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Once Upon Dream Poems

These Once Upon Dream poems are examples of poetry about Once Upon Dream. These are the best examples of Dream Once Upon poems written by international poets.

In the space, after the dream
The electricity crackles 
Too loudly in the air
I keep seeing heart shapes
In my dreams, on the blanket
Snapping upright, awake, over and over
I can't try and...

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Categories: dream, anxiety,


Once upon a time, 
Hope, a featherless bird was,
For to escape from despair's land, 
Its very own wings did grow 
Onto the place...

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Categories: cheer up, dream, hope,

Premium Member Haunted


kept in suspense

the pastoral 
dreams and visions 
are seldom all 
that they ever seem 

Love meets in 
cerebellum blue 
Forest of Arden 
to twirl around...

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Categories: dream, love, magic,

Premium Member Mid-Summer Night Dream
Once upon a time in the land of the Hobbits, 
Fili was annoyed.  He wanted excitement.
He was the youngest of the twelve dwarves,
Dressed in...

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Categories: dream, fantasy,

Premium Member Big Lie, Big Fall
Was it a dream or was it a nightmare?*
Was it to keep or was it something to share?
Does it really matter? Or should I even...

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Categories: dream,

Premium Member Once upon a time
How could I write about a time 
when I saw the wind 
and knew that your hair was so short,
when I saw the dry sunshine...

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Categories: appreciation, care, dream, inspirational

Premium Member A Dream Come True
I remember, once
I dreamed of the moments
I would spend with you
Sharing your joys, your hopes
Your tenderness and kindness
Your heart, mind and spirit

I remember when I...

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Categories: dream, love, romance, romantic,

Once Upon A Dream
It seems you are the man I seen
Once upon a precognitive dream....

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Categories: destiny, dream, soulmate, spiritual,

Premium Member Daydreaming
Modern Cinderella
Attracted by the last episode
Sat by the fireplace
Crawled up her back
Once upon a time ……
The wicked boss 
Just like the stepmother
Made her work strenuously

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Categories: cinderella, day, dream,

Premium Member Lonely
When wandering alone away from crowds
I find it most soothing watching high clouds
Fascinating as they meander by
An outdoorsy movie held in the sky.

Only the lonely...

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Categories: death, dream, lonely, music,

Premium Member Monster Under the Bed
Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! The screams are getting louder
There is gulping now; this is sob-crying.
“I can’t take much more of this!” Daddy says, shoving his...

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Categories: dream,

Premium Member Once Upon a Dream
A fictional write of a loveless plight…
Once Upon a Dream
"When you're wishing upon a twinkling star
Gracious fairies gather from realms afar
Sent to mend hearts what’re...

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Categories: dream, heartbreak, love,

Premium Member Once Upon a Dream
I visualize what I want. The colors, the textures, the sights, the smells. 
The feel of it, exactly, constructing it to the smallest tiniest detail.

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Categories: dream, creation,

Premium Member The Sand Castles Are Gone
Those childish dreams we once had,
Were abandoned on the sandy beach,
Though they arrived in wonder clad,
And they taught the heart to reach!

But when the glazed...

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Categories: change, childhood, color, dream,

Premium Member ONCE UPON A DREAM
            ~ Once Upon a Dream~

One that divinely never ends.
Where love grows, for only...

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Categories: dream, image, love,