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Funny Car Poems

These Funny Car poems are examples of Car poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Car Funny poems written by international poets.

Rush Hour
I run to my next class with industrious speed, I have to make it before the bell

Damn it, my car broke down the day before...

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Categories: car, anxiety, funny, homework, humor,

Premium Member My Life As A Car
Why Is it I take you anywhere you want to go, but you refuse to wash me
You leave me out in the cold all night...

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Categories: car, fantasy,

Ode to Pot Holes

Oh gaping chasm of misfortune
A sign of council extortion?
Roads not fit for purpose
Driving makes us nervous
Neglect of civil responsibility
The cause of such hostility
Oh pot hole...

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Categories: car, corruption, england, funny,

Premium Member The Day Turns Back Into Night ITQ
I am now up and half asleep, 
quiet I must not make a peep, 
others are still sleeping like sheep, 
need to get dressed and...

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Categories: car, sleep, snow, time,

Premium Member part of everyday life
while I am sitting here writing  to you 
people are trying to steal 

your car, your house,
your business , your best friends, your reputation,...

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Categories: business, car, funny, life,

Premium Member Lets Minichu on Dreams
It's time to go to bed,
After a long day I lay my head down to sleep,
Sleep I dread.

Reading a book,
Will it be about a pink...

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Categories: books, car, dream, humor,

Premium Member A Sausage Tale - Not In a Gale
Three cocktail sausages jumped out of a tin
Off they went in a Ferrari for a spin
The weather was perfect, the ride a breeze
Everything was going...

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Categories: car, children, fantasy, freedom,

Premium Member Conniving Giraffes
I've never seen a more comical face
than that of a giraffe begging for corn.
Its black tongue makes it look like a nut-case,
as its eyes stare...

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Categories: africa, animal, car, care,

Premium Member Away In a Garage
Away in a garage
My car felt alone.
And she was frightened
Wanting to come home.

She has a phobia
Of mechanical men.
She will break down
If she sees them again!


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Categories: car, funny,

Premium Member I Hit Your Car
I Hit Your Car

I hit your car in the parking lot. 
I was there and you were not. 
So I write this note as the...

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Categories: car, funny, humor,

Premium Member Each Passing Cloud
We took a trip to grandma's house,                  ...

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Categories: car, cat, dog, night,

I like the dark,

The unseen, unknown, the scary,

Except for heights, that you can keep away from me.


I like mystery, 

The clues, scenes, the possibilities,


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Categories: adventure, boat, car, dark,

Premium Member I Felt Like
I felt like I was seven years old,                 ...

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Categories: birthday, car, easter, love,

Premium Member Loved and Lost
When I open your book of life,                  ...

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Categories: animal, car, dad, fun,

Biden Ruins Christmas
For Christmas I bought you a mustang, with dice hung from the mirror.
  But the IRS came and took it away and gave it...

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Categories: car, christmas, funny, holiday,

Book: Shattered Sighs