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Enmity Poems

Enmity Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of enmity poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for enmity.

New Poems

Nothing made more peace and love,
Nothing made more tangible brotherhood,
Nothing made charity spread,
It is nothing other than religions.

Nothing spread more hatred in the world,
Nothing bred more bitter enmity,
Nothing flood the world with blood,
It is nothing other than religions.

When we think...Read More
Categories: enmity, religion, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

Near Autumn
limbs have been twisted 
on blackened tongues of enmity

twigs of tormentia broken
settling deep into the arbors 
where sun refuses to shine 

disinigrated now,
left a crumpled brown 
walked upon and crushed

still somehow remembering what once was 

green - with life 
vibrant...Read More
Categories: enmity, character,
Form: Dramatic Verse
We thank the Lord for His mission, assuring our salvation
Truly bringing us His gracious compassion…
…Against worldliness' hell-bound designation.
Since we’re sealed with grand redemption
We must share with others everlasting life’s possession.

We thank the Lord for His mission, granting us divine holiness
Truly...Read More
Categories: enmity, christian, devotion, faith, god, gospel, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Loki's Lament and curse part 1 by Thomas Laufey
For nine nights only your own will had bound you
to the World ´s Tree, you treacherous God,
while I wore a chain that I chose not, forever:
With cruel fetter my freedom you took!"

"Too cunning and unpredictable you were, too wild to...Read More
Categories: enmity, betrayal, grief, murder, mythology,
Form: Narrative
Burdens of the Heart
The hate that uglifies a sweet face
The betrayal that makes trust fade 
The enmity that isolates 
The sadism that disbelieves fate
The envy that breeds futile hostilities
The grudges that darkens memories
The jealousy that erodes satiety
The ill-will rewarded with vanity
The long distances,...Read More
Categories: enmity, anger, beauty, betrayal, evil, fate, fear, feelings,
Form: Rhyme

If only I could turn back the hands of time:
I would be more grateful to God for my assured salvation
bringing me His gracious compassion
sealing my spirit with grand redemption
against religion’s hell-bound option…
And optimize my utmost to share with others everlasting...Read More
Categories: enmity, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, time,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member The Terrible Tale
The land shapes people and people shape lands
Tug River tells tales about feudist stands
'Tween Kentuck and Virginny the river runs
Where the rival families took up their guns
Hatfields 'n McCoys roamed "Murder Land"
Cried 'n died by each other's hand
Details were as...Read More
Categories: enmity, anger, conflict, death, family, life, loss, river,
Form: Couplet
Without Love Which is The Synonym Of God
Without "Love" which is "The Only" "Synonym of God"...."The Lord God Almighty" who "Created Love" ,we would "Not" have a "Synonym in "The Name of "Love"!!!! We all can realize that "Without Love","Charity,Hope,Faith,Compassion,Empathy,Diligence,and anything that is "GOOD" would not be...Read More
Categories: enmity, 12th grade, 1st grade, abuse, addiction, allah,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Nip The Nep
Friendship based on favors,
Favors that require you to break rules
Or compromise your character and values
Is not true friendship ...

A true friend will always expect your best, but forgive your worst
Will always encourage you in honesty and kindness, but curb your...Read More
Categories: enmity, friendship, introspection, judgement, trust, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Jinxed jesting jejune junior jobber part 1
Jinxed jesting jejune junior jobber...
just jabbering gibberish (A - I)

Again, another awkward ambitious
arduous attempt at alphabetically
arranging atrociously ambiguously
absolutely asinine avoidable alliteration.

Because...? Basically bonafide belching,
bobbing, bumbling, bohemian beastie boy,
bereft bummer, bleeds blasé blues, begetting
bloviated boilerplate bildungsroman,
boasting bougainvillea background.

Civil, clever clover chomping,...Read More
Categories: enmity, dance, hello, imagery, motivation, political, smart, visionary,
Form: Alliteration
A dull ache seated all alone
Just look at the peak
Tall and sleek
Looking at the creek
With jealousy
A little enmity too
For the creek has its friends
Trees flowers showers
Towers of colored clouds
Prepared to appease it
With  fire dousing rains 

The  mountain peak
Lonely monotone
Head to toe alone
A single standing stone
None...Read More
Categories: enmity, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Jungle Orchestra
Music dissolved all enmity, 
Annulled natural chemistry, 
All regardless of consortia,
Came to hear the jungle orchestra. 

Maestro King Lion got all in tune,
Baboon was superb on the bassoon,
Four parrots made a splendid quartet,
Chimpanzee dazzling on clarinet.

Tiger gifted on piano keys,
Ivory’s...Read More
Categories: enmity, animal, fun, hope, hyperbole, music, peace, society,
Form: Rhyme
Adversity, no easy city.
The scorching sun envelops its vicinity,
penetrating its rich diversity.
Adversaries make up the city,
ruined by misery, ruled by insanity.
Its citizens are pulled to vanity 
and has from antiquity dwelled in iniquity.

Adversity, a learning city,
The Son of Man did...Read More
Categories: enmity, depression, encouraging, faith,
Form: Free verse
As you pull the trigger of disappointment
Disappointment serves a good purpose
When silence cuts deep
The structure of a moment in your mind
Can show you that your purpose in life was never blind!
When silence cuts so deep that it is difficult to keep your composure
Then you know that...Read More
Categories: enmity, endurance, hope,
Form: Didactic
The Little You can Know
Without form and void, 
The world gave a lunatic gaze. 
Lack of luminous light love bought,
Darkness did give her a chase. 
Open to no one was her, 
Water beneath and air above. 
Open to someone was the stars, 
Lodging in...Read More
Categories: enmity, evil, god, humanity,
Form: I do not know?

As I sat calmly under the tent
Even though we don't know who's next
But the deceased had left
But the memories are in our hearts in bold crest
Saw young and old dressed in black to mourn the...Read More
Categories: enmity, allusion, appreciation, death, death of a friend,
Form: ABC
God’s mission sought us for our assured salvation!
Indeed bringing us His gracious compassion…
Now that we’re sealed with grand redemption
Let’s seek others, sharing with them everlasting life’s possession.

God’s mission reached down to us for our divine holiness!
Indeed imputing to us His...Read More
Categories: enmity, christian, dedication, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Trust In Jesus - The Linked Style

 ~ Trust  In  Jesus ~
 ( Linked )

 Trust in Jesus
 Jesus loves you
 You, me, and  all
 All in  this   World 
 World   needs  ...Read More
Categories: enmity, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Old Fountain Pen
I'm born again! I am disgusted with
myself, with an imperishable pith
of me, a sort of enmity akin
to xenophobia: the human being
I see in mirrors is a guest from far,
a very far off world. How dare you are
embezzling me - the...Read More
Categories: enmity, death, life, poetry, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Isn't it a pity
labour in obscurity
for modern maturity
stashing more security
for unknown futurity

of planned paternity
some clothes for maternity
stay in indemnity
for here to eternity

live not in enmity
foresee the calamity
there is no deformity
in displaying conformity...Read More
Categories: enmity, family, future, work,
Form: Monorhyme
A hemorrhaging madness…
  wounds bleeding again

Old stitches have broken
  death marking the end

Unsutured indemnity
  ensuring your pain

Flesh burning in enmity
  —uncauterized shame 

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2016) 
...Read More
Categories: enmity, war,
Form: Rhyme
Echoes Dance In Memory
Echoes dance in memory
With rough edges soothed
Over time to become nostalgia
A golden ticket for an aging heart
Making bleak times golden
Oft erasing enmity
So we make peace in old age
Knowing we don't have time
To carry on old grudges
Especially not to eternal slumber
Perhaps...Read More
Categories: enmity, age, appreciation, how i feel, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
The Illusion of Peace
Shall thou liken peace to absence of war?
Thou art surely yet arrogant than wise.
Rivers of blood doth thou nature adore,
Steeped in thine hubris thy extinction cries.
Erstwhile freewill's first choice this heart of flesh
Deceived not mayest sought the tree of life;
The...Read More
Categories: enmity, conflict, military, peace, power, repetition, truth, war,
Form: Sonnet
I am every orphan
Say a name. Let it resound
And for a moment let it be me
Ice water was my name
Say any name and I will stand still 
For I too have a name, but ice water is all know
Gathering of momentum as i...Read More
Categories: enmity, abuse, anxiety, betrayal, hope,
Form: Free verse

Baby! Do you know that your titanic chest is the road to heaven's gate
Honey! Do you know that a drop of your smile is what the bitter ocean of humanity needs to be sweet
Sweetheart! I am not joking, a beat...Read More
Categories: enmity, appreciation, girlfriend, love, wife,
Form: Rhyme