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Fictional Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of fictional poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for fictional.

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Premium Member Who Ate My Halloween Candy
It was you, little bro! @#$#%$#&^*&^%%$#@@#@...
Why! I’m going to…
Dip you in battery acid, and then boil you in oil, while eating fries…
Tar and feather you all over, you miserable little runt…
Drag you across town with a fast horse named Hop-a-Long…
Hang...Read More
Categories: fictional, 5th grade, candy, halloween,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Born the Last Day of October
I was born the last day of October
with bright blue and noonday skies.
Among autumn sunbeams of amber 
my infantile yearnings seemed to rise.

With bright blue and noonday skies
leaves were like gold bullion that lay.
My infantile yearnings seemed to rise
as children...Read More
Categories: fictional, birth, halloween, october,
Form: Pantoum
faux leather bindings


Counting out change for a novel I’m buying
picking a title that just went on sale
Turning the page where the margins are crying
only to read of this heartbroken tale

Where is the chapter that speaks of forever
in between lines that my love...Read More
Categories: fictional, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme
The Art of Loving Books
I love books and fantasy stories,
Majestic tales of fictional worlds and glory,
I live and travel from page to page, 
I shift from old to young, no longer feeling my age,
Listening to enchanting lute tunes played by Kvothe,
Plotting with Kaz Brekker,...Read More
Categories: fictional, books, feelings, journey, magic, poetry, words, write,
Form: Lyric
I'll Name It-
In the sportive abode of emotion-

The heaven-
an alluring fairytale garden,
by hearing this word happiest pleasure comes
in the belief of every breath!

The hell-
a terrible fictional place,
by hearing this word acute anguish comes
in the silent tour of every vein!

If you want heaven...Read More
Categories: fictional, humanity, suicide,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Your Country Needs You
I've read many accounts on that horrific war that was WWI ,it was supposed to end all wars.
It was trench warfare and men fought and died in hellish conditions.
It inspired me to write this fictional verse.

The posters said come fight...Read More
Categories: fictional, death, soldier, world war i,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member These Arms Long To Hold You
You are on my mind each day and night.
My grief has settled as part of me.
Your death did not cause all love to flee
for your feel is still in my heart’s sight.

You are with me at home in each room
where...Read More
Categories: fictional, death, emotions, grief, missing, together, true love,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Watch Out, Ladies
I live on Bella Boulevard.
Some call it “Singles Street.”
For residents, life can be hard,
and many long to meet
someone. They wish to be discreet.
These ladies will be caught off-guard,
their faith in men so sorely marred,
their equilibrium j—jarred
by one with tongue so...Read More
Categories: fictional, sexy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member And His Name Was---
Mr. It, epitome of cool,
Arrogantly strutted through the school.
Ogling females struggled not to drool.
One by one, for him they played the fool.
Mr. User was aloof and cruel.

Some resisted, much to his surprise.
I was one. Though tempted, I was wise,
never rendering...Read More
Categories: fictional, desire, heartbreak, pride, vanity,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Town Children
Ten children have been snatched from our small town
this century from unlocked homes and yards.
We never go outside to play unless
a grownup goes. Sometimes life seems so hard.
At school recess is twenty minutes long.
If we’re not good, we have to...Read More
Categories: fictional, childhood,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member NO, I'M NOT KIDDING

As I reminisce
through childhood eyes
I see vivid images
of my family home
where bumbles would bounce
Our garden seemed to stretch for miles...
perhaps that’s why
I made an odd birthday request
for a nanny goat as a pet !
Taking her home in dad’s VW...Read More
Categories: fictional, birthday, humorous, memory, pets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ba Ba Bad Shepherd Boy
Watery eyed thoughts came,
Zap! Pow!  a short circuited brain.
Inward turned burned ocular pain,
too many thoughts to restrain 
I’m a cheap sheep making my mistakes again.
Smell my seared wool going down the drain.
Ba, ba, blackishly wishing I was right as...Read More
Categories: fictional, angst, anxiety, betrayal, child abuse, conflict, courage,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Lechers of Letchworth
Leaves fall around me as I hike this rocky trail, a symphony of color and delight.  Autumn has always been my favorite time of year and Letchworth State Park has been my place to find solace and peace. ...Read More
Categories: fictional, judgement,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member - Empty Fridge - Shopping List -
Two days ago I filled up my fridge ... now it is empty - I was expecting visit of my cousin, her husband and seven hungry children
From fairness, is food the only thing that makes life worth living?
No one has...Read More
Categories: fictional, food, fun,
Form: List
Premium Member ROSES - CONTEST
Sweet roses bloom on Mother’s day
I’ll cut a bouquet for my mum’s room
She breathes their scent, I hear her say
‘I just adore their sweet perfume,
such vibrant colours lift the gloom’

English Quintain Poetry Contest

Sponsored By Janice Canerdy

Categories: fictional, flower, mothers day,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member Robin Hood, 2020, Fictional

    Purely Fictional Poem
    Robin Hood, 2020

Out of Sherwood Forest, 
here me come!
To run for President, 
I am the one.
A brazen thief, to sweep 
your 401k's clean!
And overburden worker 
birds with high taxes, 
after all...
I am the King...Read More
Categories: fictional, america,
Form: I do not know?
Ghost painters
One Halloween, the creative Art teacher created
ghost smocks for all! the kids were elated! :D
So instead of just covering some of the front of their clothes,
they were 100% paint-free, from their head to their toes!

With eye holes to see, a...Read More
Categories: fictional, art, clothes, color, fun, funny, halloween, preschool,
Form: Rhyme
Time has told
time has told 
as days grow old 
either shy or bold 
people's hands unfold 

to show who they really are 
and some are left with scars 
some belong  behind prison bars 
others gaze and meditate towards the stars 

nothing...Read More
Categories: fictional, america, betrayal, change, corruption, goodbye, leaving, onomatopoeia,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member tales in the wind

tales told in the wind
          anecdotes of seashell bliss-
          echoes of blue in the sky
fictional sailing
      ...Read More
Categories: fictional, metaphor, nature,
Form: Choka
How It Downloads

My day-brain opens its hamster cage;
mind finds its eyes. 
I am still downloading.  
I have a whole fictional life to remember,
 I might see myself as an unwritten poem.

Open-mouthed I wait, uncollected, 
for the drool of being.
...Read More
Categories: fictional, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Crashing Parisian Poet
There was a poet from France,
Who thought he really could dance!
Up onto the Eifel tower he went, 
Not walking straight but really quite bent.
Whoops and ooh-la-la!
Onto the French earth he fell..
Oh, poet dear, your very last tear.
Pooling and gleaming, ever so...Read More
Categories: fictional, character, poets,
Form: Rhyme
One And Only
That first day when it hit me,
the first day I saw you,
I did not know you. 
But you stayed, you remained. 

You didn't stand out, for any other
but me...
It will be the same, for
my heart told that you're my one...Read More
Categories: fictional, girlfriend, love,
Form: Free verse
Even Blanks Will Kill
A man didn't realize that even blanks will kill if a gun is put to the head.
He pulled the trigger and sadly it ended his life, he is dead.
He fired the gun at his daughter's boyfriend.
He wanted him to think...Read More
Categories: fictional, dark, death, father daughter, grave, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 6/18/2019

Paint, old painter, because pleasant to the eye
is a family portrait, like Colonel Zagloba*.
And don't forget about a mug of golden ale
emptied in the morning for good humor.

Paint me old grandpa and military equipment
in which along...Read More
Categories: fictional, imagery,
Form: Free verse
We Are The Victors I'm Back
I’d like too invite all to be my guest
a dine of mindfulness and rhyme digest 
a week of conflict now victory blessed 
standing united to silence a pest

Since the last time you heard from me I was banned again
ran my...Read More
Categories: fictional, celebration,
Form: Verse