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Childhood Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Childhood Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Childhood poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Father
A tradesman’s son and temple secrets die
in sixty nine years, never knowing why.

Contempt delivered their first child perfect,
your childhood gauntlet galvanized neglect.

A mother’s son and...

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Categories: bible, childhood, christian, faith,

Inviting hills
O to tune in to good times of childhood—
To re-live gone-by years, not just to brood,
To lighten dust-laden baggage’s dead tare,
To unburden mind of deadwood...

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Categories: childhood,

A Lost Sense of Purpose
Long ago in the short-time lively spring
In the grassy plains of a small island
Came from nonexistence a young sapling 
Nurtured by the love of her...

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Categories: 12th grade, art, best

Premium Member Again--and Again--and Again
		I was just ten or twelve when I first saw
		him standing in the doorway of my room.
		I was awake--or so I thought. Each time
		he paralyzed...

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Categories: childhood, fear, night,

A Misummer's Night Dream
Once upon a midsummer’s night,
I dreamed a dream of horses white,
of Billy goats and little fishes-
of dogs and cats and childhood wishes.
I dreamed of a...

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Categories: fantasy,

Bitter Sweet
Your room remains unchanged-   
just as it was when you went away-
Care Bears and books still arranged,
your dolls all lined up on display....

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Categories: childhood, daughter,

The boy, he drowns in it, 
That double-breasted flesh blanket, 
Striped and stylish upside down noose,
It's too hard to get loose.

Death delayed as he sees...

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Categories: child, childhood, growing up,

Wally's Trip to the Mall
Wally’s going to the mall today to buy some things he needs,
like toothpaste, soap, and bubble bath, and packs of flower seeds.
The first thing in...

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Categories: adventure, children, family,

Premium Member Distant Things
I think of distant things and start to cry.
Why must my heart be grieved by many miles?
To place where I was born, I will not...

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Categories: freedom,

Tale Of Inner Child

Chasing your tail forever like a dog
Into the forest, confusion of the fog
A door that’s locked, without a key
Asleep you found it, woke not to...

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Categories: cheer up, childhood, children,

The Old House
Seven generations walked through your door,
Which stood so strong and always welcomed in.
You said goodbye when boys headed to war,
Two soldiers lost to battles they...

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Categories: childhood, family, house, memory,

Three Times The Charm
I fell in love once, twice or perhaps thrice; 
And each caused only more pain than the last. 
I fell in love once, twice or...

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Categories: betrayal, break up, desire,

Long In The Tooth
I went to the Dentist to pull a tooth
And patiently sat in the waiting booth.
All the kids stared at my giant bucktooth;
Needless to say they...

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Categories: childhood, humorous,

A Brittle Boquet
My life has become a brittle bouquet 
Of dead red roses in rapid decay 
And all that I thought one day I could be 

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Categories: lifelife, lost, life, lost,

A lullaby vibrates against my cheek,
I feel so loved, and safe, and small, and weak. 
Until the cradle falls, from winds that blow,
That’s one song...

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Categories: childhood

Saying Goodbye
Saying goodbye was the last thing I'd do
You were taken from our lives far too soon
My world has changed now that I don't have you

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Categories: childhood, death, depression, family,

I knew an old woman
Who flew round the Moon
Wore a tall    pointed hat
And rode on a broom

She dressed all in black
Wore arrow-tipped...

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Categories: childhood, fantasy, funnyhalloween, love,

To Depart
a space has been withheld
from above it have been spelled
there made a sacrament of longing,
a promise of ever loving

moments passed by
no one gave a sigh-

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Categories: childhood, children, life,

my papa the rockstar
My Papa's a "Rockstar" but I never saw his show,
     yet people sure would stare at us wherever we would go.

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Categories: childhood, family, sad, me,