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Nature Couplet Poems

These Nature Couplet poems are examples of Couplet poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Couplet Nature poems written by international poets.

Wondering Why
As I gaze at the sky so vast,
I think of life and its contrast.

The birds in their freedom fly,
While I feel chained, asking why.

The clouds...

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Categories: freedom, nature, philosophy,

Premium Member Sassy Sun
I had named my verbose parrot Sunny, as he filled my world with sunshine;
For when someone truly touches the heart, you often must give some...

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Categories: cute love, fantasy, hero,

Premium Member Mimi and Me
Mimi is my fond, constant companion, my nearest and dearest loyal friend,
Mimi makes golden, precious days brighter, like orange sun that never ends.

Mimi has the...

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Categories: cat, fantasy, friend, imagery,

Premium Member Thought of the day
If man be the virus threatening life ~
Is it wrong for nature to wield death’s knife


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Categories: natural disasters, nature,

Premium Member One Velvet Evening
Tranquil, pearly moon arises, at the tangerine end of the memorable day,
Just like the ones we knew back when, until golden time was swept away.


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Categories: beauty, eve, fantasy, imagery,

Premium Member Missing in Action
I was once an idealistic young soldier, who was very new to the occupation,
Trying to preserve freedom, and way of life, like the golden sun,...

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Categories: fantasy, friendship, humanity, imagery,

Premium Member SOUL'S STRENGTH

As the bee longs to sip the nectar from a delicate flower,

My soul craves to nip strength from God's divine power! 


© Demetrios...

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Categories: beauty, flower, nature,

Premium Member Inviting
I left the village and trudged towards the small wood,
Junipers, covered with berries that looked so good.
It was an inviting place many knew about
It was...

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Categories: appreciation, love, nature,

Premium Member Moon Flowers
I was a questing, experienced astronaut, on the way to languid, red Mars,
The huge, white sun was my companion, and unobstructed views of stars.

I was...

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Categories: beauty, fantasy, flower, moon,

Premium Member Past my Heyday
  For fifty years I went to work
    Minimum wage; was I a jerk
  I'd slave away every day

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Categories: humor, nature, poetry, retirement,

Premium Member The Faithful Fall

Caressing the skies with gentle light
Wishes alive, studding the dark night
Precious as the scarlet, streaked gold
Heavy hand of grace, strong and bold
Whispering closure, summer’s ending

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, blessing, inspiration,

Premium Member The Sacred Meow Society

They sit upon their thrones, our feline friends-
aloof at times; to interact depends
on how they feel and what excites their mood
to offer mews- or simply...

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Categories: cat, nature, poetry, society,

Premium Member A Twirling, Dancing World
I was a creative choreographer, for superb Broadway musicals and plays,
As musical winds choreograph motions, throughout any of our rosy days.

I lived for charms of...

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Categories: animal, dance, fantasy, joy,

Premium Member Lighthearted
I'm ashamed to say I was a grumpy pessimist, as some events soured me,
Just as some cherries stay sour, although lingering long on the cherry...

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Categories: cheer up, fantasy, friend,

Decay is a natural process of the universe,
It's, perhaps, a stage of impossibility to nurse.

A seed under the earth can resurrect; not if decayed,
A flower...

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Categories: life, nature, truth,