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Body Bags Poems

Body Bags Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of body bags poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for body bags.

New Poems

Falling Leaves
The leaves whisper in the trees,

They crackle like fire underfoot,

They spoil and rot,

The color of their skin turns,

As they die in a brilliance of color,

Their crumpled bodies lay sprawled across the grass,

Waiting to be collected and put in body bags,

Or...Read More
Categories: body bags, seasons,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Theodore Travels
Stuck on a hybrid labyrinth race track in undue course

Crash helmet cracked under the raw tempo of stagnation

Chequered flags waving but a motor running against the clock

In reverse and the traffic prohibits pit stops for tyres and fuel

  ...Read More
Categories: body bags, confusion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Zipper

A snaking mouth sloughs two spines;
the rattle of vertebrae.

A woman learns to ride them, feels
the trombone slide of a dragon’s tail.

A man lifts on tip-toe
not wanting to fumble.

They knit lusts to opening prayers,
cadavers to body bags, 
close a gnash of...Read More
Categories: body bags, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Back in the Hippy UnHappy Sixties
When I was in high school,
late 60's,
we were concerned
about the ballistic lose/lose climate of hate
in Vietnam
and spreading across the U.S.

The only smiling winners
were purveyors of ballistics
and their transport vehicles.

Mistrust of an unfederating nation,
bought and sold elected
through polarized competitive marketing
lack of...Read More
Categories: body bags, health, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Air as my walls
I woke up on the outside 
of earth somewhere floating to the moon 
I was pissed last night I had no 
possession of my anger 
The only friends I have are my academics 
and the gems I make for breaking...Read More
Categories: body bags, allusion, anger, assonance, atheist, desire, heartbreak, hip
Form: I do not know?

I Remember
The soldiers gathered at the wreath I remember.
The coffin covered just beneath I remember.

The poppies at the corner store I remember.
The amputees the coins were for I remember.

The fighters flying through the sky I remember.
The trail of red to catch...Read More
Categories: body bags, remembrance day, war,
Form: Quatrain

Lot of money being made in death sales,
plenty pints of iron-copper deposits
Body bags coin-wrapped
are rolling out of the blood bank sin-ters
to the holey pocket hospitals

Everybody knows the 911 cellular bar code:
Zinc life is an Alloy toe tag, 
double barrel ballistic...Read More
Categories: body bags, death, metaphor, truth, visionary,
Form: Elegy
Lord im tired.. 
Can u hear my cries 
Trying to make it 
Every step im getting aggravated 
Tired of being tired 
Keeping me here 
Living i fear 
Love me for me 
Lets keep it clear
Stoner intelligent 
No mannequin 
Once i...Read More
Categories: body bags, anger, betrayal, blessing, childhood, deep, depression, emotions,
Form: Blitz
Guns and Roses

First person shooter,
on a hate tour of duty,
swinging a bullet sling blade
Buying a death row ticket,
worth fifteen minutes of fame
First person murder shooter;
womb-to-the-cradle-to-the-grave robber,
using your Automatic Revolver
to solve your anti-social mental problems
Sharpen that sling blade
on a coroner grindstone wheel
Gather the...Read More
Categories: body bags, dark, death, violence, wisdom,
Form: Elegy
Men In Black
In a Florida prison
From the small slit of my milky plastic window
I watch inmates not convict's, hang the razor wire they fall into
And then are beaton by the convict's for their
Cowardly behavior.

There are no river's here at the edge of...Read More
Categories: body bags, abortion, abuse, art, corruption, prison,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Horror Love
You are gluttonous, wrathful, and frigid
I’m always watching you, even as you sleep
We're killers with murderous instincts
I’ll annihilate all that hurts you, spit on their low life headstones
We’ll fill the grave yards, my psychotic sugarplum
Floating on surreal beams, you never...Read More
Categories: body bags, dark, evil, love, lust, sexy,
Form: Free verse
Doctrine of Death

Open the book of wars,
tally up the numbers of the dead
Close the doors to the peace talk room,
have no one record what is said
They don’t want you to hear about
the sacrifices that will have to be made
Somebody gotta die for...Read More
Categories: body bags, death, religious, truth, war,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Freedoms Fiesta

Bells from church to cathedral rang out the chorus of screams 
in every street echoed the cheering death of millions
as confetti rainbows came falling ticker-tape parade 
from a sky of joy ashed smoke rained down in tears

Champagne corks burst a...Read More
Categories: body bags, celebration, war,
Form: Free verse
Premature Cremation
A sliver of bright light
seeps into the darkness
Echo of voices reverberate inside my head
I'm in limbo,
I can't move
Am I alive, am I dead?
I don't feel any pain,
I don't feel much of anything
But there's a sense of dread foreshadowing me,
an unease...Read More
Categories: body bags, anxiety, fear, horror, science fiction,
Form: Free verse
The Dying Grass
The thud of the chalk duster 
Scatters the young minds
Of the dying grass

The lessons they rote like mist
Rolling over mountains of screams
To muffled ears 

Plastic bags of white powder 
Clouds so many innocent dreams
Into body bags

The school gates open
To the...Read More
Categories: body bags, children, how i feel, school,
Form: Lyric
Remembrance Day Poem
I Remember -by Trevor McLeod

The soldiers gathered at the wreath I remember.
The coffin covered just beneath I remember.

The poppies at the corner store I remember.
The amputees the coins were for I remember.

The fighters flying through the sky I remember.
The trail...Read More
Categories: body bags, appreciation, remembrance day, war,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Mourning Morning Years On
The Mourning Morning 100 and 50 Years On

Robert Graves lies in Wilfried Owen’s grave ponders the War
to end all Wars that continue  with nothing else for us in store
and Barry Mc Guire sang summed it all up in 65...Read More
Categories: body bags, war,
Form: Rhyme
Blood in, Blood out
They stand on the corner anything you want they got,
Some do the deals some run the money and some call shots,
All of them are ready to pop at the first signs of a problem,
Smith n Weston and Glock know just...Read More
Categories: body bags, family, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Balloons and Bags
How do we save the children who get high?
With each passing day they slowly die.
Huddled in corners with balloons and rags.
Breathing in futures containing body bags.
These are our children, who we love and hold.
Its their pain and confusion that has...Read More
Categories: body bags, addiction, children,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member CONSIDER THEN

News flash
Paris attacks;
Violence strikes


Innocent deaths
Terror unveils;
Death delivers


Madness conspires
Human debris;
Bigotry unleashed


Evil men scheme
Distorted agendas;
Self-destruct roams


Good people die
Bloodbath escalates;
Terror unleashed


Signs of our times
Deceptive turbulence;
Mortal casualties


Moods swayed
Fear catapults;
Distorted means


Uneasy chimes
Violent crimes;
Explosive times!


Details of gore
News galore;
Killing fest




Sorrow sums
Deadly outcomes;
Cruelty strikes


Newsprint copy
Headline news;
Terror firms madness...Read More
Categories: body bags, change,
Form: Haiku
The Battle Cry
The bridge is long, the lake is wide,
the trees are bare, they’ve lost their pride.

and so it goes, as Winter shows its face,
the bears asleep, deep in some hidden place.

snowmen stand tall, in neighbor’s yards,
inside, the elders write Christmas cards.

the...Read More
Categories: body bags, war,
Form: Verse
Premium Member the killing field bong son vietnam
        The Killing Field
	Bong Son,Viet Nam
	Not All Dead, Returned In Body Bags
	Written: By Tom Wright
	The war in Viet Nam rages no more,
	But what say ye of the animate dead?
	Can we continue their plight...Read More
Categories: body bags, war,
Form: Rhyme
macabre bazaar
great leaders sup in style
tete a tete, haute cuisine
attentive servants grovel
perfectly pleased to preen
as common soldiers while away
the quick moments of their lives
until the final stanza
battle screams, widowed wives
bullet sandwich breakfast
shrapnel pie for brunch
body bags for supper
shit and mud for...Read More
Categories: body bags, anger, political, war,
Form: Rhyme
Children Of War
All Children Are Beautiful 
But born in a world of hate
Each one is wonderful
Born a little too soon or a little too late

Not given a chance to truly know peace
Hunger and wars are their daily routine
Due to greed or difference...Read More
Categories: body bags, children, war,
Form: Rhyme
Six Seasons
Lonely as the contact
Silently the phone rings
Umber is my stomach
As I sit all wound in stings

Far away was the country
That sent me on this call
I know you know I am here
And wanting away from it all

When I told them no
This...Read More
Categories: body bags, appreciation, death, death of a friend, freedom,
Form: Free verse