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Relationship. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Relationship poems written by international poets.

Years of Hurt
Whilst the majority of domestic violence perpetrators are men I am fully aware that men are sometimes victims as well, therefore this poem is written...

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Categories: abuse, anger, fear, football,

Quelled: End of the Road
Thy gaze; like those Persian spears full in flight,
Thrust 'n us to see the tales in those brown eyes -
Shimmers, like powdered silver beneath sunlight

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Categories: friendship, relationship, sad love,

The Last Dark Magic of the Keys
The time is now, you said, let it be done 
I come to cause you one last piece of pain
You chose a day in summer...

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Categories: love, magic, power, psychological,

Premium Member To Rose Who is Far Away from Me
I think of you being a universe away—
it cuts like broken glass, being apart from you
and all alone and without a bright ray
that's you to...

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Categories: angel, best friend, friendship,

Premium Member Engraved upon his stone
She danced upon the ground above his grave.
Freedom had been the goal to be achieved!
Within his drink her poison had been placed.
For he was old...

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Categories: bereavement, celebration, farewell, relationship,

Premium Member Fall in Lust with Me
Please fall in lust with me, remember years
when all you sought was time to ravish me
In secret tryst we’d meet despite our fears
For passion would...

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Categories: love, lust, relationship,

Premium Member Serenading the Senses- Adult Content
On whispered breeze I hear your plea to feed
Upon my form you wish to feast and dine
I smile as I inhale desire’s need
And know tonight...

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Categories: relationship, senses, sensual,

Premium Member TRICK OF LIGHT

Moonlight beams that streams are treacherous, dear.
They shine yet leaving some lovers bewitch.

I gaze at you one last time while you sleep
for you...

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Categories: feelings, life, loneliness, love,

Premium Member Burlap and Satin
Burlap and Satin

He labors in the field 'neath blazing sun
   below a sky of blue with clouds of white;

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Categories: husband, inspirational, perspective, relationship,

Premium Member FRIENDSHIP - A GIFT

Material gifts displayed in all  shops,
I saw as I passed beside the windows
shining gold, silver and costly fur robes.
All of these,...

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Categories: giving, happiness, relationship,

Premium Member If I Could
If I could turn back time to be with you
There’s not a single thing I would not do
I’d risk my life and challenge every fate

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Categories: relationship, sensual, sexy,

Premium Member In Need of a Banquet
He gave me only crumbs to feed my soul
A famished heart in need, I asked for more
I could not please him for he was not...

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Categories: recovery from, relationship, sad

The Relationship
I saw you last night, in seraphic sleep; 
A tremor in your lips, and a flicker
Of an eye lid for each secret you keep.
I shivered...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, beautiful, depression,

Premium Member Harem Dreams
He lay beside her on their bed of dreams
His hands still playing in her raven hair
Her body bare and bathed by streaming beams
Of moonlight that...

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Categories: passion, relationship,

Premium Member A Boxcar Named Desire

No, we weren't a couple one expected. 
"What could she be thinking", one reflected. 
Yet we held an undefined attraction; 
Some subconscious neuron interaction. 


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Categories: allusion, confusion, dedication, emotions,


“Come live / with me / and be / my love.”

I ask of you this because you are...

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Categories: fantasy, feelings, innocence, parody,

Premium Member A Hopeful Loser's Complaint
Why am I a love-sick, dead-broke loser
in love with a rich and affluent girl?
A poor, unwise fool, why did I choose her?
(I can't afford such...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, girlfriend, loneliness,

Premium Member If Made a Man
If made a man, I’d treat my woman right
By that I mean, I’d hold her through the night

I’d use my arms to shelter fragile form

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Categories: love, passion, relationship,

Premium Member Reflections of You
Somewhere in deep recesses of my mind
I try to picture my great- grandma's face.
She left no photograph of self behind,
But I dream of her dressed...

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Categories: grandmother, memory, relationship,

If I'm Not
If I’m not the reason you smile,
if a relationship isn’t your style,
if loving me is a chore,
and if you don’t love me more and more....

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Categories: sad, me, me,