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Premium Member The Escapee
As time goes by, the anguish shall abate.
To double back my trail, to hide, to wait
for an unwelcome love to go away.

Long distances can quench the wanderlust,
but lust of wonder. Wonder is a must,
but lust is never worth its outlay.

I...Read More
Categories: escapee, creation, love, poetry,
Form: Sonnet

Potato Mountain
Potato Mountain

I will arrive
an habitual escapee
from the rabbit warrens
of central planners

By ferreting north
in search of
breaks in the maze
rifts in the grid

I will follow
a stream beside
the climbing track
and yet higher

To a saddle below
the great ridge 
southward along
eastern slopes

To a fine summit
of...Read More
Categories: escapee, mountains,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Greeting Strangers

Most times strangers

react the way you present

yourself to them

At first they may a bit leery

wondering where you're coming from

but once they realize

you are absolutely harmless

and not some strange escapee

from the local funny farm

but a genuinely friendly individual

just wishing you to...Read More
Categories: escapee, cheer up, humanity,
Form: Free verse
All for One and all

     It's all there remains
     of their faces and names
     in the sanguinous pull of the Ocean.
     And ever abides the slow, ugly tides
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Categories: escapee, history,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Look Up To People

I look up to people who are taller that me
Ha! Just made a funny, bet you're slapping your knee
Got a million of 'em
An amazing femme
Wait a minute, I'm a macho male, a fifties escapee

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Categories: escapee, silly,
Form: Limerick

Don't Forget About Me
Run, go, be free
Little Bea
You are carefree
Don't worry about me
Travel through the universe, go sight see
Scream, shout and say whoopee
I watch a bumblebee
An escapee 
Like yourself, you see
Bit do not forget your return key
And explore the world safely
But do not...Read More
Categories: escapee, farewell, freedom,
Form: Monorhyme
Casting Foreshadowing
Fish in tank just keep on with their messin'
At the ol' dank sweet delicatessen
Adept at avoiding detection
Except one thing hoarding dereliction 

Chips pushed all in but caught unwilling felt?
Lips parched n' rot from lack confession's
Covert skills glancing for the reflection
Antiseptic...Read More
Categories: escapee, word play,
Form: Sonnet
The Great Orphan Escape of 1922
The great orphan escape of 1922
Todd, Eravine, Sally, Willie and Lou
Escaped from the horror of Miss Pedelson's zoo
Away from the moldy bread they flew
(And they would have taken with them you)
In the great orphan escape of 1922

The cooks were cooking
While...Read More
Categories: escapee, child, children, youth,
Form: I do not know?
Council Girl
 a lost girl arranges in her room
               her dress with stillness,
              ...Read More
Categories: escapee, community,
Form: Blank verse
Hand of Assurance
The differences in the right to live in freedom, are none no matter what the right reason is. 
Haven, so many wish and want to go for it, even claim it!! But there is always a cause and the people...Read More
Categories: escapee, fear, freedom, judgement,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member The Cell
"A dreamer" but I am not, it's what they fail to see. "An escapee" I
am, in my solitude where I long to be.

My world inside out, a place where few have ever been. A cell most
would flee, I fight for...Read More
Categories: escapee, life, self,
Form: Couplet
The he who stares back
(a mirror)
A wrinkled face
An old man 
The he who stares back
The eyes of a thousand wars
A deprived man confined in a concentration camp
For only three years
The escapee with the supposed malaria
A hero of the war
The Too malnutritioned
Now blind just for...Read More
Categories: escapee, care, dedication, emotions, truth, world war ii,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Bangsamoro Sword Words
They call me Moro,
not the Moors of Africa,
they insult me more,
and I assumed adore,
but in a good way ...

Colonial mind say;
"A good Moro is a dead Moro",
in a slur way,
and the Compatriot slaves;
says, a Moro-Moro ...

And anyway,
I call myself Moro,
I...Read More
Categories: escapee, abuse, anti bullying,
Form: Free verse
Dark to Light
Days are long
Nights a lonely song
Blades are her escape
As she fits in, in no place
Darkened room is her safety place
Liquor is her way to forget the hurt space
She wishes on every star 
Yet her dreams seem so far
No one is...Read More
Categories: escapee, depression,
Form: Free verse
Back to Poetry
What is poetry, if not a form of artistry, looking for beauty, through the calamity?
Why do we waste rhymes and peoples time just for us to shine in the spotlight of our own iniquity?
We stand up here to rant to...Read More
Categories: escapee, inspiration, inspirational, passion, poems, poetess, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
As the mountain sniff the thyme
As the mountain sniff the thyme  
The valley the basil, 
The forests the trees and swamps.
As the waves launched their rein and foam, 
And the chest of the sea open to his  sensualism and obscenity 
As the...Read More
Categories: escapee, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Butterfly Beautiful
Pure sweet butterfly beautiful,
An escapee from my larva of dreams
You flutter-fly so elegantly,
So elusively you dart and dodge,
Innocently gliding beyond my hold.
As you fly away again and
Spare one last glance
With soft ice-cream eyes
And ever-evasive smile –
Ineluctable and true.
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Categories: escapee, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Fugitive Spirit
This is the last of us you'll ever see.
You've executed that initial thrill.
With this goodbye, at last you're free of me.

Though you might miss the way we used to be,
Of recent suffering, you've had your fill;
This is the last of...Read More
Categories: escapee, lost love, , cute,
Form: Villanelle
The Escapee
Josiah left the little critter cage
Open at its door.
Little Charlie hamster knew
and climbed down to the floor.
Little Charlie hamster 
Made a daring escape.
He slid down the banister
And shimmied up the drape.
Josiah finally noticed 
The little rascal gone.
He made a panic...Read More
Categories: escapee, children, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Children Of The Earth Take Flight

solitary christening light

a single ray immerse thy soul

with sacred chants my flesh incite  

in murmurous words from lips roll

to grasp the promise given free

of flesh and pain - a great escapee... 


  "A John Freeman Contest" ...Read More
Categories: escapee, faith, father, inspirational, love, nature,
Form: Verse
I don’t have a favourite,
I love each and every one
Whether happy or sad
Cheerful or glum

I love Grim Kim
And Moanie Toni
Henpecky Becky
And Naggy Maggie 

I love Bella Stella
And Indie Lindy
Funny Honey
And Windy Cindy

I love Tarty Marti
And Burley Shirley
The Felon Helen
And that...Read More
Categories: escapee, funny, girlfriend-boyfriendlove,
Form: I do not know?
Never fooled again
It’s been a while since we talked
I waited on you, not knowing that you’re also waiting on me.
During that time, I’ve sat back and through that pain I’d walk
all those pain you left me with are gone now, I am...Read More
Categories: escapee, loss, lovepain,
Form: Rhyme
Graveyard Rendezvous
On the fateful day before Halloween
Dressed as a vampire queen in green
I passed through the graveyard
With all my senses on guard
When I heard a rustling mean

In horror I turned around to see
Who had the audacity to scare me
Saw an old...Read More
Categories: escapee, funny
Form: Limerick
Alibi of the Wolf
laying in the buth tub
\the rubber ducky
reminds me of the yellow clock
right by where mom is cooking
and ticks to her internal heart

substitute to perfection
world what are you to someone perfect
are you looking for me
while im on my way 
of my...Read More
Categories: escapee, music
Form: Free verse
I sat in my room
Watching TV
When all of a sudden
Something tuned on the screen
A prison escapee not far from here
Was said to have been spotted somewhere near.
I boarded the windows
Locked all the doors
Closed all the curtains
And got to the floor
I...Read More
Categories: escapee, deathparents, parents,
Form: I do not know?