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Bear Care Poems

These Bear Care poems are examples of Care poems about Bear. These are the best examples of Care Bear poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Zoo
Quote By Poet "A zoo trip can put a zip in your
walk and zeal for being outside with the animals."

A hot summer's day at the...

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Categories: care, animal, food, fun, humor,

I Rise
I shall rise up from the ashes of poverty,
I shall  search to find  my place in this world
My head  will be held...

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Categories: care, celebration, character, confidence,

Resilient Hearts: A Tapestry of Love and Unity
In a world where kindness finds its place,
Some souls illuminate life's grace,
Aiding others to find their joy,
Their presence, a light, they deploy.

For weeks on end,...

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Categories: care, anger, anti bullying, anxiety,

August, my old friend
August, my old friend
You came back
I have a favor could ask
Can you hold me better than my July did?

If not, bear with me
I'll be in...

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Categories: butterfly, care, character, cheer

Premium Member Propinquity - First Place Contest Winner
Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate.
Germaine Greer

In the orbit of nearness,...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, appreciation, care, relationship,

the chimera of generations
they don't want dramatic parents anymore
they got bored of them
they are sick of exaltation
they don't want the vehemence of which
the parents hung on
convinced that it...

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Categories: care, age, analogy, boxing day ,

Premium Member In the Shadows
In the shadows softly waiting
when the sun is at its height,
to emerge when all the glory
of the day gives way to night,
always patient, Jesus watches,

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Categories: bible, care, christian, encouraging,

It's Alright Not to Be Alright
Author Dana Redricks
July 7, 2023

In times when darkness seems to fill the air, and burdens weigh upon your heart with care. Know that it's alright...

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Categories: care, confidence, encouraging, feelings,

Premium Member Reverse Polarity

In the realm where words bear flight,
Let me lead you through the night,
To a place where souls ignite,
And realities shift, ever so slight. 

Reverse polarity,...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, care, character,

Three Words that are determined by just about everything
Three words to contemplate,
Three words to educate,
Three words to celebrate,
Three words to navigate,
Three words to negotiate,
Three words to dictate,
Three words to implicate,
Three words to frustrate.


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Categories: age, analogy, appreciation, care,

Premium Member Good Night
From the groves of eucalyptus,
Over the hills of Alpine trees,
I bring for you,
The smell of roses.
With the shimmer of dew,
A charming, enchanting dream.

Sweet, shut your...

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© Jay Narain  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: care, childhood, good night,

Premium Member Treasure Kindness Scheme

Kindness is a treasure map, a guide to find
Those who struggle to stand, burdened by their minds
Those who suffer afflictions, tormented by idle hands
Whose hearts...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, appreciation, beauty, care,

Diamond and gold
I think I wander; I wander to go out there, which gives 
me freedom.
The unfortunate reality is that this occurs only on rare occasions.
It hurts...

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Categories: absence, beautiful, blessing, care,

Today like tremors having broken 
a boulder free sending it toppling 
from a cliff in the clutches of gravity 
plunging toward the ground 
encountering my...

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Categories: analogy, care, giving, how

Newcomers instead of first customers
Skips in a line of Customers
To attend to some newcomers;
A long good patience running out,
A long silent voice to soon shout!

"Why aside a guy in...

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Categories: business, care, cry, image,