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Teachers Humorous Poems

These Teachers Humorous poems are examples of Humorous poems about Teachers. These are the best examples of Humorous Teachers poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Why me
Why me? I have to clean my room,
why does it have to be so soon?
Why me? I never get to play,
or have my friends over...

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Categories: children, humorous,

Premium Member We are Wearing Pajamas Today
We are wearing pajamas today.
We are super heroes, butterflies, unicorns, and mice.
We have slippers with long rat tails.
Mine are gorillas with red light-up eyes.

One or...

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Categories: humorous, school, teacher, teachers day,

Premium Member Babysitting First Graders
This is a first grader’s day
I build a house! I build a house!
Another first grader chimes in.
It has a mouse! And maybe a louse!
Third first...

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Categories: humorous, school, teacher, teachers day,

Premium Member I Picture the Grim Reaper Dragging Her Out
She is pompous, arrogant,
One sided. Espousing prophetic nonsense 
Self-assured for no reason whatsoever
I listen to her internal volcano
Trying to conquer me in one of her...

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Categories: humorous, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Where is Our Real Teacher
Where is our real teacher?
Substitute teachers get asked this hourly.
Maybe even every eight minutes.

Sometimes I give a teacher a bathroom break.
Especially a pregnant teacher.
They need...

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Categories: fun, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member Learning - a Good Investment
A lazy student known as Burt, 
To parents and teachers was curt.
        With little knowledge,

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Categories: books, education, funny, humorous,

Premium Member Judgment Lightly Ajar
Babies are droolers
Teachers are schoolers
Pitchers are foolers
Lawyers are duelers
Fishermen are spoolers
Faceters are jewelers
Needlers are crewelers
Kids are stoolers
Men are toolers
Women are rulers...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baby, children, humorous, men,

Premium Member Baffling English Grammar
Durin' my shaky academic career I was an 'A' pupil in gym and art,

But when it came to parsin' sentences, my grades just fell apart!


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Categories: education, humorous,

Premium Member Even the oppossum stuck up her nose
Our cupboards are full of junk no one would ever eat.
My husband has this little buy-too-many groceries problem.
Especially if they are on sale.
"I'm saving you...

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Categories: animal, food, humorous, husband,

Premium Member Goody Kindergarten Field Trip
Mary, did you get the memo about the meeting?
What meeting?
When is it?

No, I didn’t get it.
Come on.
I don’t think so.
I hate meetings.

Okay. But while I...

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Categories: humorous, funny, how i feel,

Premium Member Positives First, Teachers
Mighty yes, those horrible, awful statements and words said in a moment of anger hurt members of society.
And phrases written down during a selfish frenzy...

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Categories: humor, humorous, hurt, school,

An English teacher named Rosie
Thought one of her pupils was dozy
He’d cribbed off the web
From a man in Zagreb
The language he’d used was too prosy!


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Categories: humorous, school,

Who taught the world to read?
Not for money but a good deed
Taught us how to spell
And picked us when we fell

Taught us how to count

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Categories: 2nd grade, humorous, i

Not Good At
Not good at it
I gave up early in life
trying to color
without crossing
the lines,
or not making up 
my own words
and spelling
to conform--
though grades did matter
and my...

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© Joe DiMino  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous, motivation, satire, spiritual,

Premium Member Crazy Meeting
Today we had a CSS staff meeting 
Usually they are very boring 
but today was unusually lively 
which is kinda crazy

When I walked in the...

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Categories: funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member To my pest-friend
You are my pest-friend,
As you may not know,
And I deem it my pleasure and privilege
To write this panegyric of you.

Mostly chocolate brown in complexion;
And very...

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© Ram R. V.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, humorous,

Public School
If you don’t wanna flunk public school,
you gotta know the unwritten rules
And rule one: listen to your parents
Get your sleepy head out of bed
	and go...

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Categories: humorous, satire, school, wisdom,

Indecision Blighted My Life
           ... Or Did It?

Should I have married Jillian?
Could I have slept with Gemma?
I undergo...

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Categories: humorous,

Doggerel Daze
We suffer that lyrical curse,
The scribbling of unrefined verse.
'Tis Duggan's "Doggerelitis";
And teachers ironically fight us,
Like being beat up by your nurse. ...

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Categories: humorous, tribute,

Premium Member And Nothing Else Matters-In an Upside Down World
Perhaps in a row they sit on their chair.
At their small object they all like to stare.
In an upside down world, the room’s silence grows.

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Categories: humorous, technology,