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Dream Heroic Couplets Poems

These Dream Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets Dream poems written by international poets.

Keep spreading love to everyone
Keep spreading love to everyone: Poem.
Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
We ourselves feel that what we...

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Categories: children, engagement, family, marriage,

I have Power to conquer the whole Universe
I Have power to Conquer the whole universe :
 The meaning of life is not simply to exist,to survive but 
To move ahead,to go up,to...

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Categories: courage, destiny, devotion, faith,

Big mistake
He created man 
as a dream to be 
an experiment in a bottle 
to be kept you see
he created the world 
as a place to...

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Categories: earth day, god, heaven,

Am I right or wrong
Pushing me in disturbance 

Family is the one who makes 
The career of child but they are 
The one who destroy the life to 

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Categories: anger,

Daughter of an officer
Daughter of an officer 

Who gives his life for nation 
Who lives in dignity for our nation 
Who pulls the powder of salt and 

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Categories: blessing, child, father son,

John Cavanagh
John Cavanagh is thought to be, 
The most respectable man in archery, 
He fell down a cliff in Switzerland, 
And now shoots a compound bow,...

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Categories: confidence, destiny, dream, health,

Pam Relph
Pamela Relph wanted to join the army, the Royal Engineers, 
Because she was funded by them for sixth form fun arrears, 
But she got arthritis...

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Categories: boat, body, dream, inspiration,

O Salamander
(A Dream)

O ripe delicious Salamander
Thou beast-fruit
Thou art mine!
O moving morsel
Dangling sun-blessed on a tree
Perching there so sweetly
How I love thee!

Climbing high, the picker’s hand
Snatches forth...

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Categories: animal, dream, fantasy, imagery,

in search of my throne

Clouds rosy-tinted in the setting sun, 
Depths of the clear blue  sky between, Plains where life is felt
Patched with a hundred tints of brown...

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Categories: adventure, beauty, desire, dream,

Keats Nightingale
Keats’ Nightingale

The romantic poets were too early to postulate total atheism,
And so freshened up the church by aligning god with nature,
And I believe they had...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, bird,

Catching a star, rushing forward the frigate,
Through the storm ahead, the bowsprit of his high,
But ahead all the same abyss without borders,
The desert of black...

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Categories: adventure, death, destiny, stars,

Premium Member Zephyr's Magic
Zephyr’s Magic

I feel the delight of Zephyr’s Magic,
As I walk in nighttime mist majestic.  

This West wind caresses my very soul,
As I walk earful...

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Categories: allegory, dream, imagery, journey,

Premium Member The Future
The Future

One’s future footprints in the sands of time,
To be enshrined for all to see in time.  

A time period of shall and shall...

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Categories: allegory, change, future, imagery,

Premium Member The Past
The Past

One’s former footprints in the sands of time,
Engraved and set for all to see in kind.  

A time period of was and had...

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Categories: allegory, change, imagery, journey,

Jesus's Cross
Howdy all. Forever more.
I wake with a cross, from a gravestone.
Coughing, yelping, only a dream.
It seems so real.
I can't breath, ecstatic.
Professional window movement, I can't...

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Categories: god, jesus,

The Duet - Part 1
When a man chooses to want
Only a smile can get a sparkle in his heart
But the man’s heart in not in his chest
Because you see,...

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Categories: beautiful, god, heart, spiritual,

The trial of the pyx
How well to keep it a calm 
under same benign indulgence
Letting go a dream 
whilst living and indwelling on 
such avail
This tenet of ingsoc...

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Categories: fantasy, mystery, political, satire,

I am in love
Shining is all that I am seeing or am I dreaming?
Killing my yesterdays, today you came breezing
Heavens are unbolting, smoothly I m dying in you

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Categories: lovelonging, longing, me,

Pieces Of Me
I turn and look,
everywhere flesh on hooks,
skulls on mounted on the walls,
headless little dolls.

Oh, someone please help me,
I pull on my bonds but cant get...

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Categories: angst, death, fantasy

Cold Journey
The old draught horse with weary hooves will slog
through wet snow pulling hard and breathing fog

and he glides still near farms and fields where we

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Categories: animals, family, history, husband,