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Friendship Cat Poems

These Friendship Cat poems are examples of Cat poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Cat Friendship poems written by international poets.

Feles Noster

Our cat's keep us safe from not only rodents of all particular's , but also from the invisible 
strange and terrible things that cannot be...

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Categories: cat, faith, friendship love,

Premium Member Tattoo Buds
Written by Gail DeBole
on March 7, 2020

Zeekie and Mildred were buds.
Neither thought the other a dud.
Friendship so true.
They each had a tattoo
As symbols of undying...

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Categories: cat, cute love, dog,

Premium Member My Cat number 2
Hey you old cat...
like I can't see you or something !
down there worming …
 around my feet and legs
lovin' up on me !

We're still

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Categories: cat, friendship, pets,

Premium Member The Sound Of Home
A little head bonk turns a frown upside down;
Just a little tug on your dangling hair, 
a silly ball of yarn and they become a...

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Categories: cat, love, pets,

Premium Member Cat's Asleep
Out on the veranda,
His head upon his paws,
With the coloring of a panda,
Lazy smile upon his jaws.

Dreams fleeting, like a mouse!
Birds are safe for a...

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Categories: cat, cute love, dream,

Premium Member Bonded

How beautiful they both are to my eyes and emotions;

my precious, toddler son is my very heart and

our frisky kitten is my loving, purr baby!


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Categories: animal, boy, cat, child,

Premium Member Companions
Soft hair, soft fur,
Arm and paw raised,
Like to like,
Small companions,
Content together,
Boy and kitten
Being themselves.

Photo No.1
Eve Roper...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boy, cat, friendship,

Premium Member Cat Fishing
Cat Fishing
Written: by Tom Wright

Some have approached me cloaked as a friend,
But friendship is respect, and truth that don’t bend.

They were just “Cat Fishing” for...

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cat, betrayal, forgiveness,

I met Lydia when I needed a friend
She was always quiet, and hid under the bed
 I learned how to watch what would happen from...

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Categories: cat, friendship, women,

Where Does My Kitty Cat Go


Where does my kitty cat go every day?
When I'm heading to school, is he getting away?
Or forgetting he musn't let strays in to play?
Where does...

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Categories: adventure, cat, children, friendship

Premium Member Green Eggs, Spam and Grits
Green eggs, Spam and grits
Sam and Pam had their fill,
Then made their way to Main Street
Down WhoDat’s Whatsup Hill.

Waived "Hi!" to their neighbors
To show them...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bullying, cat, courage, fantasy,

Premium Member Panic Cattack
Labored breaths echo throughout the bolted space.
A doom sensation overtakes the place of solace.
Her eyes scan for any exit. 
Light scrambles through a cracked door....

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Categories: cat, emotions, encouraging, fear,

Ginger and John
Two tiny dots
on a vast landscape
wandering aimlessly
Ginger and John

Man and his cat
a long time together
on buses and freight trains
hither and yon

Jobs here and there
a few...

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Categories: cat, friendship, loss,

Premium Member The Dog, the Pig and the Cat - repost
I thought I’d repost this because of the state of the world today and because 
it might help someone see things a little differently or...

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Categories: cat, friendship,

Two Cats Eyes View
Hi you guys we're Smokey and Jinky
two cats we are Scottish born
one of us is grey, the other jet black
bright and bushy tailed in the...

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Categories: animal, cat, friendship,

Libran Grace
I turn internal, trapped in the furnace of life
And who is it that turns to me, softly, 
Easily, naturally
It is she!

Her movement is like the...

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Categories: appreciation, cat, confidence, friendship,

Purr And Pat - There is a brighter side
Purr came crying one day to Pat,
"I'm black (sniff), and a 'bad luck' cat,
No harm I mean to souls around,
But seeing me, they turn around,

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© Jo Daniel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cat, cheer up, friendship,

Prince Of A Cat - Ninth Life Long Since Spent
Preface to this brief bitty
written snap ting snapshot – word ditty
dates back before I reached gritty
age of eight and fifty, aye recall a kitty
rescued by...

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Categories: cat, animal, beautiful, creation, cute

Premium Member Lazy and Crazy Pussycat
I’m just a lazy and  c r a z y  pussycat, 
proud to be sassy, pampered and fat-
BANDIT'S my name, 
and I’m to...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cat, humorous, silly, ,

So many times I've seen him fight himself in the mirror,
wondering why his adversary moves like him,
and looks exactly just like him!
Don't ask me; sometimes...

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Categories: cat, friendship, funny, humor,