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Teen Heroic Couplets Poems

These Teen Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about Teen. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets Teen poems written by international poets.

Premium Member CHAMPIONS
I'm a teen ager
awesome member of group of others
like a light bearer ambience
flexing my muscle full of calcium
saving the world cause I'm a Champion
of a...

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Categories: appreciation, celebrity, dedication, hero,

Premium Member The MIGHTY AVENGERS

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, engagement,

Premium Member X MEN
Stranger things beacon
 these young teen agers
when a bald-headed
saw them individually-telekelically

a girl a Marvel girl
she could perform miracles
can read minds nothing can be hidden
from this...

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Categories: celebrity, character, hero,

Premium Member Jessica Jones ALIAS
As a late teen
She came into life
As a pre adult her sister named her "Sprite"
You better not never, ever do nobody wrong
You have to deal...

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Categories: caregiving, hero, humanity, woman,

Premium Member The Incredible Hulk
A scientist gamma radiologist
trying to make the world
A little better, yet
When engaging in testing in a Nevada dessert
A teenaged boy loitering got caught in the...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, caregiving, celebrity,

Premium Member Peter Parker the Spiderman

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Categories: boy, celebrity, dedication, destiny,

Caring Times
Sequentially rendered, one by one said, 
How do I feel about my life’s thread?
In bed we talk about realities, fashion, 
And realise each of us...

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Categories: boyfriend, character, good morning,

Rowing Fundamentalists Over Baptism
Fundamentalist Christians row over piecemeal things, 
Over whether baptism is required for heavenly sings, 
Over whether baptism is needed for heaven’s welcome, 
Over whether baptism...

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Categories: abuse, faith, god, parents,

Santa and Ms Claus
’Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was checking, 
That his daughter was ready, the reindeers confessing, 
That she’d left her partner for the few...

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Categories: christmas, cool, children, kids,

Oh Younger Self
Oh Younger Self!

Don’t be behind at saying what you want, 
Just because you never did have the font, 
Regression exists in us if we fail...

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Categories: future, life, me, strength,

Your words were hurting
Provoking and mean
More of torture than loving,
So I thought as a teen.
The rod of admonition you never spared,
Consistent though I was rebellious.

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Categories: adventure, assonance, baptism, beauty,

A Bitter Heart
It's just a game for times of boredom, and the lack of care defines the sin
I gave up everything for freedom, but now I'm someone...

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Categories: life, lost love, love,

Peace Signs and Anarchy
The next decade is just a week away
But I learned how to hold myself together today
She conformed to the blacktop where it all needed repair

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Categories: angst, hope, love, teen,

I once thought in pictures that ran so wild and free
I once shared a picture that you couldn't really see
I used to touch the wind...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, teen, me,

A Game
It's all just a game, whose heartstrings can we pull and whose can we sever
Who faked true love and who promised forever?
The girl dressed in...

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Categories: angst, lost love, love,

Tonight Part Two
I always knew better than to trust you with my heart
You're not here to fix me, and now I"m falling apart
I trusted in the one...

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Categories: angst, lost love, love,

Tonight Part One
It's hurting too much and I'm about to break
I'm trying to wait for you but it's getting far too late
I hate saying I love you...

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Categories: angst, lost love, love,

Wild Child
It's a scene of blue and purple, let's start this with romance
If I sat and watched the masquerade would you ask me to dance?
The tides...

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Categories: angst, love, teen, love,

We're just a little impatient to finally be free
I'll dream of skylines that I'll never get to see
If lying on driveways makes me feel alone

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Categories: life, love, teen, dream,

I have a picture, but it's not for you to see
You have a book, but it isn't meant for me
Tell me a story and read...

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Categories: art, imagination, life, love,