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Premium Member Amos Great Aunt P's Magical Dog
My Great Great Aunt Prissy had a magical dog. 
She never needed friends but she did have a blog. 
Her acquaintances were thrilled with her pix 
Of a talking dog with costumes so thick 

She would put hilarious captions under...Read More
Categories: border collie, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Florida School Schooting
A poem~ For Alyssa

"Lost border collie...Jordan"
Dedicated to the beautiful children
lost in a Florida massacre!

We can't find Jordan anymore 
He's lying under Alyssa's bed.
He does not know she is dead 
A killer's bullet in her head.

The TV stations ..ratings mad,
Flash her...Read More
Categories: border collie, america, death of a friend, high school,
Form: Rhyme
Alfa male not too fast
So we took Bonnie the Border Collie to the vet yesterday for a wellness check and to update his shots. While there we discussed Bonnies dominance issues over Crusher the female Doberman, especially when he holds her to the ground...Read More
Categories: border collie, adventure, animal, crazy, dog, funny, giggle, hilarious,
Form: Narrative
A Border Collie's Tale
A champion Border Collie bitch produced her latest litter, 
Well-known all over Coquetdale, there’s no dog that was fitter,
At rounding up those Cheviots, which even at their best,
Are awkward, stubborn creatures that can prove a taxing test,
For the best of...Read More
Categories: border collie, animal, dog, happiness, love, pets,
Form: Rhyme
My second dog Molly 
Is a beautiful border collie

She’s submissive 
Quick to give
Ahhh so many kisses!
You’ll never believe.

I know it’s innocent 
But does she have to
Lick my face 
As well as chook poo?

I wish she knew that 
It’s disgusting 
Even...Read More
Categories: border collie, dog, funny, humor,
Form: Rhyme

High kicking rasberries
The tale of the high kicking raspberries in two hundred lines of silt and steamed porridge oats.

Keynotes noted kissing keystones keep keystrokes kingly. But kingly is often not associated with kindness, kinship, or kept keepers keeping keys. It is the...Read More
Categories: border collie, baby,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Snickers with LINK to his picture
Barking at the people who
walk behind our house
is a dog that as a pup
was bought by my spouse.

Tiny border collie mix
he was meant to be,
but a Texas cow dog is
what most people see!

Chocolate-caramel, nutty too,
so it seems just right
he’s named...Read More
Categories: border collie, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Political Science
Politics are the province of people in power,
Who eschew with all their might,
Our money and fear in which we cower,
Under their militant and watchful sight.

See the skies and you'll see the spies,
Who spray poisons in the blue,
From the planes and...Read More
Categories: border collie, political,
Form: Rhyme
My Dog Paxton
My Dog Paxton

Where cedars rust the road
And maples mat the margin
I walk with dogs.
Pluto, Sasha and, old Paxton,
Dead the last and he the lead
Wherever we go by trails of scent.
Bossy he, the border collie cross.
Faces the wind that rustles the...Read More
Categories: border collie, animal, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Seven Dog Lives
It is easy to forget that in the main we die only seven times more slowly than our dogs.
Jim Harrison (1937 - 2016) - The Road Home

First Bobo, a cocker spaniel, 
I remember only from pictures.
He ran way before...Read More
Categories: border collie, dog,
Form: Free verse
Barn Yard Dog
Barn Yard Dog

I am a Border Collie, recognized for my agility and speed,
I’m also a hard worker, one of the most intelligent breeds,
I’ve worked hard all my life, with eyes fixed on the group,
Not only at round up time, but...Read More
Categories: border collie, animal, dog, leadership, work,
Form: Rhyme
Bordering on insanity
Just bought a border collie pup, she acts like Jeckyl and Hyde
I locked her in the bathroom but she cried n cried n cried
So I let her in the bedroom where she weed and left her staining
Its not the perfect...Read More
Categories: border collie, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Interior Landscapes: The Border Collie
       Interior Landscapes: The Border Collie

It is the country of fallow fields in
my dream, our car pulls off the road 
beside a fenced in area...

The grass is tall and merciful there.

In this field,...Read More
Categories: border collie, absence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Highlander, Driving the Sheep
Dismal clouds, a steel gray sky
lay heavy, on a wrangler's eye
And the ice upon the time-worn world
of trodden hills, and where sheep have grazed
have glazed the trail, along the way

To flee from the sting of winter's keep
stray sheep seek shelter...Read More
Categories: border collie, seasons, weather, winter, work,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Christmas Haunting
The old man had always had an unnatural fondness 
for the animal but could never seem to bond with human easily, 
with the exception of a special, dear grandmother. His mind 
wandered back to his childhood, the Christmas eve of...Read More
Categories: border collie, introspection, christmas, old, christmas, old,
Form: Narrative
Brandy Girl
That is what I call

her, my little Brandy girl,

love you baby, such a good

little dog, my best friend

in the world, my beautiful

little companion of mine

each night of the week

can find you resting so

deep in sleep by

my bed, during the

night your...Read More
Categories: border collie, love, petsdog, dog,
Form: Free verse
King Of The Range
King Of The Range


Pinto beans and hot fry bread

are his means for survival out on the

open range.


Herding cattle all day with his quarter 

horse Saint and his border collie 

Paintbrush is his way to make loads 

of silver...Read More
Categories: border collie, adventure, animals, cowboy-western, imagination, people, work
Form: I do not know?
Topper The Roofing Border Collie
I would like to thank you for your visit.
I have removed these poems for a distant future book publication.
I believe we poets, can make a difference
in this world. We live in the 21st century,
we have tools( technology), we have our...Read More
Categories: border collie, pets
Form: I do not know?
Shep and the pup
Shep the pup was working the sheep;
He had to work hard to earn his keep.
Away, come bye, walk in; but never a scold,
Because he always did what he was told.

Keeping all the sheep safe from harm,
Watching the sheep from dusk...Read More
Categories: border collie, animals, life
Form: Rhyme
Murphy and Brandy: the Love Dogs
Murphy is his name,
of a corgi mix
is he.

2004 we brought
Brandy home
she is a border-collie-chow mix.

Murphy fell in love
it was love
at first sight.

Brandy acts like
a brand new puppy,
she passed this on to Murphy.

Murphy is ten
had him since 1997
brandy is six
both act...Read More
Categories: border collie, pets
Form: Free verse