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Broken Record Poems

Broken Record Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of broken record poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for broken record.

New Poems

New Day
Have you ever come to the end of the day,
and can run the clock back play by play,
and can add it up that supposedly 
it was the day it was suppose to be,
but somehow it seems that no time has...Read More
Categories: broken record, life,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Shattered
We are The broken promises
We are The tattered seams
We are the Empty auditoriums
We are the broken dreams
  I am the endless fire 
 I am The shattered vase
 I am a broken record 
 That you can never replace
I...Read More
Categories: broken record, abuse, body, lonely, longing,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member Another Day
Another day has come and gone without you by my side, another day without getting to look into your eyes
I know you said it’s better off this way, for us to continue to lead the lives we led, before fate...Read More
Categories: broken record, heartbroken, loneliness, longing, sad, sorrow, soulmate,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Heart Is A Broken Record
My Heart Is A Broken Record

Have you ever tried to play a record that was all scratched up? You place it on the player and the sound coming out is so rough
The needle scratches over the groove embedded deep inside,...Read More
Categories: broken record, heartbroken, poetry, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
_*??????? ????????????*


I conjure ancient letters and words,
Modern letters and words,
They aren't enough to glorify His mightiness.
I summon ancient numbers and signs,
Modern numbers and signs,
They can't fathom His Power.
Yet man want a broken record.

Have seen men send...Read More
Categories: broken record, 2nd grade, allah,
Form: Free verse

Altered Memories
My poetry of late seems uninspired
So many words not being said 
I feel them in my stomach
My chest
My throat
An unwillingness to come forth 
Is the culprit I suppose
No lack of inspiration
Though the subject like a broken record
Could also be to...Read More
Categories: broken record, destiny, farewell, goodbye, heartbroken, hurt, love, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Over You
It has been such a long time since I last saw you -
Surely I cannot still be writing about you,

More than thirty years has gone beyond pathetic:
Why must my stubborn memory hold on to you?

It is like a broken record...Read More
Categories: broken record, animal, bereavement, endurance, hurt, introspection, loss,
Form: Ghazal
My chronic companion
Oh my painful friend, Here you come again, 
Like a broken record, that we are going to dance to again,
What would I do without you dragging me down,
What would my life be like without a constant breakdown, 
Would I have...Read More
Categories: broken record, depression, emotions, endurance, health, pain,
Form: Free verse
I can't feel my feet below the rubble
I feel numb inside once more
I can't deal with so much of my stubble
I will shave it off to the core

I can feel my heartbeat beating in my chest 
I can't slow it...Read More
Categories: broken record, angst, betrayal, dark, emotions, hope, how i
Form: Free verse
Under The Dreadlocked Trees

His hair is alive,  
serpents writhing, a man Medusa of the tropics, 
as if he wore the demons 
of colonialism and injustice on his head, 
a dung-brown-and-black hologram of 
the ganja-fueled reveries inside, 
the broken record of fight and...Read More
Categories: broken record, culture, history, memory, slavery, spiritual, sun, tree,
Form: Free verse
Thank you
Too many times I've impulsively used a poor choice of words and cursed
I can be a bundle of uncontrollable emotions at the seams ready to burst
I can be a self destructive train wreck of negativity in reverse
Fears and doubts replace...Read More
Categories: broken record, anxiety, appreciation, depression, devotion, love, thank you,
Form: Rhyme
Love Lust and a Broken Heart
Love Lust and 
a broken heart

Robot feelings
and missing parts

rotten insides 
and bloodstained art

we stand together but
we're worlds apart

Divided by the sun and moon
high on sadness 
lost in gloom
toxic energy immune
baby growing in a poisoned womb
we play each other like a...Read More
Categories: broken record, addiction, drug, feelings, poetry, truth,
Form: Rhyme
As If By Resurrection
And…. Here they come.

No matter how hard I try to get rid of these… 

past memories. Winkles in the fabric of…

Silky time and space

Earth and a place of…

You know what I mean?

My mother told me I got to choose.

My arrival?

Who...Read More
Categories: broken record, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Trump Thoroughly Becoming Terrible
Trump Thoroughly Becoming Terrible

Trump was thoroughly becoming terrible,
As well as unsure of self and unbearable;
Standing tall;
Real goof ball;
Like broken record appearing irrepairable.

Jim Horn

...Read More
Categories: broken record, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
The Broken Record
Like a broken record
That keeps on skipping
You keep on repeating
What I've already heard

So why must you repeat?
Why must you bring up
A mistake that I try
Not to make again?

I'm just doing my best
To do my work to the fullest
Take a little...Read More
Categories: broken record, angst, cry, depression, life, poetry, stress, work,
Form: Free verse
Foolish Heart
Emotions are a broken record
Spreading nothing but discord
I wish I could sign an accord
With my foolish heart

Like silly string we drift apart
Foretold from the start
Love isn't really smart
But we always knew

A romance burning bright and new
In your eyes was something...Read More
Categories: broken record, heartbreak, romance, sorrow, sorry,
Form: Free verse
The Lies You Tell
Not your last name, not even your age,
You set the scene, I cleared the stage,
And you did give the act of a lifetime,
Twisting matters of the heart, and of the mind,

Telling me lies, never the truth,
Taking advantage of my youth,
How...Read More
Categories: broken record, break up, how i feel, hurt, lonely,
Form: Rhyme
The Last Call
The final call of the last male of a species ,
Sounds a bit like a broken record, 
Or maybe it sounds like choking blood, 
Red, breathing and hollow. 
It isn’t poetic 
It’s just red
When we look at a wheezing forest...Read More
Categories: broken record, death, environment, eulogy, faith, people, satire, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fake agreement comes to light again
Talks of putting borders back up again 
in those whom takes away the civil rights and freedom 
to express opposition against those whom divide people's liberty 
undermining the peace agreement that was signed by elite bodies 
like every agreement liars...Read More
Categories: broken record, conflict, corruption, political, prejudice, rights,
Form: Political Verse
Part 2
I feel
unsure what I did

I am
never complimented
spinning in circles
a broken record

not burnt out 
yet definitely faded

Feeling I am
an unwritten book
a fish on a hook

I'll get past it

this is what I needed

I wont be
a fool to your tricks
no longer aiming...Read More
Categories: broken record, anti bullying, appreciation, betrayal, bullying, confusion,
Form: Rhyme
The Turn of Life
The Turn of Life
By: Tammy R. Flanagan

Voices uncarried, as the truth could never be announced
Secrets in tight metal boxes
And pain meticulously tucked away
Covered in bandages of fake smiles and laughter’s
Your mind repeats like a broken record…“Everyone deserves forgiveness”
For just the...Read More
Categories: broken record, computer, dark,
Form: Free verse
No Cross surrogate

     Such is your 'No' phobia, you repeatedly bite off more than you can chew
     Stuck as a broken record on yes, you agree to things you don't want...Read More
Categories: broken record, metaphor,
Form: Personification
The sound of History
I turn on a relic from an age gone by.
A record squeaks and slowly starts to whirl,
taking me back to an era long past.

The room fills up with strings and brass;
a sound of history, starting off audaciously and bold.
It dwells...Read More
Categories: broken record, history, music, time,
Form: ABC
Recalling moments stored in memories with people I miss
Staring at a star-filled sky sometimes it's nice to reminisce
Seems like it was yesterday if only a short while
Cruising along my own time machine with thoughts that make me smile
Each moment dancing...Read More
Categories: broken record, life, memory,
Form: Rhyme
New Year
Yet, another year has come and gone
Leaving some still wondering where it all went wrong
Some say to themselves "thank goodness it's over, I'm glad it didn't last"
Left with memories some good and some bad but, it's all in the past
Searching...Read More
Categories: broken record, change, new year,
Form: Rhyme