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Women Heroic Couplets Poems

These Women Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about Women. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets Women poems written by international poets.

al-Zahra, Shining one
Queen of Peace 
pray without cease!

Because your Son is Mercy's King
hearing your name, angels sing!

Blessed are you among women 
Immaculate al-Zahra Shining one

Let the Light...

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Categories: christian, islamic, jesus, light,

VIP Person
Only a man who is exceptionally skillful can stand before kings.
Come & dance with me, absorb all the colours of the world, being as VIP...

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Categories: appreciation, career, celebrity, character,

Premium Member MARVEL 1960s
MARVEL 1960s

As I journey into mystery
I come across the tower of shadows
Into the chamber of darkness
I'm found tales to astonish
Hulking and giant men
Sub marina
Involved in...

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Categories: appreciation, character, dedication, hero,

Women and Colonialism
Women & Colonialism 

Its kind of okay 
To me .
When you cry 
Because it feeds the wounds
That I've always hide. 

In those stones 
Well in...

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Categories: abuse, community, freedom, voice,

Jesus Came Riding On A Donkey
Donkey’s in the land of Israel in the 1st century, 
Were used to carry goods about the country, 
But could also carry women, children and...

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Categories: animal, business, christian, easter,

Strong Warrior
I’m a warrior I”m ready to conquer a warrior strong but not empathetic I never give up I’m a conqueror.. Perfection to own self is...

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Categories: appreciation, inspirational, life, love,

The Gods Must Be Crazy
The gods must be crazy to create such bad logic, 
To validate suffering, pain and distress, they tick,
To allow their existence, ‘cos that’s what logic’s...

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Categories: discrimination, fear, gender, god,

Santa and Ms Claus
’Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was checking, 
That his daughter was ready, the reindeers confessing, 
That she’d left her partner for the few...

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Categories: christmas, cool, children, kids,

Jeremy Corbyn
I'm kind of taken by Jeremy Corbyn, the man and his success, 
And believe that for the leadership role he may be able to dress;...

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Categories: future, leadership, political, poverty,

The Red, White, And Blue
Men and woman, Just like me and you
Gave us their all, some even took their final falls.
Selfish or greedy no they were not you see

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A love in waiting
A tale that’s been told since the beginning of time
Of a man and a women and love and a rhyme
As sweet as love is it...

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Categories: love,

(based on a conversation of letters from a Greek uncle to nephew 460 AD)

Dear young man, if it's love you seek

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Categories: education, growing up, love,

Serial Killers
John Wayne Gacy dresses as a clown,
killing boys and putting them into the ground.
Ed Kemper had a bad temper
beheading his victims seemed simpler.

Ed Gein danced...

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Categories: death, education

Man Of Our Dreams....
I see you for who you really are.
 Did you think I'd ever let it go so far?
Once I thought you were beautiful, and sweet....

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Categories: angst, fantasy, imagination, sadwomen,

The cry of the soldiers
          The Cry Of The Soliers

         The cry...

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Categories: caregiving, faith, hope, life,

Plausible Denial
T'is politics where man excels, 
for it protects the lies they tell. 
Of pomp and ceremony he employs, 
voters manipulated like children's toys.

Wars are started,...

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Categories: introspection, philosophy, social,