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War Heroic Couplets Poems

These War Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about War. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets War poems written by international poets.

Open Secrets :
Open  Secrets :
If we want a great nation, we have to change it ourselves.
To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must...

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Categories: destiny, fate, miracle, passion,

gettin' Iggy with it
Ignatius of Loyola went to war
had no idea what was in store

A cannon ball busted his leg real bad
a nurse brought books; boy was he...

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Categories: bible, books, hero, jesus,

The Answer to Complaint Part 5
In Life’s old garden nations lived who all its fruits enjoyed,
While others longed in vain, while some the winter blasts destroyed;
Its trees are legion; some...

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Categories: allah, faith,

The Complaint Part 2
The pageantries of mighty kings to us were shows that mattered not,
Beneath the shade of blades unsheathed in Kalima we glory sought.
Our only life was...

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Categories: allah, faith,

Premium Member FALCON

Orphan child
Came up wild
Child of Harlem
Black American
Lover friend of birds
His favorite the falcons
They a tune to him
This person name: Sam Wilson
Became an adult, went to...

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, hero,

Premium Member Nick Fury Agent of S H I E L D
Long before the cold war                    ...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, caregiving, engagement,

Premium Member Prince Namor THE SUB-MARINER

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Premium Member The Punisher

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, endurance,

Dedicated to Poet  Freddie Robinson Jr.


Oh, John, young John you were on your way
Your words ring true
You spoke for humanity
One autumns day...

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Categories: appreciation, caregiving, community, how

Premium Member Ironman
There was a millionaire inventor
Who was fatally wounded in the Vietnam war
An explosion from a bomb made shrapnel
Embedded in his heart
To save his life he...

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Categories: analogy, assonance, hero,

Borodino part 1 by Mikhail Lermontov
Guv, tell me, not without the reason
our Moscow in the fired treason
was burnt and left for French.
Oh, there were fights I see their splendours 

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Categories: anger, conflict, memory, murder,

The Bloodied Beautiful
Poppies blossom in a field
Where young men once fought
Their stories now forgotten
As are the lessons that were taught

It's blood red petal
Is caught by the breeze

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Categories: anger, celebration, war,

No More
84 people dead,
No regret said,
More critical, holding on,
Somebody’s partner, someone’s son.

France stands for liberty, 
Which was wrought on Bastille Day, 
When the people overturned, 

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Categories: celebration, death, health, history,

Glimpse Of Military Life

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Shaila Touchton

Freshman - 507 Points Shaila Touchton  


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Categories: military, integrity,

Crying in the rain

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Categories: abuse,

Long Live Brussels
Long Live Brussels! 

We need to fight back, 
And in arduousness react, 
Without restraint or hesitation, 
And blame in aggression. 

Islam and faith must go...

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Categories: anger, community, conflict, death,

J D Osborne
This poem has been removed for publishing on Amazon in WW II in Poetry: Veterans Stories in Poetry, including my late father's who was a...

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Categories: america, courage, death, health,

Milliard F Simmons
At Pearl Harbor I was a Second Class Gunner’s Mate, 
On the USS LCS(L)-53, it was my home straight, 
And we had radar picket duty...

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Categories: courage, friendship, health, hero,

Royden Stork
We had 16 crews that were assigned to the raid,
Of Japan, ‘cos of Pearl Harbour where we got laid;
We prepared on Egland Field for the...

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Categories: appreciation, conflict, freedom, hero,

Clark Simmons
Since I was the oldest of three sisters with a mum, 
As my dad had died when I was at an age young,
I thought I’d...

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Categories: appreciation, conflict, death, hero,