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Funny Heartbreak Poems

These Funny Heartbreak poems are examples of Heartbreak poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Heartbreak Funny poems written by international poets.

A Gamblers Game
Love is a gambler’s game
Either way it goes,
You’ll never be the same

I gambled half my pot
And sent out my greatest ship
But unlike what I thought,

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Categories: analogy, heartbreak, heartbroken, love

The Morning Star of Love
My eyes glittered into the eyes
Of thee who cast a spell on my heart 
They glanced each other with pleasure 
Upon hearing thy contralto voice,

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Categories: heartbreak, betrayal, emotions, feelings, first

Premium Member I Shoulda Seen It Comin - Heartbreak
Quote By Poet   
"Hearts are fragile, need to handle with loving care."  

Heartbreak ~ you had it your way  

Date Written:...

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Categories: heartbreak, goodbye, heart, hurt, leaving,

Keeping Constance At a Distance
Mark gave his honest Instance
Of the very circumstance
In which men kept their distance
From Next-Door Neighbor Constance
Anchoring it in Mischance,
All Adams to take no chance,
As An...

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Categories: conflict, cry, heartbreak, violence,

Premium Member Le Cretin Amoureux De Jacques Prevert
L’amoureux brindezingue dit non avec la tète
Le cerveau fort agité amèrement s’embête
Pendant qu’il dit oui avec le cœur enflammé
D’un amour incertain, embaumé et emmitouflé
Oh !...

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Categories: funny love, heartbreak, inspirational

Premium Member My Foolish Heart
On a city sidewalk, I handed her money
I knew inside she must be someone's honey
After giving her all I had, I walked away
As an afterthought,...

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Categories: heart, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Premium Member For the Love of Cats
…is a cat not the totem of love

your physical contact generates feelings
were the neurons release 
the feeling for good vibes
peace, harmony 

by stroking soft gentle...

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Categories: heartbreak, allegory, allusion, analogy, art,

Premium Member Doomed To Catastrophe
Her poor broken heart now lies in rubble.
She done hooked up with another bad boy.
Ignored warning, "keep away, he's trouble!"

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Categories: heartbreak, relationship, sad love,

HEARTBEAT (from a guy's perspective)
~Ayesha choudhary. 

I left a peice of myself that day when i said goodbye. 
heart a little heavy, 
holding myself together with bundles...

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Categories: heartbreak, betrayal, break up, feelings,

Premium Member Move On
They tell me pick up the pieces,
 time to move-on,
    Nothing left of love,
 it's up and gone.


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Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken,

Premium Member In Love With Me
This is a life sentence,
 destined to be alone,
     Her leaving me,
 cut me to the bone.


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Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken,

Premium Member Bolt From the Blue
This love once upon a time tasted so sweet,
  Now it's tainted with betrayal and deceit
     Shot in the back...

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Categories: heartbreak,

Premium Member Re-Born Father
These urgent strangers dressed up in green gowns
Snip rip strip
My dad’s red pants underwear and shirt
From his ancient body

A de-frocked clown not funny anymore

“Oh Bobby,...

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Categories: heartbreak, birth, death, father son,

Premium Member Friends
Friends                         ...

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Categories: child, fun, giving, heartbreak,

Jekyl and Hyde
I first met Jekyl
so sweet and funny
made me laugh and smile
you made life sunny

You helped me out
you gave me life
you made things better
took away my...

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Categories: heartbreak, betrayal, change, conflict, feelings,