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Jesus Heroic Couplets Poems

These Jesus Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets Jesus poems written by international poets.

Why I wear blue
 "O, Mary did you know?" All that would come true?

Mary's Response

I treasured it all in my heart! It's why I love blue

Royal blue, as...

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Categories: blue, christmas, heart, jesus,

Dedicated to the Holy Spirit
I will tell you the beautiful Truth, for those open to hear it:
The Blessed Virgin Mother Mary is Spouse of the Holy Spirit

Full of Grace...

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Categories: beauty, blessing, christian, gospel,

the saddest movie I've ever seen
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is the saddest movie I've ever seen!
Particularly because I kept rooting for his heart to be made clean

Hoping he'll repent...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith, heaven,

al-Zahra, Shining one
Queen of Peace 
pray without cease!

Because your Son is Mercy's King
hearing your name, angels sing!

Blessed are you among women 
Immaculate al-Zahra Shining one

Let the Light...

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Categories: christian, islamic, jesus, light,

gettin' Iggy with it
Ignatius of Loyola went to war
had no idea what was in store

A cannon ball busted his leg real bad
a nurse brought books; boy was he...

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Categories: bible, books, hero, jesus,


The gift shop lady informed him what it meant
that the rosary should not break, nor get bent

Assured him it's for marketing purposes
but I think that...

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Categories: business, jesus, joy, meaningful,

First black priest in America was a hero
An inspiring book, to say the least
is the true story: From Slave to Priest

To leave you with the motto of beloved Father Augustine Tolton:
"We do...

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Categories: africa, america, black love,

Decision making is an intrinsic part of our being
Not that we are wise but mean
Desperate for survival, we struggle daily
We are young yet we do...

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© Helen Oke  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anger, confusion, depression, hope,

For you atheists that wouldn't say 'JESUS CHRIST is Lord'.
Oh,I caught you; you just said 'JESUS CHRIST is Lord.'

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Categories: adventure, , atheist,

My Sudden Exit
I minced my words when asked to place, 
Myself with evangelical Christians chaste, 
Because i was outrightly on passions side, 
Wishing to elope with my...

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Categories: books, christmas, destiny, education,

How Jesus Felt About The People Who Were Gonna Kill Him
This donkey demonstrates my status, 
That nothing can be said about us, 
I’m yours, like a child you put upon it, 
Like a product, you...

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Categories: animal, betrayal, business, celebration,

Jesus Came Riding On A Donkey
Donkey’s in the land of Israel in the 1st century, 
Were used to carry goods about the country, 
But could also carry women, children and...

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Categories: animal, business, christian, easter,

Dazzled by the church this christmas time again, 
So many services on TV, reverends saying when,   
So many cards imaging the baby, angels,...

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Categories: christmas, giving, gospel, imagery,

Left Behind
I watched left behind on Channel 5 last night,
As I thought that the Christians had recently got it right, 
About just what exactly it is...

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Categories: bible, caregiving, film, heaven,

Premium Member Freedom
This day is here
In spite of my tear

How it troubles me to watch it unfold
As people take for granted all the Freedom they hold

Having been...

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Categories: day, freedom, international, jesus,

Jesus's Cross
Howdy all. Forever more.
I wake with a cross, from a gravestone.
Coughing, yelping, only a dream.
It seems so real.
I can't breath, ecstatic.
Professional window movement, I can't...

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Categories: god, jesus,


The Big Five—Africa’s pride in the vast open wild
Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Leopard and Lion
Their prey—scattered Impala, Kudu and Waterbuck
On hardened dust… their...

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Categories: analogy, introspection, proposal,

Are you ready
Moments to Reflect
Are you ready?
Jesus is on his way and it will not be long until He arrives and I want my soul by His...

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Categories: faith, inspirational, spiritual, life,

A Christall night Remembered
True Love bless and pray for the first lost sheep  	  									 under the groaning oak not hate curse or beat										Enemies for Gospel...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, faith, forgiveness, history,

Jesus my Liberator
Given the truth will lead you into all truth                ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, faith, religion, truth,