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Slam Depression Poems

These Slam Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Slam. These are the best examples of Depression Slam poems written by international poets.

The Train Driver
Of course,I read the manual.
Who hasn't?
Words,nothing but words
Until it happens
And then it is burned,branded and imprinted 
Graphically and indelibly
Into your brain.

Sleep brings the nightmare alive

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Categories: angst, dark, death, depression,

Premium Member Life with Depression
Life with Depression

Life can be confusing
Sometimes good, never amusing
it can turn you upside down
but never let it keep you down

Sometimes life is but a test

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© James Lutz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, happy, life,

The Doors and The Frames
Well, the creator crafted it to be dark brown like vanished pine
Some light brown and others painted with different tones for final touches
Shiny it looks,...

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Categories: depression, hurt, miss you,

Premium Member Once
Once, I was happy!
But life has broken me-  thrown me,
in the trash with a mighty slam,
Too much death-  too much sorrow,
my spirit, soul...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression,

Premium Member Miserable Dim Ones and Zeroes
Nocturnal nerds now Priests of Power
Crank out the code grim and dour
Grimace and groan, grind it like stone
O, you miserable dim ones and zeroes

Bite your...

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Categories: addiction, computer, depression,

Sorry For Being Me
Most men will tell you
What you want to hear nothing more
I guess I'm foolish 
For opening up my heart and the door

I've let you into...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, heartbroken, loneliness,

I'm A Zombie Girl
I'm a Zombie girl...In a Barbie world.
My body bag is plastic...It's fantastic!
I creep at night...In the moonlight.
My scars do gleam...I'll make you scream!
My skin is...

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Categories: depression, angst, anti bullying, crazy,

Premium Member Change
'Not much work since automation
'Push a button's 'bout all that's left
And I January
They'll have a button that will push itself

Change is coming
Change is going

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Categories: angst, career, cry, depression,

It's not depression
I forgot what it's like to laugh 
To laugh and be in a moment 
I forgot what it's like to smile 
And be filled with...

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Categories: bullying, deep, depression, loneliness,

How A Cowboy Loves, Part II
...The last day they rode slowly back,
still giving each other naughty looks,
a love affairs go, theirs was intense,
truly one for the record books.
Merrick hesitated to...

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Categories: depression, heartbreak, loss, love,

Ballad of a Hermit Crab
Endless curse, my love for you
A dirty life, my ritual of solitude
Quiet days and empty nights
Foggy mornings and everything that comes with lack of sleep


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© Derek Chos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression,

Who are you
Who are you?

When the lights are off and your heartbeat is dense,
Do you question your time or space or this everlasting sense?
Does your mind run...

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Categories: absence, anxiety, depression, emotions,

an open letter to the world- trigger warning-
This is not a suicide note.
It is just a list featuring pros and cons of possibly taking away the thing called "life"
It seems as if...

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Categories: anxiety, death, depression, mental

Artists Are Humans Too 'Part 1
 I was thinking that  maybe it isn't the right time to talk about my feelings, but I've had enough of pretending that I'm...

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Categories: depression, loneliness, poets, sad,

As the slam of the door echoed through the quaint house, a line was drawn through the peace that once flowed. She raced to the...

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Categories: abuse, beauty, depression, lost

Sad Song
I dreamt of you again last night,
I held you with all my might,
Tears flowed from my face,
As I yearned to never leave your embrace.
The smell...

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Categories: death, depression, dream, love,

Handling Anxiety in 10 Easy Steps
1. Remember to take all of your prescribed medication. Don't ever skip a day because you never know when you might snap.
2. Cancel all your...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, slam, spoken

Death Of A Lover
The day she left 
The world shattered
The day I found her
Splayed on the floor
I went back to the winter
When her and I laid side by...

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Categories: dark, death, depression, lost

Do you know what it's like?
Never wanting to wake up.
What it's like to be laying in bed
With all of these thoughts going through your head

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Categories: death, depression, slam,

Love On Weak Knees
This is originally a song. I wrote it early last year-- thank you, Justin Bordner, for the fantastic title!

Why are you crying?
You put this on...

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Categories: depression, desire, emotions, feelings,