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Growth Poems

Growth Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about growth. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for growth.

New Poems

Premium Member You and I
Through trials; you and I.
Even though I have never known you;
I know your fret; same as mind.
Your hurt is my compassion; my soul aches.
Yet, I never knew your name, your smile or laugh.
Your presence is with me day and night;
yet...Read More
Categories: africa, blessing, confidence, encouraging, freedom, growth, inspirational,
Form: Free verse

The Sun Will Shine Again
Cloudy day on a glorious day. It may be cloudy outside but my heart is shining like a sun. Each day, life for me is like life has just began with new beginnings. Let your light shine wherever you go....Read More
Categories: appreciation, deep, growth, hope, inspirational, life, poetry,
Form: Ballad
Fat Cat Fat Cat
Fat cat fat cat
Living a life of ease
The high rise apartment
Luxurious indeed

Fat cat fat cat
Always dreamed of a better way
Where he could be pampered
Baths, endless food, a comfortable bed to stretch and lay 

Fat cat fat cat
Living out his dreams
But...Read More
Categories: growth, allegory, america, analogy, animal, anxiety, confusion, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Be Knowledgeable, The Strategy of Survival
Where is this book 
Where can i find
It will encourage my growth 
It stimulate my mind

This book will teach me
To become a competitive rival
It’s called Be Knowledgeable 
The Strategy of Survival 

Where is this book
Where can I find
It will encourage...Read More
Categories: growth, adventure, books, business, encouraging, inspiration, journey, motivation,
Form: Ode
God Always Makes Time
Today, forced to detour
Last week missed my plane
Blamed it on the heavens
No, not me. I am not one to be late
Gnashed my teeth
Gnarled in these jams
Do these passers-by know who I am?
No, they don't and why should they care
After all,...Read More
Categories: growth, blessing, christian, faith, fate, god, growing up,
Form: Free verse

Time and Miles
Living for decades, I've felt my fair share of heartache.
Some scenes in my mind I yearn to relive, while others I wish I could erase - never to live again.
There's a saga that time has given me the gift to...Read More
Categories: boyfriend, feelings, forgiveness, growth, heart, lost love,
Form: Ballad
Head of two person patriarchy 1st guess
Head of two person patriarchy...

Breathes sigh of relief 
(like toe tilly gnarly mon) 
footing expenses good grief.

Onus encompassing marital
responsibilities with (Holy Scott)
Matt man locked dread
precariously rested squarely and unfairly
upon mine figurative lead

pencil necked geek hirsute head,
and bony shoulders, that said
lemme...Read More
Categories: growth, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Nature's Green Dress
Nature's green dress sprawls lofty upon the earth,
bursting forth with life abiding foliage,
photosynthesizing perpetual birth
that carries a carpet of created knowledge.

Ivy hems climb to the collar of fir trees,
with moss detail, but not to upstage
frisky ferns fringes, flower buttons with...Read More
Categories: birth, blessing, clothes, creation, god, green, growth,
Form: Rhyme
Morning Dew
Sun rays fills me with warmth
Reflections of the sun reflects my thoughts..
Life twisted with turns..
Curves and winding roads..
Avenues of fear..
Lost in a stream of confusion..

Reaching for the stop sign..
Dived into a dead end..

Early morning dew appears..
A soft wind blows as...Read More
Categories: growth, encouraging, life, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Past Present
I look to you, one of many.
You are my past, now my present.
With me still, surrounding me always;
saying; stay steadfast!
Bend your knees when hope is gone.
Cry out HIS Name when you are unlearn.
I listen, as you speaks HIS truths.
I follow;...Read More
Categories: courage, encouraging, growth, inspiration, inspirational, strength, trust,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Faith
Ask in Faith, never wavering.
No distrust, never stumbling; standing tall.
Be not bewildered, no worries, no fears.
Give it to HIM, no more thoughts, my worries are silence.
Believe in HIS Words; Everlasting.
Piecing your heart; like a sword; His mighty Tongue speaks.
I listen,...Read More
Categories: bible, christian, courage, gospel, growth, heaven, joy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member UNKNOWN
 Name unknown, yet we are....Read More
Categories: growth, black african american, confidence, courage, discrimination, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FEAR
Fear erased us;
Knowledge will allow us to remember....Read More
Categories: africa, black african american, deep, encouraging, growth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Wisdom of Age
Many longs years has he; this man.
He doesn't speak often.
Some listen, some turn away.
Walk away, you will be back.
His words are ageless;
children smile; knowing what he is saying.
Listen to this old gentleman;
he knows what he speaks;
past, present and future lives.
Knowing...Read More
Categories: growth, africa, age, black african american, blessing, courage,
Form: Free verse
Another Heart Break in My Collection
Well another heart break to add to the collection,
This one hurts just as bad to my recollection,

We had a nice little chapter to add to my book,
One i will glance upon with a happy look,

It brings tears to my eyes...Read More
Categories: cheer up, emotions, farewell, growth, heart, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Wipe Those Eyes
Waves of sorrow, bring me to my knees.
Get up! Your battle is won.
No more crying, wipe those eyes; 
see clearly, without tears.
The victory is yours, but why do you doubt;
did HE say so?
Wipe those eyes, so you can see;
all that...Read More
Categories: growth, bible, black african american, celebration, confidence, faith,
Form: Lyric
We were blessed to visit with our grandchildren 
and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day
We ate, we laughed, we played a game
before they went on their way.

Two of our grandchildren are at the University of Florida
Three if you count Damiens girlfriend...Read More
Categories: growth, humor,
Form: Verse
Ready to Cut
hearty winter wheat
growth stands ready for harvest
scythe keenly sharpened...Read More
Categories: growth, imagery,
Form: Haiku
I Rise
Author Dana Redricks
December 2, 2019

I rise although I may fail
I learn from my mistakes
Some lessons are learned
quickly and others come
over a period of time
but rather I rise or fall
there's a lesson in all
Never be afraid of failure
because it is in...Read More
Categories: confidence, encouraging, endurance, faith, growth, hope, success,
Form: Free verse
Shelter Me
Shelter Me.
Give me the second chance I need.
Shelter me that I may see the world through different eyes
Broken and disregarded I may be, but my heart is still beating
I need your hand to help pull my heart out of ashes...Read More
Categories: growth, peace, prayer, strength, trust, truth, women,
Form: List
Father at a loss to express care and concern for Punim
Helplessness immobilizes yours truly,
I genuinely agitate
permanently lasting indelible impact deux
biological offspring unfairly bore brunt,
compliantly, complicity, and complimentary
I avidly, doggedly, instinctively helped create

subsequently, unintentionally, or willingly
unpleasantly affected as adults facilitate
learned behaviors to navigate
their respective independent lives
both managed to coordinate
transitioning as responsible...Read More
Categories: growth, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Leaves let go gracefully 
When the season comes to an end 
Papering the ground, a carpet of colours
crisp at first and then subdued and soggy 
Squished to the ground by clumsy feet 
Stomping, squelching, trying to stop slipping. 

Such is...Read More
Categories: courage, depression, emotions, encouraging, growth, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Schools of Association
"My decision
is not any negative reflection
on you.
It's not personal."

This would be a Business School graduate,
meaning, if it is personal,
then it is not political or economic.

"It's your decision,
for you to personally
and responsibly make."

This would be a Social Work graduate,
or maybe some...Read More
Categories: growth, business, health, integrity, political, power, society,
Form: Political Verse
my books




Categories: 9th grade, africa, anger, forgiveness, growth, high
Form: ABC
Premium Member Going Home
Find the meaning, for by his hand, every sorrow,
   	no other way home tomorrow.

Written: 11.30.19
Form:  Epigram
Contest:  Hit me with an Epi-Pen
Sponsor:  Maureen McGreavy
...Read More
Categories: christian, god, growth, heaven, pain, sorrow, trust,
Form: Epigram